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  1. Hello everyone, I hope I'm in the right section, currently, my possible GS and I work together in the same hospital and department, she recently approached my husband and me about becoming our surrogate. We both have BCBSTx Gold Pro, mine in employee only, hers is the Family plan, BCBSTx Platinum Pro. I haven't gotten a clear answer about coverage for prenatal care and birth for our surrogate, old post from 2010-2014 basically say that maternity is covered no matter the method of conceptions. My worry is that my GS prenatal care until birth and all medical expenses will get declined and fall on me after... has this happened to anyone? Has this ever backfired on the Surrogate when using BSBCtx? please help. thanks Is there a secondary insurance option I could purchase that could help all other costs like deductibles, copays, and all that just in case.