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  1. IPs in New York

    Thanks for your reply. Is there any particular advantage with going with GG or Conceivabilities or the larger or more expensive agencies? Do they provide anything beyond what the smaller agencies do? I ask because while cost is important, this is not something we would like to get done cheaply. We are not looking for the best deal, at least that is not the primary objective. The most important aspects to us would be finding the right match, less hoops to jump through with state laws and fertility centers, safety, respect for both parties wishes, highest chance of success, least aggravation, choices if things turn sour. With a smaller agency, perhaps there is a higher risk that they don't have all the resources, but there is also a good chance they will offer a more personalized service - do you agree? It seems the main reason to work with an agency is that the do a lot of hand-holding, find you match, pre-screen GCs, help with paperwork and legalities, point you to the right resources, and can pick up the phone when you run into issues - to me this these things are worth the 15-25k fees they charge. I will take a look at some of the agencies (Family Markers, 3 sisters, Heartland, Parenting Partners, Angel Matcher) from the other thread and also NEFI. Any ideas about The Surrogacy Experience and A Woman's Gift? What is a realistic timeline for the whole journey? Does it take 6+ months to get a GC match?
  2. IPs in New York

    Like many on here, we are overwhelmed by the amount of surrogacy agencies out there, and associated costs and complexities. We are in the NYC area. We are the lucky parents of a 5yr and 3yr old. I am 40, my wife is 39. We really wanted a third child and got pregnant during the summer of 2017. My wife had a very complicated pregnancy, which sadly ended in us losing our son at 23 weeks, and my wife lost her uterus. While we are still grieving, we are considering surrogacy or adoption to grow our family to 3 children before it's too late. Like most we are concerned about the costs, uncertainty, risks, emotional impact, timeline, etc. We are also concerned about our advanced age and a lower success rate. We might try to free embryos in the next few months. We would like to find out more. We are open to agencies in other states in any part of the country, particularly if there are advantages worth traveling for. We are also open to skipping an agency and looking for gestational carrier independently. We also realize the surrogate mothers are giving the most precious gift to IPs, and would like to maximize whatever benefits and compensation we can pass on. I am concerned about using an agency that is only concerned about profit, and meanwhile the IPs and GCs needs are lost. In my opinion, the GC needs to cared for well. From my understanding, it seems NY is a no go, NJ might be OK, CT should work, PA is a no go. Can you recommend any specific agencies? We have been referred to New England Fertility Institute, Surrogacy Source (Fertility Source Companies), Growing Generations, Conceivabilities, Circle Surrogacy. Any comments on any of these? If going the independent route what is the best way to find GCs? How is Any help is appreciated to get us going in the right direction.