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  1. Base compensation

    We already came up with the figure before everything was said and done. I was just curious to what is the normal. We have fee schedule set up.
  2. Base compensation

    Hey everyone! I just received my draft contract. I was curious as to what is a normal base amount. I've seen $25,000-$40,000. I was thinking $30,000.
  3. Contracts

    Thanks for tips. I definitely don't want to be tied down to my home. My IP'S are pretty good so far but they are from China. They moved to the US several years ago so I will definitely keep eye out for food restrictions. The payment is setup monthly. What is the retainer fee for? I'll be sure to read everything extensively & ask questions. Thanks again!
  4. Contracts

    Hey ya'll! I'm new to the surrogacy but looking forward to everything. We've found a match for IP's, completed all medical testing, and are currently waiting on agency to set up the legal side. What are somethings I should be sure to have in my contract as a surrogate? Any specific things the seasoned ladies on here didn't do their rookie year? Thanks for any help!