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  1. Hi, Thank you for your reply. Am I right in thinking that you have 4 of your own children and have had another 4 pregnancies as a surrogate, which resulted in 5 babies? Im obviously aware of the risks that come with each pregnancy, whether it is your first or your ninth. I have had no issues with my previous pregnancies and my deliveries have all been incredibly straightforward, 4 of my babies have been home births. It’s something I do well and to have the opportunity to grow a baby for someone would be amazing. Thank you again.
  2. Good evening, l’m a busy Mum to 9 amazing children and over the years have often thought about how unbelievably lucky we are to have our family. I seem to grow and deliver babies well and would love to help a family get their own little person. I have contacted a couple of agencies but have been turned down because of the number of children I have. A friend who is on her second surrogacy pregnancy recommended I try this. Can anyone help me help someone?