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  1. Is there anyway you can give me clues as to who these IPs are. I am in the mist of looking for new ones and would love to know some to stay away from. I am so sorry you are having to deal with this.
  2. Was I outcasted? ;)

    Well I dont see it either so there must be a glich somewhere. I dont see how all of us missed the roll call. I am sure it will be fixed.
  3. TIme off from work after birth

    My last surro baby I had on 05-05-05 by c-section and was back to work on June 1st. I am also a nurse and do not have any heavy lifting or inablity to sit when needed. I would give yourself 6 weeks and go back when you feel ready. Good luck.
  4. My thoughts are with you all this Birthday. Congrats and what an awesome weight he was. And all because of your hard work.
  5. 24-28 weeks general info

    Every single pregnancy I have had at 22 weeks the ice craving sets in and so did the anemia. I love TacoBell Ice. It is the very best. My youngest gets addicted to the ice as well and is so confused as to why the day the baby is born mama isnt getting anymore ice LOL.
  6. Sarah, I have no words, just tears and a warm heart. Thank you.
  7. Hpt Hcg detection levels?

    Dang Kristen, yours have the dye pill. Well poooey forget my idea then. lol.
  8. Your Oppinion

    Sorry KT going with your DH on this one. I think that after a C-section you need more time to recoup. Just start out with lighter excercises and work your way up. You are doing a great job so far no reason to set yourself back. Good luck.
  9. Katy delivered the baby!

    Glad she is finally here. Rest up Kt, Ken and Sue. Congrats to all.
  10. Ok a nurse friend of mine that works for the New Family Services at our hosptial wanted me to try a new cream they had samples of. They usually give it to people that have lost thir babies so she has been unable to get feedback. It is called Cabocream. You can buy some at www.cabocreme.com. It is amazing. If you want to just relieve some of the pain of engorgement you rub it on breast tissue not nipples one time a day, if you want to dry up you rub it four times a day. I had some engorgement and pain on Monday used it 4 times that day, took away the pain completely, the next day I used it twice and it took away the fullness and by wednesday I was back to normal. Awesome stuff. It is all natural made of cucumber, grape seed and cabbage oils. You have to try it if you are drying up.
  11. Thank you Brenna for updating everyone for me. Thanks for all of your well wishes everyone. I had the most amazing weekend and everything went wonderfully well. The c-section went very well, and baby was perfect. My IPs are in dreamland. I will post a birth story in the next couple days. I am very happy and pleased and know that today is a most amazing mothers day.
  12. My Birth Story

    Thank you for sharing a great story. I am so glad all went so well.
  13. 2 wk postpartum checkup

    I am so glad that you are feeling well and all is going good. I also have the same weight loss plan LOL and I love it. Congrats.