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  1. 6 weeks 3 days until 2010!!!!!

  2. How did I........

    Two thumbs up for Lori!!
  3. I know how hard the decision was to post this but thank so so much for sharing it and getting the information out there. These are things that a surrogate should NOT have to deal with. I am appalled and shocked. And now it's clear to me why so MANY of her matches fell through. ((HUGS)) My thoughts are with you.
  4. Hello there,Love the Picture of your Surro babe.Keep up the wonderful work on AAS!!

  5. Thank you for all the encouragement Kathleen!!!

  6. Baby Mark is here!!!

  7. She is beautiful, Rest up and try not to over do it. Congratulations
  8. Thanks for the acknowledgement Dawn :) It means a lot to be recognized for having done something right.

  9. Hey Heather!!! Thanks for being a great Admin and keeping this place going. *hugs*

  10. I know you are LOVING on those boys!!!!

  11. Hey there neighbor!!

  12. Board Upgrade Complete

    Very cool, This will take a couple days to get used to!
  13. WTH?

    I was gonna ask the same any chance of your own pregnancy??