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    I have 4 children that are my main interests right now. 2 boys, 20 and 17, and 2 girls, 15yrs and 11 1/2yrs. I'm an avid reader, do volunteer work through both my church and through a local community agency and am now a surrogate coordinator for an agency. I love animals (we currently have 3 cats...for now), family games/card games, meeting people, going to the zoo, and a host of other things.

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  1. Not rude at all!! I think that makes total sense. There could be wording or just any little thing they want tweaked and if they can look at the draft now, I think it could help them be a bit more timely for you to see it, and by the time they've bought the house, it could be done and ready to be just signed. There still might be a slight delay, but it wouldn't be as long. Instead of a month or more, it might only delay things a couple of weeks.
  2. I don't know what societies it's taboo in, but it's not uncommon or taboo in the US, Canada or the UK. I've seen more over 40 pg ladies in those areas in the last 10+yrs to offer evidence to the contrary.
  3. The ONLY reason that I'm approving this post, is to be as crystal clear as absolutely possible to you and any other "person" out there that thinks this is even remotely anything like surrogacy. IT IS NOT!! Not in any sense of the word and to even try to give this an attachment to the surrogacy community does more of a disservice to those that understand, value and care about surrogacy. Those that understand the LAWS that are present in many, many states that clearly spell out what surrogacy is. If you're husband is nearly as intelligent as your claim of Mensa is supposed to indicate, then he would have been smart enough to even briefly take a look at the laws where you live. Would have given an ounce of effort to at least GOOGLE what surrogacy it. At NO TIME does surrogacy involve co-parenting. NEVER! This board does not exist for people to try and skirt the laws of where they live or try to put people in questionable situations. This is an absolutely PERFECT illustration as why psych evals are REQUIRED, and the red flags that would eliminate people from being able to move forward. This takes a Lifetime movie to a whole new level. This is def. not the site for you if this is what you think you're going to try and do.
  4. Depending on your specific matching criteria, you could be matched in as little as a few days or a week, or it could take you much longer. Being single is not an issue at all. A great many surrogates that I know (both online and IRL) have carried for single IP' and women. And sexual orientation hasn't made much of a difference either. Surrogates tend to know who they are comfortable carrying for and their profiles aren't shown to IP's that don't meet that particular requirement. The bigger points are number of embryos to transfer, if the IP is intentionally wanting to try for multiples, how both parties feel about termination or selective reduction. If there is a geographical requirement, etc. While surrogacy is generally a "hurry up and wait" game, it can and has moved very quickly for some, once the process is started. You can figure that it'll take about a year to match and move forward, then find you match in a matter of a couple of weeks and then what? If you're not prepared to move forward at that time, you have to hope that the surrogate is willing to be on hold for however long, and depending on the connection, there are surrogates that aren't willing to wait an extended period of time before cycling. Other's are just fine waiting until you're more prepared. My 1st IP's were told to expect 6mos-1yr to match because they didn't have many surrogates available at that time, and the ones they did have weren't comfortable working w/same-sex IP's. I joined the agency and was told to expect at least 3-6mos min. to be matched because there were other surrogates ahead of me waiting to be matched. I was good w/that. Less than a month after I signed w/my agency, I got a call asking how I felt about same-sex couples. I had marked on my application that I was open to it and reminded them. They sent me the IP's profile and I just fell in love w/them! We had a 'matching call'the following week and that was all it took! Significantly less time than both sides were told to expect, but we each met the requirements of the other and it just clicked. We were officially matched the end of April and transferred that Sept. In between we had contracts, them picking out an ED, syncing cycles and then ready for transfer.
  5. Please search in this forum (the egg donation forum..... to help educate yourself a bit more. The legal aspect will rely on the state in which you reside. I would suggest you looking into/Googling "egg donation in FL", "egg donation laws in FL", etc, as well as speaking to an ARTA/3rd party reproduction attorney in FL to get any legal questions answered. That will help you the most, as we are not attorneys that specialize in this. There are generalizations that can be passed along, but specifics need to be addressed for your state.
  6. 15 more days!!!
  7. I thought that the upgrade did change that, but maybe not?? My bad.
  8. I've worked w/3 clinics....1 in Canada (did not ever require a saline sono) and 2 in the US, personally, and we have 2 on the West Coast we work w/as far as professionally. For my own screening, the 2 clinics in the US I worked w/had me fly out there for a "marathon day" for all my screening. Both of those clinics DO allow for outside monitoring as well, though more w/the blood work. The 2 clinics I work w/right now that we send our surrogates to will also allow outside monitoring. One of our surrogates was able to use a local RE's office to do a saline sono and all blood work there w/no issues. All of them allow blood work to be done at a LabCorp, local RE's office or local hospital/clinic, though those last 2 don't often get the "STAT" part down. I can totally understand why that RE's office refused to see her. #1, who in the hell just shows up for something like that WITHOUT an appt?? That's just plain ignorant and asinine right there. And #2, the majority of RE's offices I've either been to, have worked w/professionally or know about, have a "no children" policy. There are 3 not far from me, one that I did my own monitoring w/this last time, and they have a HUGE sign that states quite clearly that children are not allowed in the facility. If you show up w/a child, they will make you reschedule your appt for a time when you can come w/out them. One of our surrogates went to this same place and was really put off by that. I understand the reasoning behind it, and luckily am close enough that I could go sit w/her child until she would have been done. Some clinics, like the one in Canada I worked with, allow children. That RE allows it because he is also an OB to many of his patients and sees them in the same building, so they used to share the same waiting room. (he moved the clinic to a different building and renovated it, so not sure if they still share a waiting room or not)
  9. Yes, she was. (it's in her screen name as well as her signature) You'll see that most of us that have carried have that information in our signatures.
  10. Alice is correct. An embryo "hatches" as it gets ready to implant into the uterine lining. I've seen more "non-hatching" blasts transferred than hatching, that have been really successful, but I get REALLY excited when I hear that it's already hatching. Super excited for you guys!!!
  11. How exciting!!! The 31st is literally around the corner. Keeping everything crossed for you! I'm also so glad to hear that you've decided to only transfer one. It may not seem like it w/all the what-if's that play through your mind, but it really is the most responsible and considerate option for your surrogate. As to the embryo not being expanded, that just means that it is growing slightly slower than the "avg", but does not mean that there is an issue. W/my 1st IP's, at day 3, the RE was recommending a specific embryo for transfer because it was growing "perfectly" and the other was "slow" and had not expanded as the RE had liked. By the time we got to transfer, the "slow" grower had progressed more than expected and ended up being the one that we transferred. The original "really good" one on day 3 ended up arresting before it could be frozen and the slow one is now 9yrs old!
  12. I delivered my last surrobabe at 44. Unless there is a medical reason why your sister cannot carry a pg, her age is not a factor in the actual carrying.