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  1. our birth story...

    What a great story! Wow kudos to you for a natural birth...I too attempted one but after 4 days of labor, I was stuck at a 4 my DD was stuck I assume and couldn't put pressure on my cervix to open...c-sec went great!
  2. The twins birth story!

    Huge Congrats to you what a wonderful experience!
  3. Macy Diane’s Birth Story 7-17-08 I knew it would happen, as Cash and I watched Dan leave the drive way heading back to Austin that Sunday July 13th, I knew I was about to go into labor. I had been having Braxton hicks off and on all weekend and even some that day, but a few hours later that changed. I was feeding Cash dinner and the contractions started hitting me hard so I called my Mom and she came down I was on the phone with Stacy telling her not to get excited but that I was having contractions. Mom, Cash and I walked the drive way and they continued so we went back in and I tried to eat something, but they were hitting too hard and I needed to focus, Mom told Stacy to head on down because they were about 7-10 mins apart but they were only lasting for about 15 seconds, they were all in the front down low and they were strong. I’d get up and sway my hips side to side and that would ease the pain for the moment. I called Dan and told him he may be getting a call that night to be prepared. Stacy came down to be with me, and Mom called Micha too. Looking back now it’s funny because I could see them just watching me, as if I was about to pop, but in the moment I couldn’t focus on anything but the contractions. I had gotten Cash to sleep before they got too bad, he just swayed with me as they hit. The plan was for Micha to stay with Cash while Stacy drove me to the hospital and Mom followed. We called my doula Charis and let her know the updates. Finally I think it was around 12 I’d had enough the contractions were closer 5-7 mins apart and about 45-50 seconds long and very strong so we headed to the hospital. Stacy called Nancy so that she could stay with Cash if they kept me, and then she called Dan we wanted him to have enough time to drive back home to be with us if this was it…Well we got to the hospital and I was only dilated to a 1 and about 60% effaced…so they sent me home. Dan was already on his way so he met us at the house, the hospital gave me something so I could go home and rest, we slept until about 9. Nancy stayed and watched Cash so we could rest, the contractions were still consistent all day finally about 3:00pm on July 14th, our 7 year anniversary by the way, I decided we needed to go back to the hospital. Dan drove me back and I’d only progressed to a 2 and 80% effaced, the next day I had a planned appointment with Dr. Salter, so again we waited. Dan called down to talk to DPS and they said he needed to come back, I was so afraid he’d missed the birth, that was my biggest fear and unfortunately it came true. On Tuesday July 15th Stacy went with me to my appointment, still not much change I was at a 3 and still 80% effaced we had already set an induction date for Thursday July 17th just in case, well I’m glad we kept it. I told Dr. Salter that I wanted to pursue induction if I had not progressed enough on my own by Thursday, I was scheduled to be at the hospital at 5:30 Stacy stayed with me Tuesday and Wednesday night and I’m so thankful she did just having someone there for Cash was such a relief because I felt like I couldn’t give him my all, that was the frustrating part. Wednesday was more of the same walking; swaying and praying Macy would come on her own. About 2 am Wednesday night I decided we needed to head to the hospital again, I was scared too that I would suddenly progress and be having a baby in the car because we had about a 45 min drive to the hospital. We got to the hospital and Charis met us there I was so tired, but the contractions wouldn’t allow me to sleep so they gave me something to help me sleep after checking me and I was still at a 3…I was so disappointed and I knew things weren’t going to go as I had planned at that moment. Stacy, Charis and I slept for a couple hours then Dr. Salter came in and the pitocen was started and he broke my water and the contractions got a lot harder. At this point they also inserted an internal monitor for Macy and catheter. There was marconium in the water which meant Macy had a bowel movement and that scared me, I knew if she’d gotten that in her lungs it would be a problem, but Dr. Salter assured me that it would be okay. It felt so strange when my water broke I didn’t know what to expect but it was indescribable as soon as the first contraction hit after the water broke you could literally see my belly deflate and all you could see was baby. I moved from the bed to the birthing ball and Stacy and Charis held counter pressure on my lower back as the contractions hit. I kept moving from the bed to the ball to the bathroom. Stacy had been texting Dan and it didn’t look like he was going to make it, I had taken all this in stride until they checked me again and nothing was happening and I told Stacy to tell him to get in his truck and leave! I think that was the only time I got frustrated but I had had enough and wanted him to be with me, after this last check I told the nurse I wanted an epidural, she applauded my efforts and said I had done a great job, I didn’t feel that way at the moment as I hadn’t succeeded, but I also knew when enough was enough. Mom got there just as they started the epidural I asked her if she was sure she could stay as she doesn’t do well with blood and she said she was fine. So they had me sit on the side of the bed and curl over toward the floor, yes while having contractions. The Dr tells me okay small poke, it may be small to him but in your back it hurts! That was the numbing medicine, then he says okay your going to feel pressure and suddenly I feel like he’s inserting one of those picture frame anchors into my spine, I could feel each click as it hit my spine…then he says uh oh…uh oh what I say, well we’re not in the right place, so yes he had to pull it out and start over, ugh…that was so much fun! Then he said okay you’re going to feel a shock in your leg, OMG it was like I stuck my finger in a socket and it went all the way down my left leg. After he got it in they laid me back and Mom said I’ll be right back and hit the door, poor thing the look on her face was if I don’t get outta here I’m gonna vomit…but she was okay after getting some air. So they had me roll from one side to the other to distribute the medicine evenly and then he started asking if I could feel the contractions and I said no and things were much better then. Stacy, Mom and Charis my doula all came back in and I tried to rest while the upped the pitocin to see if things would move along, my contractions were strong and consistent but Macy’s head was just too big. The final check came around 1 I think, and I was stuck at a 4, I told my nurse to call Dr Salter I was ready for a c-section. I knew my body and my baby had had enough and we tried we really gave our all to make it happen and it just couldn’t happen naturally, but I was okay with that, I was ready to meet my little girl. I already knew in my heart that Dan wasn’t going to be there, but I knew I had to focus on getting Macy here and staying solid because I knew if I broke down that would be it and breaking down wouldn’t change him not being there. Once I made this decision Dan was on the phone with me, he was so upset he told me they wouldn’t let him leave and I just told him it would be okay I knew he was with me in spirit and that Stacy would be with me. I told him to be strong and do what he needed to do so he could get home to us. We said our I Love You’s and he told me he was so proud of me and for me to stay strong and I let him go. After the epidural I got really sleepy and took a nap and then it was time for the c-section, I remember Nancy, Micha and Helen coming to visit me. Mom was trying to convince us that she’d be okay in the delivery room and I said Mom, I really think it would be better if Stacy went, there will be a lot of blood and I want good pictures. So why don’t you let Stacy go and she said okay. Bless her heart I know she just wanted to be there for me, but I didn’t want to take a chance of her passing out and missing it all! So they brought Stacy her scrubs and we all took pictures then they wheeled me out to the OR it was the same OR we had Cash in just 9 months and 21 days earlier…talk about déjà, we just swapped the pregnant people! They got me in the room and my nurse who was like 90lbs soaking wet was trying to help me get moved over to the OR table and I said I think I can help and moved myself enough to get safely on the table. The drug doc then started pumping me up and sticking me with pins to make sure I was numb. I recall Dr Salter coming in and plugging in his iPod and asking if the music was okay, then Stacy came in and sat next to my head. She asked if I was okay and told me make sure you tell them if you feel anything and I said okay. I then remember feeling drugged, and my breathing slowing and I kept looking at the blood pressure monitor to make sure I was okay…like I could do anything…but I was watching it! I asked if they would lower the drape so I could see and the drug doc said oh you don’t wanna see that and I said yes I do and he said nah we better not. Darn it, I wanted to see. Dr Salter started by asking questions about my incision from my dermoid tumor removal in ’03 and asking me if I wanted to go above it or thru the same one, I told him to do what he thought was best. He ended up going thru it, I remember thinking gosh it’s taking a long time, then he said well Melissa I see why Macy wasn’t coming out, she’s huge! Then after lots of pressure and tugging he pulled her out and lifted her over the drape…she was huge! She had hair and her poor head was molded from being stuck…she had her daddy’s cheeks. Then they took her to the incubator. I kept telling Stacy go, go take pictures, go be with her…she said they told me to wait and I said no go…and my nurse told her it was okay. I could hear them talking about her apgars being 9/9 I felt relief then and I heard her cry, it was so strong. I asked Stacy to take her to the nursery and she did, everyone was so excited and couldn’t believe how big she was. It took awhile for them to sew me up or at least it seemed like it to me, at the end my nose started stopping up because of the oxygen and I had to breathe outta my mouth, which made my mouth so dry. They finally got me put back together and moved me to the other bed, and I was rolled back into my room once I got there I was shaking uncontrollably they said this was normal it was my body reacting to the hormones and stuff. I remember Stacy coming in and said she has your fingers and your nail beds, I said is she okay and they said she’s perfect, she’s huge! Then they told me she was 10lbs 9oz and 22 ¼ inches long I was stunned I thought for sure 9lbs but not almost 11lbs! I got my cell and texted Dan and he was so proud he said we grew us a fatty, that we did. My Daddy came in and was grinning from ear to ear, he said gosh baby she’s huge! I said I know, I can’t believe it. I wanted to see her so badly, but I had to wait they were doing her vitals, bath and first feeding of formula because she was so hungry, imagine that! They were a little concerned about her blood sugar at first, but it gave her no problems at all. It was about 2 hours before they finally came to move me to my room most everyone had gone home but Stacy, she stayed with me until Macy came to my room, when that door opened and I saw her in her bassinet I couldn’t believe she was there to be with me…it was very surreal. I loved on her and took pictures and just stared at her she was so big! I was star struck. Stacy stayed until about 9 I think then went home to be with her family, I was so thankful to her, she stayed with me and took care of me when Dan couldn’t be there and I’ll never forget that she is truly an angel. Macy and I nursed and visited a while and then I had the nursery come get her so I could rest I wanted to be awake and alert for Friday when my baby boy would be there. Friday morning came along and I couldn’t wait to get a shower and remove the catheter finally at about 10am my nurse removed it and helped me to the shower. I felt so much better after that long shower I think I was in there for 45 mins, but I needed that! I got cleaned up and they brought Macy to me and we nursed and loved on each other. And I waited for Mom to arrive with Cash; I was so excited for him to see his sister. When he came in he was in his stroller and you could see the excitement in his face, he was happy to see me and I was so happy to see him. Mom and I sat him down and showed him his sissy and he smiled so big and gave her kisses. It wasn’t long and Stacy, Dennis and the girls showed up as well as Nancy, Gisela, Bryan and Stephanie. I was anxiously awaiting Dan’s call saying he was on his way, finally about 4 he called, and I was so relieved. I just needed to hug him and finally let him meet his baby girl. He called me several times during his 3 hour drive and the last call he was in the parking lot, I got up and got Macy and the camera and when that door opened I said here is your baby girl, tears filled both our eyes, he said gosh she is huge! I took a few pictures and we sat down to relish in our little girl. We missed little man so much and I couldn’t wait to go home the next day so we could all be together. I needed to be home, and wanted to be home. Finally after bickering back and forth with the nurse about having a rubella shot, I let them give it to me and we headed home. Stacy had Lil’ Man and was bringing him to the house for us. It was great to be home! I felt good I was still really numb at the c-section site so pain wasn’t an issue, I moved a little slower but I really did feel fine. No it wasn’t the birth I “planned” for but I knew I couldn’t “plan” for anything; I just took it all in stride and one contraction at a time. It was a wonderful experience, very fulfilling, even the 4 days of labor! It was all worth it to bring this beautiful girl into the world, especially after being told I wouldn’t conceive on my own, but not only did I do that I produced a big ol’ healthy baby girl. I’m still awe struck by her and her brother, they light up my life, they give me purpose I never had before and it’s a stronger purpose than anything you could imagine. I feel so proud and blessed for both my babies, Dan and I both do, they are miracles.
  4. They have arrived!!

    Awe Huge CongratS! They are beautiful!!
  5. OMG!! That is a chunker!! Wow congrats Heather...you go girl!!
  6. Your story takes me back to my lil man...awe your are awesome girl, great job!!
  7. Birth story

    First off HUGE CONGRATS to you! You've blessed this world with two new babies! Awe!! On the midwife comment...please don't let that go, please say something to her either by phone, email or in person she needs to know that you don't address a surrogate in that manner EVER...if you dont speak up she will say that and hurt another surrogate... Congrats on your last surrogacy, you should be very very proud!
  8. I'm back ladies

    huge congrats!
  9. FINALLY posting here!!!

    YEAH!!! I'm so happy for ya'll!! How exciting!! She is beautfiful, and hun you did great!!
  10. Weepy weepy....

    Dang hormones! Awe honey... it will get better, take it one day at a time! Keep that chin up!!
  11. WOW!!! She is beautiful!!! Congrats Nessa!! Huge Congrats honey!! I hope I can deliver like the pro you are!! I bet your IP's are on
  12. IP contact after birth

    Yeah I could see this happening the dynamics are so different when you choose someone to carry your baby...and the emotions well they are over the top! I have to say though even if my situation weren't as unique as it is, I'd still feel obgliated to have contact with my surrogate after everything she went though for us. But I too can understand how normal life can get in the way of a simple phone call...but you have to make those things priority!
  13. Nessa Delivered!

    Yippeee that is so wonderful!!! Huge Congrats girl!!! Update as soon as you can!!
  14. Baby Seara Birth Story

    Congrats!! She is beautiful!!!