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  1. Baby Ina's Birth Story!!

    Big Congrats!!! I love her name!!
  2. Baby Giovanni has arrived

    HUGE congrats on delivering that big boy! So glad you got your vaginal birth!
  3. My Surro-Angels

    *sigh* I guess we just won't know what goes on in our heads when we are in that position. I just feel bad that they didn't give them a chance. I'm so sorry you didn't get the birth that was supposed to be, I'm praying for you and your IP's as well as your entire family. I hope you can speak with Julie L (stinkinpeanut) I really think she'll be able to give you the light at the end of the tunnel on this, and she's so incredible Love to you and many gentle hugs, Andrea
  4. My Surro-Angels

    This is heartbreaking. I'd love to add more on my feelings on how your IP's chose comfort measures, but it's not appropriate when you're grieving and had no choice. So sad.
  5. An update…

    Oh Norma!!! He's beautiful! And I agree, the photo with his grandpa is priceless!!
  6. Our homebirth!

    What a great story! Congrats on Wynter Em!
  7. He is here!

    Oh NORMA! He's soooooooo adorable!!! Thanks so much for sharing him with us! Congrats to you, Matt and Brett!
  8. cheyden on heart mointor

    Our friend has a little guy who has coclear implants and he's on the swimming team and plays soccer! Of course, when he's swimming, he takes the outside devices off and has to watch for hand cues, but has adjusted well.
  9. New Boards

    Underneath your name in the upper right hand corner of the boards go to: My Settings, then scroll down to "Search Settings" and choose either "Show me all new content since my last visit or Show me all new content that I have not read." Be sure to SAVE CHANGES! HTH
  10. I had the babies!

    So tiny! I bet they're adorable! Congrats!!
  11. Are you a GS?

    Wow, I never saw this thread! I'm Andrea. I'm a wife of 6 years; to Jamie. I've been a mom for 5 years now ; to Alexus and Noelani. I'm a surrogate to Aspen Marie who was born 1-28-08 and her little sister Jerzi Marie born 7-15-09. I've been blessed to be in both of the girls' lives (as well as their older sister, Tru) since day one and I love them every bit as much as an auntie would love her nieces!! My husband and I have been asked to be Jerzi's Godparents too I just love my IP's they are the greatest, and Angie has truely become my best friend. We plan on doing one more surrogacy for them (fingers crossed for those boys!) and then we're hoping to add one more baby to our family. I'm also a full time student, full time phlebotomist (I vant to suck yer blooood!) and a full time mommy too!
  12. Board Upgrade Complete

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH now I get how to use the fast reply...Nice! Still is going to take a lot to get used to!!!
  13. Board Upgrade Complete

    OK, this is very strange!! LOL
  14. WTH?

    I make darn sure there is no oops!! hahaha We use condoms, and spermicide AND I tested this morning...LOL...I did just stop pumping a few weeks ago, so it really could be that it's gonna take awhile...I never thought I'd want her!! And actually, if she stays away until 3 months before transfer, I really wouldn't care!! haha ETA: I'm only wondering where she is so I can start BC pills...I have an appt set up in two weeks to check HCG levels and then I can start even without a period.