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  1. Placenta encapsulation

    I know a few girls who have done this! My Hypnobabies teacher does placenta encapsulation and it is only like $125 for 3 months worth (I think!) It is supposed to be good for your bleeding, your skin and hair and also postpartum depression. The one negative thing that I have heard is that it stinks really, really bad. I have a friend who paid to have it done and couldn't even take the pills because they smelled so bad but maybe it was the technique used on hers? I think it's a great idea!
  2. I hope that everyone who has read this story will pass it on to any newcomers who aren't sure they are done with their own family. Please feel free to use my name in any thread, it is so important. I am doing really well today, I talked to my FIF's and they are being beyond amazing about this whole thing, they are so loving and kind. I don't know what I would do without them. My IP's from this time are being wonderful too, luckily they live 5 minutes from us, so we plan to be around the baby a lot and they are being so open and loving too. Everything really is going to be ok, I can see that, and I am glad.
  3. I had been having contractions through the night on Thursday but nothing in a serious pattern. On Friday morning they had settled into a pattern of about 10 minutes apart so we got ready to go to the parents' so that we could labor at home with them for a while before heading in. We got there and the contractions were already 4 minutes apart so we decided to just come in to be checked. When we got here I was 4cm, we spent the next 2 hours walking and bouncing on the ball, got checked again and I was a 5. At this point I decided to get an epidural because I knew that the baby was in a "bad" position, something I had been working to fix all week, so we would be laboring for hours trying to fix it. After getting the epidural I dilated to 10cm within 2 hours and was ready to push. I pushed for 2 hours and then decided to try side lying to get her into a new position. After resting for about 30 minutes I went back to pushing and had pushed for another 2 hours before we finally started seeing her actually move down and we thought she had re-positioned herself finally. So, after 6 hours of pushing they finally called in the doctor to get things ready but right as they did, something went wrong. The doctor came in as the baby had a heart deceleration (her second, she had one much earlier and recovered right away) and as she had her decel I started feeling very sick, suddenly I went from being "gung-ho" on pushing and getting her out to being unable to move at all. They rolled me from side-to-side to get her heart rate back up but it wasn't working. They placed an internal monitor on her head to check that they had her pulse right and declared that we needed to go for an emergency c-section. I knew something was very, very wrong, I was apologizing to everyone and then begging the doctor not to let me die. They got me to the c-section room and DH was going to come in with me and they decided that he couldn't. I couldn't move at all, I just kept asking the anesthesia guy to save me and the baby. He put me to sleep completely. They pulled the baby out and she was limp and not breathing. They pulled my uterus out and found a giant puddle of blood, it turns out that it had split up the back. I ended up with a hysterectomy (they left my ovaries) and needed 7 pints of blood, your body holds 5 from what I have been told, so my entire circulatory system was drained of it's blood. Poor DH stood outside of the operating room for 4 hours watching them run in and out with blood, because they ran out in the actual operating room, and machines but no one would tell him anything about what was going on because they weren't sure at that point. So, there you have it, my birth story. The baby is (perfectly) healthy and I am too, and I couldn't be more thankful that we both are... this isn't the way that these stories usually end. I have had 4 doctors come up just to see me and tell me how shocked they are that we did so well, even the anesthesiologist came to see us so that he could tell me how awful it was to hear me say "don't let us die." It's been a crazy ride, I tell ya. Honest to goodness, I felt it happening, I knew the second that the baby had her decel that we weren't going to make it. I could feel us dying. Now losing my uterus is honestly a bit easier because when it is a choice between that and my life... easy choice. Today I am feeling really sad. I had planned another journey with my FIF's to complete their family and now that cannot happen... I feel like my dreams are dead and I don't know what the heck to do with myself now. The sadness will pass with the hormones, I am sure. I have always been a huge advocate of saying if you aren't done with your own family you shouldn't be a surrogate, now I am the living proof. I am thankful that we were happy with our own family or I cannot imagine how this would be for me.
  4. Congratulations to everyone, she is gorgeous!
  5. Birth Story

    Oh my goodness! What an amazing story! I can't believe that they wouldn't check you after hearing that you were contracting all day and seeing you in pain like that, crazy! I am glad that you are doing well, and that the babies are too What a great birth story you have to share. Congratulations again!
  6. That is a really beautiful journey, it looks like you had a ton of supportive friends and family all around you! Thank you for sharing!
  7. And she's arrived!!!

    Congratulations, you did an amazing job! Enjoy retirement, but don't leave us!
  8. Small update...

    I agree, I am so glad that you are doing better now and that one of the twins is home! You did a great job, big hugs
  9. Removing AIM user name

    You click your name in the upper right corner and go to "my profile" and then click "edit profile" and you can change it from there
  10. You look great and those babies are gorgeous!
  11. Sorry that I didn't see this sooner, Congratulations to you all! I love their names, so gorgeous!
  12. Griffins Birth Story

    You did a great job, those doctors and nurses could use some bedside manner lessons I think! Your doctor and the triage people should have listened to you. I am praying for your little surrobabe and I hope his time in the hospital is short.
  13. Baby was born early

    I will keep everyone involved in my thoughts and prayers!
  14. Pics of Luke

    He is adorable! I agree with the PP, your sister looks fabulous and so do you!