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  1. egg donation in 43 is it possible?

    Hi Lola, Have you looked into IVF in Prague? They have a good program there. If you are open to the US, there are many clinics here who do not have that low of a age limit. My current IM is 52, I am 43 (surrogate), and the egg donor was 25. LOL Don't give up.
  2. In need of advice from experienced GS

    I know I a bit late to the game here. If you want another, I would wait on surrogacy and revisit it at a later date. You are still relatively young in the big scheme of things. I will be 44 when this little one is due. Good luck with your decision.
  3. Baby Y has arrived

    Congrats!! Those fast labors are rough and wonderful all at the same time. LOL
  4. Congrats!! What a big girl.
  5. my story

    I am sorry that you have had to turn to surrogacy. Have you looked at using donor eggs on yourself?
  6. The problem with what you are stating , is that is a very grey area. You can get one Dr that says something is not compatible. And, someone else that does. If you are not ok with termination, just state that. Agencies can match you with IPs who are also against term. But, if you try and put so many stipulations on it, you will find yourself in a heap of trouble if this comes up during pregnancy.
  7. Iui/ivf

    There are only a couple of RE clinics in the US that will even touch TS. Your best bet is to contact OB/GYNs in your area and see if any of them do IUIs. If its been 2 years and still no luck, I would def get in to be seen. Your TS needs to have her hormone levels checked. Your husband should probably have a SA done. If it still isn't working with IUIs, the GYN can add in some meds, and start doing medicated cycles. Good luck!
  8. Traveling with meds

    Also, always take your meds in your carry on. You don't want to pack them in your suitcase and check it in, only to have them lose it. And, then be without your meds. I have flown quite a few times with syringes and meds, no issue ever.
  9. NICU?

    Some IPs and agencies require that you be within a certain amount of miles from a LV3 NICU. My first surrogacy I was transported to the hospital with the LVl3 NICU because of problems. Now, all my deliveries are at that hospital. I am fine with that. In the event of a emergency, I don't want any time to pass before the baby is in their care.
  10. what type of time frame?

    You could start looking now. Sometimes the surrogates insurance is used for blood work, but its generally just ran through the clinic and charged to the IPs. As of right now, even if you were matched today and got everything done today, It would be cutting it close to even transfer before the new year.
  11. Back to the beginning!

    I was working with NH in 2014. It was so terrible. The nurse cord was horrible. I ended up leaving the match because the clinic was so bad, and the IPs wanted to stay there. They have since started working with a agency for their surrogates. I hope that it has lessoned the load on the Drs and NC. If you do a search on that clinic you will find quite a few neg reviews. Good luck!!
  12. Newbie - So many questions!

    That's very nice for your friend to offer. 1. It's very common for insurance companies to have surrogacy exclusions. Some insurance companies will bill up to the amount of comp. Generally the IPs insurance will NOT cover the surrogate. This would be the surrogates insurance. I have only seen the IPs insurance cover a surrogate once, maybe twice. 2. I would not do a insurance free surrogacy. You can buy insurance for your surrogate during open enrollment. I had pre e during my first surrogacy. Emergency Csec. My bills alone were $300,000. The baby's bills were almost triple that. I can't imagine not having insurance with that. A normal vaginal delivery could run maybe $10k , cash pay. But, that amount varies from hospital to hospital. 3. As a surrogate, the IPs usually have a CC on file. If I did monitoring else where, they would run the charge through their CC. If your insurance has infertility coverage, you are very lucky. This is something you will have to dig into more. 4. Yes. A lot depends on her age, how long ago her last preg, preg history, weight, etc.... 5. No, she isn't required to have another Csec. But, this is something she needs to discuss with her OB. Some OBs and hospitals will not allow vbacs.
  13. You should be able to contact your RE and see what agency they work with, or if they actually have any surrogates available themselves.