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  1. Is it just me?

    I have some questions. I just did my first surrogacy and delivered two beautiful little girls in Sept. '08. I am still pumping breast milk for them. So, with that said I am still having no period which is probably normal but I have lost all my sex drive. I went to the Dr. to get my hormones tested and she told my that my levels looked like someone who was about to start menopause. I am only 30 years old. I can only assume that my levels are out of wack because of taking the hormones for the surrogacy or maybe because I am still pumping. Have you heard of anyone else with this problem? If so does it go away by itself? I really wanted to do another surrogacy for the same couple but now I am not sure if I would be able to. I am going to see an endocrinologist soon I just wanted to see if you had heard of this. Any info will be helpful.