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  1. Praying that this Christmas season will bring a renewed peace in my family!

  2. problem with

    It says that a moderator has to review posts. Why? I have not had any problems before this. Thanks in advance. Not sure if it was because I have been gone for awhile?
  3. Posted a warning

    I posted a warning a couple of days ago warning others and it said that it needed to be reviewed yet I have not seen it post yet how long does it take? Thanks in advance
  4. Having Problems

    For some reason since last night I cannot click on view new posts. It keeps saying that an error occured?? Anyone have an idea why that might be?? Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Just wondering

    I was just wondering what is the total cost for the meds and to do a transfer for a GS? And what about an egg retrival?
  6. I have done the blood DNA test from our surrogate and it worked out fine for us. If you PM me I can give you the name of the lab that we used. I was please with them and they were cost effective. I think it was about 1,200. I hope that this helps

    Congrats Karen!! Wow those are nice size twins! I hope that you are well and that you get back to feeling better quickly. Hoping to see some pics!!
  8. Feeling left out

    Jill so sorry to hear that they left you out! It breaks my heart to read this I am sending you many hugs and prayers your way. I pray that you get to be able to talk with them soon and be able to see the babies. Again many hugs to you. I hope you are healing fast. I would have loved to have had breat milk that is sad that they did not want it. That is the best thing for those babies.
  9. Congratulations Jill!

    Aww Jill that is great news that everyone is good!! Congrats!! Wishing you and the babies well. Take care
  10. The birth of my surro baby

    what a beautiful story filled with many loving memories! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Congrats!
  11. Having a Problem

    I did do that and added the file than hit add atttachment but did not work
  12. Having a Problem

    I have tried several things to attach a picture file of my DD for everyone to see her but I am unable to do so. It keeps sending me to a blank page than when I hit refresh it says needs to re-send information so I hit ok and still will not post anyone have any suggestions?
  13. may be TMI but i need some advive

    I would have to say if yu are bleeding like that and the DR is not taking it seriously than I would seek out the ER and see what they can do to help! Becuause that does not sound normal at all!!
  14. My surro baby has arrived

    congrads he is a beautiful baby!!!! I hope your recovery is fast!
  15. Cannot acess members list

    Thanks for the info I will ask Shauna about that