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  1. Congrats. Great story. Took a peek at the pics too and so huge difference in those boys!! Hope you are feeling well!
  2. Prayers for Kelli (3j2k)

  3. Twins are here

    omg you went home so quickly. hope you are doing well and prayers the babies continue to thrive. great job!!
  4. The Neverending Beta Thread

    I am going to add my current pregnancy...I am 8w3d with one little bugger (and a second sac that is empty) My 6dp5dt beta was 35 14dp5dt was 420 21dp5dt 3666 28dp5dt was 9416 - this is the same day we saw the hb for the first time though, so the low number didn't worry us too much. saw the hb a 2nd time a week after that as well and all looks good.
  5. On maternity leave and I am bored

    yeah i have that feeling in bad weather too...organize a closet or a junk drawer or do lunch with a friend!
  6. Congrats, can't wait for pics!!
  7. congrats and hope you are feeling well - yes it is a wonderful feeling seeing that family you helped create!!
  8. yikes blood is scary when you don't expect it. glad it turned out so well. it always bums me out not to see baby we could identify their kids and stalk them or something hope you are feeling well and recovering nicely!!
  9. Update on Barbgsx1

    what great updates. so relieved that you and baby are doing well Barb!! (((HUGS)))
  10. Feedback about an Erupted Cyst??

    yikes...never had one and hoping there is an easy fix. hoping it doesn't require another D&C for you. i have had such horrible gas pains that i called the OB thinking I needed to go to the ER, (never knew gas could hurt like that, I thought for sure it was my appendix or my ovary bursting open!!). are you going today? hope she has concrete answers and fixes you up asap. (((HUGS)))
  11. What can I expect?

    HI!! I can say my recovery from a surro pregnancy was fantastic. full nights sleep, no infant running me ragged, even my C-section recoveries have gone fairly quickly. it's amazing how restorative sleep is. and attachment to a baby that wasn't mine, proud of the job i did etc.
  12. Baby is here!

    oh my!! congratulations!! that was a nice quick delivery. hope you get pictures from your ips soon. you are home so quickly...are you going to be able to see them again before they go back to england? rest up and remember, even though you have no baby to show for it at home, you did just deliver and you need to take it easy!
  13. congrats!! yeah for avoiding a c-section and for healthy babies!! sorry they missed it but video is good too!!
  14. they have done a surrogacy before (their son is about 9 mo old) but they used an atty and escrow that time...they had one failed transfer, switched REs and had success the first transfer there. all in all it didn't sound like it took very long from the time they started...whereas it has been already almost 5 mo and we haven't done a transfer that may be the difference...they were under time constraints last time since things moved quicker!? anyway i sent them an email - didn't give a deadline though - and no word yet...we'll see how it goes...i have now done all i can to fix it.
  15. well i haven't thrown in the towel yet. the social worker is talking to them hopefully today to feel them out. then i am going to offer - if they get an atty and escrow agent involved and my contract gets signed within a timely manner (i'd say 2 weeks max) that maybe we can salvage things and move on...if they refuse to involve a 3rd party and refuse to sign the contract then i am outta here...i can't imagine why they think it's ok to have my contract unsigned for 5 months...i know they wouldn't allow that in their own "jobs" to be basically unprotected!! if things don't work out, yes i still want to do one final journey, so i will be back on the market