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  1. aaw thanks for checking in!! I am 12 weeks pregnant, healthy baby girl ! all has gone GREAT! thank god never had any nausea at all! we have had about 4 ultrasound and babys heartbeat is strong I am due July 7th, 2017! yay!
  2. Hi!!! I have not posted here in awhile!!! 8 weeks pregnant! first ultrasound at 6weeks and baby girl had a heart beat of 129 bpm!! so far so good!!!! I have been extremely lucky as no morning sickness at all 😂 just sooo unbelievable BLOATED!!!! I cant even suck in my stomach 😅 patiently waiting for next ultrasound in 5 days!!!
  3. Hi !!! I haven't updated in awhile So I had a single 5 day pgs tested embryo transfer on October 20th, mi first beta was on 12 dp5dt and was 471, then yesterday was my second beta which was 19dp5dt and it was 8,529 !!! Not trying to look too much into it.. BUT don't these numbers seem a little too high?!!!
  4. Hi! FINALLY got my beta results! 471 !!! yay!!!
  5. Hi! I went in for my Beta first thing this morning and I am still PATIENTLY (not!!!) waiting for that phonecall!!!
  6. THANKS GUYS!!! I just KNEW I was pregnant... I had all these new symptoms after transfer :D and took another test today and definitely a nice dark line !!!! so happy!
  7. I gave in today.. and tested and got a faint but for sure second line!!! I am officially 5 days past a 5 day transfer (single embryo!) SOOO HAPPY!!! I knew I totally felt all sorts of things going on !!!! yay!! for sure will test again ..pretty much every day now until beta! hahah :D Thank you all for your encouragement!!!
  8. Hi! I dont know how to add your name when I respond BUT I am a pro with the shots now! I am currently on PIO daily and Delestrogen shots every 3 days.. I do them myself and they are getting so easy now 😂 praying for a positive test!!! I am thinking tomorrow would be a good day ! OK... I just cant wait any longer!!!
  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 🤗 yay!!!!
  10. How exciting!!! will definitely keep you in my prayers!!! keep us posted!
  11. Oh my goodness I am soooo going to POA ToMorrow!!! 😅😂😂 and again the day after and pretty much everyday I think! 😅 thats "normal" right?!
  12. Thank you ! these next few days are going to seem so looong..... of course I am over analyzing every single potential symptom 😂
  13. heheheh 😂😂😂 yessss!!! 🙏🏼
  14. Hi! I had my FET last Thursday, Oct 20th! it went great! we transferred one beautiful 5day embryo! I am not gonna lie... this whole waiting to POA is driving me nuts!!!! not going to be able to wait for first Beta on the Nov. 1st!!! when should I test at home?!! any suggestions?!! 😂