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  1. Congratulations Kathy!!! They are gorgeous!!! Tell your IPs to take pics of them with something relative like a pen next to them to remember how small they were. When I look back I can't believe my girls were ever that small!!!!
  2. Prayers for Kelli (3j2k)

    Lots of prayers for a quick and safe recovery.
  3. Hi Kathleen, Congrats on the new baby! Hope all is well and you're enjoying her. Take care. Michelle

  4. After a very stressful gestation I'm happy to announce the very sudden arrival of Claire Róisín (pronounced Ro' sheen) 3lbs 4oz, 16.75 inches long and such a fiesty little thing!! She has a lovely head of dark brown hair but its still quite messy since she hasnt had her first bath yet. She has pulled out her IV twice and fought like the devil with all the nurses to get out of wearing a cpap. They had 4 safety pins and 2 rubber bands trying to hold it to her hat but she still kept pulling it off!! She really stressed herself out and turned purple fighting them for so long but once they let me hold her she settled into me and went right to sleep with it on. She has a great suck reflex and after 2 tube feedings of 5 mls of BM she took a 10 ml bottle of half BM half formula!! She is now on just a nasal canula and likes that much better. I felt terrible leaving the hospital tonight but our surrogate was discharged today and my Grace was missing me terribly. I'll be going back every day and we are working on having her transferred to a NICU locally so we can all see her on a regular basis without a 6 hour round trip drive. She is much happier when she is being held and snuggled so its much better for her health. Her only real issue is growing but the neonatologist said with IUGR it has to be done slowly and carefully so it may be 3-4 weeks until she is home. She has been sooo fiesty with everyone that has worked with her that they are calling her the fiesty blueberry b/c she will not back down and turns purple struggling with them! She will clench her fists so tight her knuckles turn white. She is one tough little girl and hopefully will grow like a weed when she gets into her routine!!! Praying hard they can transfer her down here no later than Monday!!! :pray:
  5. Griffins Birth Story

    Katie you did an amazing job and thankfully you stood up for yourself and the baby so that you are both safe.!!!! Congratulations to you and you IP's!!!
  6. Luke Kennedy is here

    Congratulations Mommy!!!!! I'm sure you are on cloud nine!!!
  7. Congratulations to you and your IP's, they have a beautiful family!!!
  8. Marie's birth story

    Beautiful story!! Congratulations to you and your IP's!!!
  9. Lauren's pictures

    She is beautiful!!
  10. Congratulations to you and your IF!!! I hope you heal quickly!!
  11. Congratulations to you and your IP's!!!
  12. It is very hard not to feel that way sometimes. I try to always be an optimist, otherwise the let downs can begin to pile up and turn your whole life in a bad direction. We were blessed with getting pg on the first try so that did make things easier for us. I never worried once about the pg I just enjoyed every single moment knowing that our daughter was on her way into our arms. I do hope that once you see that beautiful little flutter of a heart beat that your heart will start to lighten as the love of your child grows so very strong, even before they are born.
  13. Welcome Baby Owen 12-2-10

    Congratulations to you and your IP's!!!! He is adorable!!!
  14. What am I missing?

    [ quote name=traci72' date='30 November 2010 - 02:51 PM' timestamp='1291146671' post='573882] I'm hanging my head in shame as that very well may be the case! Maybe u and the board can kiss and make up it will give u extra posts!!!