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  1. Didn't read the tissue warning... just bawled my eyes out watching this. Your video touched my heart. It was simply beautiful.
  2. Congratulations! I'm so glad that everything has been going well so far. It was a rocky path getting you to this point, but as soon as she comes home it will all be worth it! My fingers are crossed that she'll be transferred soon so you can spend more time with both of your girls. Congrats, you have two daughters now!!!
  3. Doing Surrogacy before finnshing family?

    I didn't finish my family first. I had my son (now six) then my surrobabe (now three) and now I have 4 month old twins. I was diagnosed with PCOS after a year of trying to get pregnant for us for baby #2. This had nothing to do with my surrogacy but I did have a couple pessimists tell me I was having issues because of my surro pregnancy. Yeah whatever, PCOS just came out of nowhere. In truth, I'd had it my whole life and simply got lucky with DS by getting pregnant on the first try! So I just wanted to let you know that I did not wait until we were done. I did my surro pregnancy after my son, but before we were ready to try again for ourselves. Never imagined I would suffer from infertility myself, but now I have three beautiful kids!
  4. I can't attach a photo.....

    That's the error! Let me try to shrink it and see if that works....
  5. I can't attach a photo.....

    When I did that, my help box stated "Try our advanced uploader which supports multiple file uploading (modern browser required)" and then in the next screen the box for "Enable Flash Uploader" was already unchecked.....
  6. I can't attach a photo.....

    What operating system are you using? MAC OSX What browser and browser version? SAFARI 4.0.4 Which forum are you trying to upload to? EXPANDING OUR OWN FAMILY Help section below the Click to Attach Files. I HAVE CLICKED ON THAT AND IT TAKES ME TO THE HELP HOME PAGE WHICH OFFERS NO HELP ON UPLOADING PHOTOS....
  7. I can't attach a photo.....

    Yeah, I clicked the attachment section and choose the photo from my hard drive, the name comes up so you can tell I selected it. Hit the attach button and then it thinks for a while like it's trying to attach my photo, and then that error comes up...
  8. I've been trying to attach my 27 week bellie photo with update for over two weeks. Every time I start the new post and then try to attach the photo, it comes back and says "Error No file was selected for upload". What am I doing wrong?!
  9. Ever since the board change, every time I try to click on someone's attached photo it tells me I don't have authority to view any attachments. Can any one help? Thanks!
  10. Oh hun, words can't even express what I want to say here. I am so sorry, so very sorry that you're going through this. You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you continue this new journey. Keep your chin up, you seem to be doing great so far...
  11. Three little princesses are here!

    You truly did an amazing job. Seriously - 35 weeks? That's fantastic! I carried GSx1 to 36 weeks and there was only one of her, I couldn't imagine three! Congrats to everyone and I wish you a very speedy recovery.

    Great job Karen! Congrats to you and your IP's. Rest up and enjoy being able to sleep through the night again!
  13. Congrats Jill! You did a fantastic job and I'm so happy for both you and your IP's. Happy Healing!
  14. An Early Arrival!

    Congrats on a great birth! I just wanted to say that I went 4 weeks early with my surrobabe so I know EXACTLY what you mean about not having had the chance to say goodbye. I was fine with handing the baby over to her parents, but I had a hard time afterwards dealing with how lonely I felt since I thought I had four more weeks with my IP's and their daughter. So please, if you have a hard time once you get home, e-mail me so we can talk. I was fine until I got home and DH went back to work and DS went back to daycare and then it was just me and IP's were busy with their new baby. It's tough at first! But it gets easier every day....
  15. Postpartum Weight Loss

    Yeah, I had this problem too the first couple weeks! We went to an open house at DH's firehouse and I heard one guy ask DH if we were expecting again. No - I just had a baby one week ago! DH decided not to tell anyone in the firehouse (he's a volunteer fireman) or at his office (except for his boss) because he didn't want to deal with the comments and questions from men who have never even heard of surrogacy. So those people were the hardest to be around since they had NO idea what I had been through. It just sucked! DH and I are going to TTC #2 as soon as we get back from our Disney vacation in May. Then 6 months or so after that, we will start cycling for a sibling project for Lyla. I can't wait to do it again! And for the rest of you ladies - thanks so much for your support! Losing weight is hard and it's even harder when no one even knows what you've done to congratulate you!