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    TTC via Gestational Surrogacy. I had a hysterectomy at 26.<br /><br />Interest are:<br />My family, camping, reading, huge movie buff, hunting, food- both cooking it and eating it, my dogs, life and the ocean- love it.
  1. Well the nice thing for us would be that my friend lives a block away from me that if she needed me I could be there in 5 seconds. Bed rest scares me too because lets be honest, what mom can just lay around. LOL. How long was your bed rest?
  2. Just wondering how old the average IM is. I will be 32 in July. Also wondering about egg quality by age. Oops I guess I missed a few options if you fit into one of them just add it in a post. Sorry about that.
  3. Yes I think it would be different if I couldn't use my eggs. There is just so much to think about and it is a huge part of the surrogates life and her families. I think that because they already have three active kids of their own, he is worried about something happening to her like needing a hysterectomy or bed rest. And who will drive the three boys to hockey all winter if she cant etc. But we are close enough that even if she didnt do our surrogacy and something happened to her she knows I would help her out anyway. I just think its good to cover all the bases. What was the biggest thing you worried about?
  4. Question for GS What kind of questions did you and your husband have to think about when you were deciding if you were going to be a surrogate? What were the main concerns? The reason I am asking is that a friend is thinking about being our surrogate and she is all gun ho but her husband has some concerns and I think that is great that he wants all the bases covered. I gave her some things to think about but wanted more input. I want her to be fully informed so there isn’t something that pops up during (if she decided to do it) that we find ourselves in a sticky or uncomfortable situation.
  5. Hi Nathalie, If you have the option, I would go with the Foothills in Calgary over the Artus clinic in Saskatoon. The foothills has higher success rates and they also have more experience but that is expected because they are a bigger center. Good luck.
  6. Just wondering how often IVF eggs split into twins? Has anyone had this happen?
  7. Hi Tracey, My husband and I are also looking for a GS. We went to Dr. Case at the Artus clinic. My feelings are not positive for Dr. Case. I did not get the feeling that she fully supported surrogacy. (JMO) Other surrogates I have talked to really liked her so I guess it depends on her mood that day. Lisa is awesome! I have nothing but nice things to say about her. How long have you been looking for a surrogate?
  8. We are still looking for a GS surrogate.
  9. Hello everyone! Well its been awhile since I’ve been on this site. I just wanted to say hello and to check in on how everyone is doing. I see many of you are moving right along. Congratulations. I think I am ready to re-join this wonderful site and start looking for a surrogate again. Sometimes it just gets too hard to deal with and I need to step back and regroup. I want to thank everyone for their wonderful support and advice and the nice PM’s I’ve received during my sabbatical.
  10. Thanks everyone. I understand her changing her mind everyone has that right, but It bugs me that she won't tell us herself. Keeping her distance only made us feel like she was mad with us about something. This is the fourth surro we have had. They all support us and I am still close with all of them but this is really making me wonder if we are just not supposed to do this. who knows.
  11. Hello all my fellow Canadians, Just in case anyone is following my story here is an update on whats been going on with us. We moved to a new town and we are all settled in. So thats good. We just need to sell our old house now. My father in law informed me that the reason my SIL is ignoring us is because she changed her mind about being our surrogate and doesnt know how to tell us. She moved back in with her boyfriend (who had all his medical testing done for surrogacy) they were never broke up she just needed her own space from him for a while. Anyway she changed her mind about doing the surrogacy and never even told us herself yet. She has been telling us for three years she will do it "for sure" if we will wait till her youngest is a year old. Well now she is a year and SIL changed her mind, and Im going out of mine. LOL. So I guess we are looking again. Not too sure if I even want to anymore because it is too hard on me. DH still thinks we should keep looking. The only problem is we dont have a lot of options in Sask and I dont know where to look anymore. Not sure how many tears I have to cry before I give up 100%. You can only try for so long. Anyway, thats whats new with us.
  12. A good one is contact after the child is born. Just to make sure your all on the same page. Just ask about them as people. What they like to do, what their families are like(big, small, close etc) what brought them to where they are in their surrogacy. This will give you a better "feel" of them. Write down anything that comes into your head from not till you meet them. Good Luck.!!!
  13. I am asking because someone told me that it is possible. My SIL is our surrogate so that brings two things into my mind. 1. will that cause some kind of bad reaction in our child being its DH's sister. (brother and sister blood mixing can't be good.) 2. will it be detected on a DNA test and then I have my biological ties questioned. Thats why I ask. Here is an answer I got from another board. So I guess that answers my question.
  14. DNA transfer from Surro to child? Is it possible to transfer the surrogates DNA to the unborn child? So if you did DNA testing to prove that the surrogate is not the biological mother of the child, would her DNA show up on the results? I was told that this could be a possibility- what do you think?
  15. Dont worry Daffodil that special couple is out there and will be lucky to have you.