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    TTC via Gestational Surrogacy. I had a hysterectomy at 26.<br /><br />Interest are:<br />My family, camping, reading, huge movie buff, hunting, food- both cooking it and eating it, my dogs, life and the ocean- love it.
  1. IM's age.

    Just wondering how old the average IM is. I will be 32 in July. Also wondering about egg quality by age. Oops I guess I missed a few options if you fit into one of them just add it in a post. Sorry about that.
  2. I'm home!!!

    You are an amazing person. I hope your blues pass soon. Take care.
  3. Holistic approach for IVF and pregnancy

    I agree Fabulous job
  4. Happy birthday Jacob!!!!. Congrats to everyone. I cant wait to hear the whole story. Hope you have a quick recovery Seanna. Way to go.!!!
  5. Congrats. Hope the recovery goes well. Happy Birthday Charles!!!Welcome to the world.
  6. meds

    Hi everyone. Just wondering if someone can give me a list of all the meds you need for GS. I had a list before but lost everything off my computer. Gerrr. Anyway if someone can help me out that would be great. TIA A
  7. **Guest** I too am an IM and I think if you feel that future contact with you SM is in any way going to make you feel bad or inadequate, then I think you have some issues to deal with before you do surrogacy. I totally agree with Karen. “I took several years out of my life and devoted it to their family...and it warms my heart to see the results of that.” This says it perfectly. A surro gives you a gift that is so precious, a gift that no words can articulate the way it makes you feel, how can you not want this person in your life? After everything you go through and the time you spend communicating and developing a bond, how can you feel jealous? Of what? You choose the SM to work with. This person has made your dream come true. This is just my opinion Im not trying to make you feel bad or like your being attacked. That is not my intent.
  8. Thank you for your post. I am an IP and we are doing GS. We always planned to tell our child about her/his birth. We don’t feel that it should be kept a secret. We are very happy that someone will help us and are proud to let our child know the wonderful woman who will give us such a wonderful gift. After reading your post I am more sure than ever that this is the right thing to do. I am sorry for the situation you were raised in. Do you think if your dad told you the truth from the beginning you would feel differently? I hope you focus on the positive and not feel dirty. Your dad wanted you. His choice in a wife is unfortunate because she sounds horrendous. Any woman who can not love a child unconditionally deserves to get what she gives. Sorry that is just my opinion. I hope you and your birth mom become closer. You deserve all the love she can give you and it sounds like you have formed a bond. Please continue to post here. The women here are wonderful and may help you heal from your experience. You will find unconditional support here from all of us. It is good to talk about your feelings and this board gives you a place to talk with people who understand surrogacy. Everyone needs to vent sometimes.
  9. Pg & Birth

    Hello I was wondering if you can tell me what you and your GS did to make this process the best it could be. We are matched and waiting on the clinic - 12 month wait. I want to give and have the best experience we can for everyone involved. Were there things you did or gave your SM to make her feel loved? I want my SM to know how much we are thankful for what she is doing for us and for her to know what it means to us. Any advice from you or your GSM would be great. Thanks for your time. Amanda
  10. I'm HOME!!!!

    You brought tears to my eyes as well. What you did was beyond amazing. Thank you for sharing your story and emotions with us. It not only helps other surro moms but it helps us IP’s as well. I want to give my SM the best experience that I can and its good to know what made other women feel better. Congratulations to you all.