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  1. hey, i appreciate the reply to the question that i had. i do feel horrible for the things that happened and the fact that this may be cheating her sister from having a child of her own. now, the issue is that i was not aware of the no sex thing until i started researching on the internet about this process on my own. the woman that i am involved with failed to mention this to me when we did engage in sex. i saw it online in an example for a contract for this procedure. had i know, i would have made it a point to not violate that. i am a responsible person and have children of my own and would not try to cheat somebody out of something like this on purpose. and i know you mentioned the money having to be returned to the other party involved in this process but she is doing this for free. her sister is only paying for the medical expenses involved through this whole thing. i am asking this question in this forum because i know you have been through this procedure before. now, let me give you more information in this whole situation and the reason why i took it upon myself to start researching and why i am in a confused on what to do. when the condom broke, i was not aware of it until we had finished and when i went to dispose of it. at the time that i noticed i really did not know what to do since she over reacts to things usually. so i did not mention this to her at the time. she does not know to this day that the accident happened. so because of this, she is under the impression that the children have no way of even being anything other than her sister's. with this being said, i dont know what to do. i say this because in the past, if she became pregnant she would have an abortion. she has gone through three to be exact so far. so with this being said, i really wouldnt want to tell her at this time and have her abort the children. and then again, if i dont say anything and they are mine bilogicaly i would want to be in their lives. i know that this may seem like a small day out of days of our lives or general hospital to many but it is what i am going through. and i appologize to those who see this post and think it was irresponsible of me and maybe a little selfish. i asure you that i never intended to cheat them out of this process and that i am a single parent of my three children since the mother chose to leave. so please dont categorize me as such or judge me. i am trying to get informed so that i can do the right thing now that we are in this situation. i appreciate your input. thank you ahead of time for the help and comments.
  2. A Question

    I need to see. I am involved with a woman who decided to be a surragate mother for her sister. We had intercourse numerous times before she went in for the procedure to be done. We did wear condoms but one broke and it was not noticed until we had finished and i had ejaculated inside of her. After this, the procedure was completed on June 12. When she went in for a sonogram on July 10 the doctor informed her that she was 6 weeks 4 days, and 6 weks 3 days pregnant. So she is pregnant with twins. Now, the issue is that there is a discrepency in the fact that she should have been only 4 weeks pregnant and not almost 7 weeks as she was. Now, my question is: While getting ready for the procedure to be done, can the surragate mother get pregnant the natural way? I ask because i have read that there are injection/medications that are given during the prep period that cause the ovaries to become dormant. I dont know if this means that the woman will no longer ovulate or if it just slows down the process. Can anyone shed some information on this topic please. I would need to know if there is a possiblity that the these children could be mine or not.