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  1. Such a beautiful birth story!! Congratulations to you and your IPs Tiffany, you did such an amazing job!!
  2. WOW, your birth story was almost IDENTICAL to mine, I had my surro-twins at 32.2 weeks after failed attemps at stopping labor, was fully dialated by the time my c-section, and my IPs missed the birth as well. I also felt guilty, but but there was nothing to do. Please don't beat yourself up over it, you did such an amazing job!! My surro-twins were in the NICU under a month, and they weren't much different in size than yours. Please know that you didn't do anything wrong, and it might be rough for awhile, I kept reliving the whole ordeal over and over and wondered if there was something I could have done differently, but I know there wasn't, twins come early. I promise you will feel so much better when they get to go home and are with their family. Please feel free to PM me if you need to talk. Hope your recovery is fast. (( hugs to you))
  3. IPs didn't even tell me they went home!

    Yeah, I have to agree with Danielle.. While it's easy for us to make excuses for the IPs, I don't think it's asking too much for them to have called or text to see if you wanted to make the trip out for you and your DD to have closure and say your "goodbyes" to the twins. I have to say that I had some issues with my first journey that I really don't want to get into. But my kids never got to meet the baby boy and my oldest still harbors resentment towards the IPs and the fact he never got to meet the baby that I was pregnant with. The baby is now 20 months old, and I probably only talk to the IM every couple of months either phone or text. It's sad, I wish we were closer, but over time I could tell she never really meant what she said on how our relationship was going to be. So when I went into my second journey, I made it VERY clear on how important it was for my children to meet the twins before they went back to their state. I was not going to let this happen to my children again. They were apart of this whole journey and had to sacrifice alot of their life with their mom for this family. So I wanted them to have the closure they deserved to and see these babies that WE all helped bring into this world. So they were allowed to go into the NICU and see and hold the babies a few days before they left. I was SO greatful to my IPs for making this happen. They only have good thoughts and memories of the second journey. They are happy and proud of what we did, and I know that if they would have gotten closure with the first journey it would have been a better ending. I hope for you and your daughter, that they will realize the importance of you and her seeing them, and let you go visit. Even if they don't want a "close" relationship, that they realize how your DD was apart of this experience and needs to see these beautiful babies her mommy helped create! Good luck to you, please keep us posted.
  4. C/S Recovery

    So sorry to hear you are going through this. I just had my first c-section in November with my surro-twins, and I know exactly what you mean by the "pinging" pain. I get them sometimes. But lately my incision has been SOOO itchy that I can't stand it, I scratch it so much it feels like it's going to break open again!! C-sections are not fun!! Hope the patches work and that you get some relief!!
  5. How many Transfers until you got pregnant?

    Surrogacy Journey #1- transferred 2 5d fresh embryos- 1 "good" 1 "ok" from 32yr old (IM) resulted in a baby boy on first transfer. Surrogacy Journey #2- transferred 3 3d fresh embryos- all "great" 8 celled from 29 year old (IM) resulted in girl/boy twins on first transfer.
  6. Better Late than never I assume :)

    Congratulations Leslie, such a beautiful birth story!! Glad you and the baby are happy and healthy, sorry you had to have a c-section, I just had my first one in Nov. and I am not a fan... but all that matters is a happy healthy baby in the end!! Congrats to you and your IPs!!
  7. Prayers for Kelli (3j2k)

    Oh my goodness, my thoughts and prayers are going out to you and your family Kelli. I really hope this whole ordeal ends for you now. So you can finally heal physically and emotionally from all this.
  8. Our Birth Story

    AWW, Danielle, such a beautiful birth story, thanks for sharing! So glad to hear that you and the boys are all doing well! Enjoy EVERY minute you have with them!
  9. C-section incision problem

    So it's been a month ago today since I had my surro twins. And things have been great, I have been feeling wonderful. My recovery from my c-section was going really well, and my scar is hardly noticeable. But lastnight,I turned the wrong way and I felt a tug and a burning sensation. The pain lasted for about an hour then subsided. Today it felt like I have a pulled muscle and the incision is sore on the right side. I looked at it today and noticed there is a stitch from inside poking out. Has this ever happened to anyone? I am calling my Ob office tomorrow, because this is all new to me ( had 4 vaginal births prior). I just worry about infection, and really hope nothing is wrong internally. Any input or feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks ladies!
  10. So it has been brought to my attention that some people wanted to know the details for the twins birth. And I am so sorry it took so long to post, these past 2 weeks have been such a whirl wind, and I have been in a daze from my meds, and also trying to make up for being away from my kids, this is the first time I have sat down to think about it. So on Sunday night, (11/13) I had a good bit of cramping and contractions and lost my mucous plug (sorry tmi), so I just took it easy, and drank tons of water. I had a OB appt scheduled for Monday afternoon @ 1:45pm. So Monday morning rolls around and I was in alot of pain, with cramping and contractions, so I called my OB office to see if I could come in earlier. They told me to just go to the hospital to get checked out and get put on a monitor. So my hubby and I headed to the hospital, got settled in and got put on the monitor. I was contracting away. So they started an IV gave me a shot of tributaline and my OB (Dr. Kelley) came in and checked me. I was 1-2 cm dilated. And still contracting thru the shot they gave me. So they gave me some nefedipine pills to see if that would work... nope still had contractions. So they gave me another shot of breathine this time. Got checked again and this time I was 2cm. So it was shift change for my OB service, and my favorite OB (Dr. Nolfi) came in. I was STILL contracting.. he checked me, and the look on his face said it all, I was 2-3 cm. He wasn't happy and decided that Since I was still an early gestation I should be down in Pittsburgh Pa where they are better equipped to deal with this and have a level 3 NICU for the twins. He also decided to start me on the devil drug Magnesium.(.worst feeling in the world, you feel like your body is on fire and you feel drunk.) So the ambulance transport arrived to take me to Magee- which was like de ja vu. Same thing happened with my last surrogacy. This time, I wasn't that scared, and my nurse road down with me, and kept me really calm, she is such a great nurse! Mean while, my hubby was following down by car, and was freaking out because my ambulance kept putting on the lights and sirens and running the red lights, so he thought I went into full blown labor! (which I didn't) So I get down there, go thru triage get put on monitor, and checked.. 3cm. get more nefedipine. Get about 3am I finally get put into a room, stayed stable all night. In the morning went for a NST, things looked pretty good. I contracted mildly, but no change over the next day. However on tuesday, the MFM practice who's care I was put under was alittle alarmed by my labs, my kidney functions (creatine) was elevated, and they were worried it might have been a an early sign of pre-e (which I had last pregnancy, and was sent down there to these same Drs.) So I was ordered to so a 24 hour urine and routine labs every few hours. A day later urine test indicated I did NOT have pre-eclampsia and my kidney functions got better! Contractions were very irregular, so it looked like we dodged a bullet. So on thursday morning the MFM group was comfortable with discharging me. Told me to follow up with my OB practice within a week. I called and scheduled an appt the next day. So with that, I went home. The night was pretty uneventful, just rested, but Friday morning (11/18) as I was getting ready for my OB appt I felt awful, the contractions started full force, but this time they felt different, felt like someone was stabbing me in the cervix with an icepick-( the feeling I always felt when I was in active labor on pitocin) I was in tears. We ended up going to my Dr appt, that was scheduled at 11:15am, however I was in so much pain we headed there about 10:30am. I get in the office and they saw me, took me right back, nurse ran and got my OB ( Dr. Nolfi) and he took one look at me, and told me to get to the hospital right away, and he would give the ob on call (Dr. Kelley) the heads up that I was coming. We fly to the hosp, getup to L&D get in a room @ 11:06am, my ob comes in immediatley and checks me, I was 4-5cm so they know this is no joke, set up an IV and are about to start Mag. I told My OB I felt that stabbing pain getting worse, she checks me again, and now I am 7-8cm (5 min time span) So they realize there is no stopping these babies and they just need to get prepared for delivery. C-section was the only way, baby A decided to turn breech and Baby B was still transverse. So I was prepped for a stat c-section. Meanwhile my IPs live 7 hours away in NY, were notifiedon our way to hospital about the situation, and were both leaving their jobs to come, but obviously were not going to make it to the birth, which really upset me, I felt awful. All week we contiplated on whether or not they should start heading to us, but after Magee sent me home, we thought we had some time. So anyways, I was taken back to the OR once my labs came back and we knew my platlets are good so I could have a spinal. Had spinal then my hubby came in. Had to have a double dose of the meds because I could still move my toes after the first dose. Then when I was finally numb, the c-section was under way.. totally creepy feeling, like a total outter body experience, but everyone was so great with me and kept me so calm. @ 12:10pm Baby A was born- a girl, she weighed 3lbs 8oz she cried very loudy, and it was such a relief! Ok, time to get out baby B.. not an easy task, because he was transverse and clear up lying on my stomach and felt like he was lodged up in my rib cage, there were 2 doctors doing my c-section, and neither of them could get him out, finally after 6 minutes of pulling, twisting, and manuevering, @ 12:16pm Baby B finally came out- a boy weighing 4lbs even came out, it took him a few seconds to let out a cry, I think he was alittle stund from his delivery. I was so happy that they were out healthy and crying, but so upset that their parents were not there to witness all of this, this is the moment they had waited for, and I felt so guilty to have been their in the moment and they weren't. So after all was done, I was taken back to the L&D room to recover and they were taken to the nursery to be examined. DH texted the IM (intended mom) to let her know they were out and crying, but she didn't want any details, because they didn't know the genders, they wanted it to be a suprise. They also didn't want to see any pictures of them either, they wanted to see them for the first time in person. After the babies were settled in the special care nursery, DH was taken in to see them, and get some pics of them. I got to go see them after I spent my needed time in the recovery room. I got to see them and touch their little arms and legs. I couldn't believe I was looking at the little buggers who had been kicking me and giving me heart burn. And the little miracles that we ( my IPs and I) who spent so many months prepping for, all the money they spent, the shots and pills and other fertility drugs and blood work and countless doctor appts we went to, were finally here! I didn't hold them, I did not feel that I had the right to hold them before their parents did, I already felt that I had too many firsts with them, and wanted them to be there and hold them first. So I got wheeled back to my room and asked the nursing staff to please come and bring me back to the nursery when my IPs got there, because I wanted to see them meet their children, I wanted to witness the moment they met their children. So around 5pm, my nurses came and wheeled me from my room to the nursery because the parents had arrived ( in record time may I add!) They were standing there in the hall by the special care nursery, waiting for me to go meet their babies. We were let in and IM took one look at baby B and she started to cry, which made me cry. They still had no idea what genders they were, so the nurse asked if they wanted to open the diaper to look, she opened it, and.. BOY! lol Which she wasn't suprised, she knew that one was a boy the whole time. The nurse asked if she wanted to do the same thing to baby A she walked over did the same thing and.. GIRL she almost fell over, and began to cry again, she was so sure it was 2 boys, but was so estatic, because she was really hoping for one of each. It was such a beautiful moment watching them fall instantly in love with their children, and I felt so hoonored to be a part of it! We just visited for awhile, took pics, and all held the babies. They also gave me my "push" present while we were in there.. a Pandora bracelet with a Nov birthstone charm, since it was their birthstone. It is absolutely gorgeous and I was so thankful for it, it meant the world to me! So after about 2 hours of hangining out tin there, the hospital staff decided to transfer the babies down to Magee Women's Hospital, because the boy- Jack William, needed alittle assistance, and they were affraid he would get worse before he got better, and since they didn't want to split them up, they would be sending the girl- Simone Florence down to Magee as well. So after they left, I went back to my room and they headed down to Magee- the very hospital that discharged me the day before..ugh! Even though things were really crazy for the last week of the pregnancy, it was still an amazing experience and overall a pretty uneventful pregnancy. Yeah they came early at 32 weeks, but twins will do that, but they are overall healthy and are considered "growers" in the NICU. Which means they aren't really getting any support, they breathe, and eat and do everything they are supposed to do, they are just there because they need to gain weight, which is really awsome! I am so greatful that they are doing well, however I still can't help feeling a sense of guilt, that they are here early, and that my poor IPs lives are turned upside down right now, IM is staying in a Ronald McDonald house near the hospital, while IF will spend his weekends here and weekdays in NY for work. I can't help to think of the what if they would have not discharged me, would I have been able to stay pregnant alittle bit longer? Then today I find out from returning a phone call from the Dr. in the MFM practice who released me, that I have a UTI...which I didn't find out til today, so I wonder if that could have been a cause too? Like I said, I am very happy and proud of my journey, and am so happy for my IPs, it's just our journey didn't end exactly the way I was hoping it would, and am having a difficulty coming to terms with it. I know I will feel so much better once they all head back home to NY. As for now, I am just trying to get back to normal with my family, and make sure I get down to the hospital to visit my IM and the babies. PS- I don't have any pic downloaded on here, but I have a million on FB, if you want to see pics of the babies and friend request me Amanda Visco.. Thanks! ..
  11. 1 week old!

    He is so precious! Congratulations!!
  12. WOW!! I hope I bounce back that good after these two, like Daisy said, you are setting the standards pretty high! The twinks are so precious! Great update Whitney, glad all is well with everyone!
  13. Beautiful pics, your IPs look like they are over the moon! You did such a great job!! And can I mention how wonderful you look, geez, hope I look that good after delivering twins!!
  14. WOW, I have chills, that was such an amazing birth story. Such a perfect ending to the long battle you faced, you did such an amazing thing for your IPs and those babies are truly blessed to of had you as their Surro-mom. I wish you nothing but the best for you and your family. Congratulations Whitney!!
  15. New to this. Scared of the end!

    This is the way I look at it, we are not giving a baby up, we are simply giving them back. As a GS we are so privledged to be apart of someone's pregnancy and birth experience. I gave birth to a little boy last summer, there were some complications due to pre-eclampsia and I was induced 9 weeks early. So I didn't get to have the "joyus" moment in the delivery room with the IPs and their baby, because he was wisked away to the NICU, but I got to see them with him in the NICU and knew how much they were greatful and that they adored their baby boy. I was detached from the pregnancy, I cared about the baby's well being, and took very good care of myself during the pregnancy, BUT never felt the maternal bond towards him, he had a mother, and that was not me. I think the hardest part for me was I didn't miss the baby, but I missed my IM, you spend almost a year talking/bonding, and I talked to her atleast 4 times a week. And once the baby came, that all changes. We still talk, but not nearly like we did. Now I am 16 weeks pregnant with twins for a different couple, and I don't feel bonded with the babies, I am really excited for the IPs and can't wait to hand them their babies in a few months!