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  1. The Neverending Beta Thread

    FET 8/13/10 1st HPT BFP 5dp5dt 1st BETA 10dp5dt - 233 2nd BETA 12dp5dt - 550 3rd BETA 17dp5dt - 4258 U/S 9/8 showed Twins
  2. What great news that both Barbara and baby are well!! I'm interested to hear how it all went to.
  3. That is wonderful, Congratulations to you and your IPs!
  4. Still waiting 2 weeks but now I'm waiting for the U/S

  5. She is beautiful! Congratulations! I have an Ella too great name!
  6. Traci had the Baby!!!!

    She is so Beautiful!! Congratulations to both you and your IPs.
  7. Do you really wait the whole 6 weeks???

    I was more afraid of getting preg again (it happened to my friend that didn't wait). I wouldn't let DH touch me untill I was back on BCP
  8. Congratulations! That is most impressive I had pit and no epi (I had and intrathecal morphine which last only 3 hrs and wore off by the time I was ready to push and they wouldn't give me another) with my first one and it SUCKED, so my hat is off to you that you were able to do it VBAC no less. The baby is Beautiful and the expression on Daddies faces made my eyes well up, I'm betting that it made it all so worth it!