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  1. Birth Plan Advice

    You have covered so much!! I had searched online and found what I thought was a helpful resource. So now I believe I will borrow some ideas from yours and from this website ( http://www.returntosenders.com/2013/05/two-part-birth-plan-for-a-surrogacy-birth.html) to tweak my own. Thanks and Good Luck!!
  2. 2015 Are you pumping or planning to?

    Hello again, I'm now looking at all of the different pumps and brands. Does anyone have input? Right now the brand that seems to be best is Ameda. Also did anyone happen to pump before delivery and if so was that a good or bad thing? Ps I found out my insurance will likely cover my pump!! So please ladies call your providers and ask!!
  3. Communication concern.

    Hello everyone. I really hope this comes across ok. I was approached by a very nice lady in a retail environment. I was sharing how I am a gestational surrogate. She then shared that she was unable to carry. And asked if I would consider carrying for her. Or at least this is what I think was said. She spoke with a very very thick accent. I'm not against carrying for a stranger or someone of a different language. My concern is if she understood what I was saying clearly as I had trouble understanding her. I have her number to call her and discuss things later. But I'm looking for suggestions on how to make sure we both understand each other's wishes or intentions. Has anyone experienced this? Should I ask for an email address to perhaps see it in words? I don't want to come across rude or anything of that nature. But I also want to make sure that we are able to discuss the "hot topics" clearly.
  4. 2015 Are you pumping or planning to?

    I meant to add that I nursed and pumped for my daughters. However that was about ten years ago. I'm more than willing to pump for my IP's. Although it's not in the contract we are basically playing it by ear. I was advised to look at using a hospital grade pump as a regular pump maynot be able to support the demand. So far I'm looking to use milk bags to freeze in. I'm still doing homework, so for now that's roughly what I know. Please chime in if you can offer guidance as I learn.
  5. Reasonable Number of Attempts with GS

    From what I understand of my IP's previous journeys before me. They had learned after failed transfers and failed pregnancies that the embryos quality were not very promising. So they chose to change a lot of factors. They did plan to use the same GS but she was not available. They used a different clinic and donor eggs as well. They didn't test the embryos in the same way that they had tested their own either. I want to say FET testing. But I'm really not sure. We all are now expecting a baby girl in July. My personal thoughts would be check quality of embryo if GS has been successful before with other IP's. And vise versa if the embryos are known to be of good quality.
  6. Hello beautiful people. I wanted to start a new post as most are years old. I realize the surro world may not have changed much in pumping. But I'm sure pumps, supplies and perhaps shipping costs have changed greatly. If you have pumped before I welcome your words of wisdom. If you plan to pump I hope we learn together how and what will be best for us to be successful. Thank you in advance.
  7. Pumping

    Bumping for others who might need the info.
  8. Exclusively Pumping Update

    Hi ladies. I am planning to pump for my surro baby. But I'm not really sure where to start on the pump type or brand. Any suggestions?
  9. My due date is July 30th.

    1. itsonlyk


      That will be here before you know it! :)


    2. miamoo1


      I bet you and your IP's are getting very excited...hang in there, almost in the home stretch, yippee!!

  10. bruising with lupron

    I had the exact same thing. I had pretty good technique but found the tiny vessel that would make a funky bruise. The bruise didn't hurt just looked awe full.
  11. Pets and pregnancy..

    I am a GS and work for an animal rescue group. I go to the shelter and save kitties, sometimes in questionable health. But I wear gloves and then shower as soon as I get home. My boss was pg when she worked at the shelter and then settled into rescue. My Dr. simply told me to use general safety and health cautions. Wash hands, change clothes, etc. I really hope you and your furr babies won't have to adjust to unrealistic routines. Best of luck!
  12. I can't wait for my first beta!!!!

    1. SurroMom1


      I cant wait to hear!! How is bed rest going?

    2. hopekitten9


      Bed rest is not my style. But I'm trying.

  13. For all new members

    Not sure if this applies. But I think I read that during the site updates some data was lost. Just a few days I think. Perhaps your post was lost then.
  14. babies!!!!

    Way to go pearl!!!! Beautiful babies.
  15. Total Upgrade

    Sweet updates!!! Congrats and thanks for the hard work making it all work.