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    I have been a surrogate twice twins born 06' and a girl born 07'
  1. Hello, I've been a GS twice. We are trying to do a TS for the couple I already had a little girl for. The doctor we used before doesn't do TS. Has anyone used a doctor in the LA area? Thank you.
  2. The beta is negative. Thanks for all the positive thoughts.
  3. Thanks everyone. Tomorrow can't come soon enough.
  4. Tomorrow is our beta and still negative test. I have one more test to take in the morning just to prepare me for the beta results.
  5. Thanks ladies. My IM keeps texting me asking how I am feeling. I won't tell her I took a HPT. Don't want her to worry more then she already is. We transferred 2, 5 day blastocyst last Wednesday morning. They tested my progesterone and estrogen levels and they are great. My lining was perfect. We did acupuncture and I was even given a stone for" positive energy" from my IPs raphaologist. Outside of doing a voodoo ritual, I don't think there was much else we could have done. I have a many cheapie test, so I will just keep peeing.
  6. And still negative on the HPT. Beta is on Friday but I am starting to get nervous.
  7. We have finally got the contracts signed and notarized! I started my Estrace the same day we signed and we are set the transfer on the 22nd of this month!! This will be my last surrogacy and my last pregnancy :/ Not sure how I feel about all that. Excited to get pregnant and make my surrogate daughter a big sister <3
  8. My IM was the same way with my first pregnancy for her. She had been through so much when she was trying to get pregnant herself. She lost four babies in the second trimester so no matter how much I tried to keep her positive she was always down. I would get frustrated because when she would be negative then I would start to be negative. I limited my contact on days that I knew I couldnt handle it. I have learned that is just the way she is and now I dont let it get to me. I hope things get better for you.
  9. I lowered my comp because I have already worked with my IPs before.
  10. Hello! Hope you get a positive beta! I live in SoCal too, Oceanside. And my RE is in Beverly Hills also
  11. I had my MMR vaccines when I was a child and last time I was tested, in 2005, I was still immune. I am supposed to start estrace on the 28th of this month and yesterday I received an email from one of the nurses, telling me that one of the doctors noticed that my Rubella level was "equivotal" to the test done in 2005. She said it was not negative or positive but that I had to get a booster. My doctors office refused to give me the vaccine because their last blood work shows that I am still immune. They drew my blood to retest. My RE had me go to Walgreens and get the shot today because we have to wait 30 days after the vaccine to do the transfer. They are not going to test my blood again to see if my levels are up. Should this one dose of MMR get me to the "positive" immunity that they are looking for? I am nervous that they will not be retesting.
  12. The bills are going to be in your name and your only recourse if they don't pay will be to take them to court. As far as open enrollment, you are able to apply and obtain coverage from the actual insurance site. The 'open enrollment' really only applies to avoiding the fee on next years taxes or to get the subsidy. You are not eligible for the subsidy because you already have coverage and the same goes for the penalty. Cash pay is an alternative but does not help in the event of emergency. Please remember that you will need to obtain quotes from both the OB office as well as the delivering hospital, labs, ultrasounds, anesthesia, and any other charges that may be sent out(not billed directly via hospital/OB facilities). All cash pay options that I have seen need to be set up in advance. I have been trying to apply online at the affordable care website. It takes me to the page where you add family members and then it wont go any farther. My IPs lawyer is finishing the contracts now. We are just going to state that they are responsible for all medicals bills and go from there.
  13. Your contract doesn't have to state anything in it about TriCare, just make sure it includes that they will pay insurance premiums and all medical ills related to the surrogacy. Your attorney should not be freaking out about it, it's a standard contract thing. Are they specifically a reproductive law attorney? Thanks for the reply! Yes, he is a reproductive lawyer and I have used him for my two other surrogacies. He sent me an email that said he was very concerned about the "tricare issue" and that if my IPs did not get me separate insurance coverage that he would not feel comfortable representing me.
  14. Okay, so I have Tricare but Tricare wont pay or if they do then they will come back to collect. So should I just have it state in my contract that my insurance is not to be used? I cant get insurance because the open enrollment is closed until November, unless of course I want to pay Blue Cross over $1,000 per month for coverage. My IPs are fine with paying cash to whatever doctor I choose to go to. My lawyer is freaking out over the Tricare. He doesnt want me to have to pay back anything. I trust my IP and have already had a baby for them so I know they would not skip out on the medical bills. I figure as long as the contract states that they are responsible for all medical bills associated with the pregnancy, then I am covered. Right? What a headache.