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  1. International IP's
  2. International IP's

    Hi and welcome!! Several states will allow you to go on the birth certificate. I am in Indiana and all 4 of the moms have gone directly on the birth certificate. First couple was the only one that used her eggs and the other three used donor eggs. There is a link that has information for each state that I will find for you.
  3. Pregnant in 41

    Many of the surrogates currently active are over 36!!!! I delivered my 9th in December and am about to be 36. And the parents that I have carried for have ranged from 39 to 56!!! So in my opinion, age alone is NOT a reason to pursue surrogacy.
  4. New- agency or solo in Indiana

    Hello! Yep, Indiana is friendly and Amanda over at Storks Nest is awesome. I will send a few of her surros over to give reviews for you.
  5. That's too early for me. I would request to stay on until 10 weeks at minimum.
  6. egg donation in 43 is it possible?

    That's too bad that your age of only 43 is standing in your way as that is pretty young in terms of motherhood when turning to IVF. The moms that I have carried for have been 41, 55, 47, and 39. Three of them used donor eggs. Good luck to you.
  7. surrogant

    Happened today!! I even noted it for her.... And did she change it???? NO!!! She didn't!!! Am I half tempted to delete it so I don't have to look at it with every notification??? Yes!!!! It's not that serious. Okay maybe it is. Maybe it's not. Maybe it is. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hello, welcome! Typically, there are two ways of going about this.....indy(without the agency) and agency. I would guesstimate that when using an agency you are looking to spend roughly about $100k USD and going indy would save the agency costs of anywhere from $10k-$30k USD. Surrogacy is very expensive no matter which way you go about it. Some ways that I suggest cutting costs are looking for carriers that are stay at home moms, older children, only transfer one embryo, choosing a carrier close to your clinic to reduce travel costs, and look for carriers with surro friendly insurance. Also don't be afraid to ask to negotiate. Surros are very giving people. Educate yourself, there are many many FB groups and blogs as well as here on all about surrogacy. Plus ask whatever you'd like of us!
  9. Back to work after transfer

    That day? Not very long. Maybe a day, maybe two. 10 days is more than plenty.
  10. Gatekeepers in surrogacy?

    If the donor is donating anonymously, they do not know who is receiving the eggs. For instance, I have worked with a family that needed donor eggs. The donor is unaware of my IPs genetic makeup. The resulting children are of mixed race. The IP in this case did not choose to undergo genetic testing because there were no risk factors(known genetic risks, age, etc). Now in surrogacy there are processes like you mention however they are more on a compatibility level between surrogate and IP as well as a mental stability level of surrogate(counseling and mmpi/psychological exam). Also there are STD, drug and tobacco, and health and background checks run on the surrogate. And then when regarding funding, escrow accounts are usually fully or partially funded to protect the surrogate. Sometimes there are home checks. As far as gatekeepers, there are checks and balances along the way. You have REs, you have counselors, you have attorneys, you have background checks, you have PBO, court proceedings, post birth orders, etc. The specifics will depend on your state. But typically, surrogacy does not discriminate based on sex, religion, sexual orientation, or marital status.
  11. Mysterious procedure for ED

    You're probably right.
  12. Contract Almost Done..Travel Questions

    Wow! So a quick google check of Saipan says it's the most beautiful place you have never heard of....sounds exciting!! I have personally never traveled that far for transfer nor have I ever done a natural cycle nor have I ever had a home birth. So I am of no help. But I have approved your post so hopefully others can chime in if they have any advice and welcome to the group!
  13. Expense breakdown

    It is pretty different because in Canada you can claim daily living expenses(or many do). I will see if I can find something for you.
  14. C-section

    I have had a c section. The thought is so much more frightening than the reality. And not having to care for a baby afterwards makes the recovery much more tolerable.
  15. Third Trimester - March Transfers

    Baby girl is here!! She was born on 12/7 weighing 7lb 11oz and 20in long. She is perfect and her mom and dad are in love! I feel absolutely content about her being my last surrobabe.