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  1. First TTC via TS end of this month!!!

  2. Prayers for Kelli (3j2k)

    My guess is since both Kelli and I got knocked up in July and both lost the babies and wound up hemorrhaging that it was not a good month for it to happen. Poor girl. Kelli, I had to "retire" as well. Feel free to let out and talk to me if you need to.
  3. Prayers for Kelli (3j2k)

    Oh no!! I hope everything turns out ok! Praying for her and her family!
  4. The latest drama

    I agree 10000000% on what Alison said. I think some of these NC's get a big head and over stay their welcome so to speak. It's not her place to jump the gun and even say anything. While nurses are highly trained, RE's nurses usually have a pretty easy job in comparison to someone who works in a hospital caring for sick patients as compared to people who are wanting children. Not that they don't do a wonderful service, but come on. I'm so sorry about that stubborn clot as well. My advice would be, it's in your heart to go on with this, and you should ignore that woman and keep on with your plans. I doubt the RE will stop seeing you, he'd lose his money and it's not like you had something that would make pregnancy dangerous. Best of luck sweetie! I hope it all works out!
  5. Another trip to the OB today

    Wow Kelli, I'm sorry sweetie! At least it's nothing terrible like cancer, so in my book, that's wonderful! I know the awful uterine pain is annoying too. I hope the cytotech works and you get some relief soon!!
  6. C-section incision problem

    Mine was pretty similar to Daisy's story as well. Get it checked, but don't worry unless they do Good luck!
  7. Really?!

    Wow. I guess July was a bad month to get pregnant for us both as you said in another post. I hope you get to feeling better my dear. That is horrible. It never ends, but remember, while you were in pain, your bladder didn't burst because you were smart. And, your uterus is still in tact. In all honesty, if I hadn't lost my uterus, I'd be at it again going for another shot. If it's what you want in your heart, go for it! Sending healing thoughts and your way.
  8. Back in the hospital

    I'm guessing you were right!! I hope you feel better sweetie!
  9. You want my opinion? After losing my uterus, I'd definitely add a 5k loss of organ fee. If I could do it over again, I'd make it that or higher. There is no price for a uterus, obviously, and once I become and IP myself in a few years, I will make sure that's in my surrogates contract.
  10. Ah geez...

    Thanks ladies. If knowing isn't bad enough...Read This. It took my jaw a few minutes close. This is how rare what happened to me is. Thank you for the support, encouragement support and hugs!
  11. Ah geez...

    Thank you Sarah! You are the bestest!
  12. Ah geez...

    Thanks Kelli. It gave me the answers I needed and more. It also put this whole thing into a different perspective. I am exactly 6 weeks post op today. I feel great, actually better than I have since I was 18. I had tummy issues before this baby and I have none since my uterus was gone. I was trying to prepare myself with having the surgery pain accompanied by the painful cramping I get when going to the bathroom, and none came. It still hasn't. I think though my uterus was healthy before the pregnancy, it was causing more good than bad for other things. Today is a milestone and hopefully tomorrow after seeing surgeon for my 6 week post-op, I can get this over with.
  13. Ah geez...

    I hope he's doing ok! Keep us updated! He's fine, we were in and out of the E.R. in about 3 hours, which is a record, honestly. DH never gets sick, so this was very odd. He wound up getting a dx of costochndritis, which is a pulled/irritated muscle in the rib cage area, after an EKG, blood work and a chest x-ray. He got some pain meds and is feeling better, but thank you!
  14. Ah geez...

    Awww, thank you sweetie. I'm trying to be cheerful for everyone on here and be happy for their good news and pregnancies, and I am so happy for them. It's just been an overly stressful day. I had to take dh to the E.R. this afternoon for chest pain.
  15. Ah geez...

    I finally got my post op report. I had a supracervical Hysterectomy. I thought for a few minutes that my doctor fibbed and I didn't have my ovaries, but the report reads that they saved them and cut my tubes at the point the clamps were on there from my ligation in 2005. My Post-Op Dx reads this: 1. Uterus Rupture 2. Placenta Accreta 3. Intrauterine Fetal Demise 4. Hemoperitoneum with active bleeding. 5. Pending Pathology Report Gah. I don't know how to feel, I wanted to know these things, but I didn't. It does confirm my 800 cc blood loss and that all I have left are my cervix and ovaries.