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  1. waiting on contracts

    ...things are moving along now!! This is so very exciting to hear...now hopefully all will stay on track right!?!
  2. 2nd transfer

    Super exciting!!! Sending lots and lots of sticky vibes your way!
  3. Pregnant in 41

    I delivered my first and only surrobabe last September at 44. Age is only one factor of many. Congrats to your sister and all the best to you too!!
  4. Met IP's today

    Meeting potential IP's is exciting and nearly always accompanied by the butterflies:) Sounds like you all your initial meeting went well!! Keep us posted!
  5. hopefully cleared

    Oh my goodness...this is so exciting!! Yippee!!!!
  6. itsonlyk

    Whoa!! I'm a little late to the show but Congrats to you all!! This is so crazy exciting to see after not being on the boards for so long!
  7. 33 week checkup

    Yay!! How super duper exciting!!! Love the home-stretch...so much to do and so much excitement too:)
  8. You are a ROCK STAR in every sense...!!! So congrats to you ALL with the birth of that handsome and healthy little guy:) It's perfectly natural to have certain expectations resulting from previous births...don't we all?!! And gosh darn so many freakin emotions to boot too. You did a fab job and I bet as time moves forward the frustrations you feel towards yourself will lift and you will be left with only the positive vibes and feelings of the last surro babe you so graciously helped bring into this world!! Hang in there with the breast feeding:) I tried in the hospital as my IP's had requested, but as was normal for me, my milk didn't come in until day three and pumping colastrom just didn't seem to happen. Hoping you are having some much better success now and feeling better overall...especially with that sore "speed bump" LOL! Honestly I'm still in aww as to how you were able to write, with such wonderful energy and passion, such a long birth story so quickly after your labor! Love the PICS!!! So deliciously handsom!!!
  9. Age Limit for Surrogates

    Hello and welcome!! I think "beachalice" provided a great synopsis of the criteria that agencies, perspective IPs and REs look at before qualifying any woman as a potential GS. Without a doubt it will likley be a challenge at this point even if your health is steller and your pregnancies uneventful. I speak from expereince as a GS who matched at 43 and just delivered my first surro baby at 44 this past Sept. Most agencies do have a cutoff age between 38 and 40 with 42 being the top of that acceptable range. Now there is always exceptions based of course on medical/psycological eval. and wether or not all parties are comfortable working with a women in this age bracket. I actually began my GS journey when I was 39. I was accepted, matched, and went through too transfers at 40. The 1st although successful ended in a miscarriage at 5 wks and the second a BFN. I revisited surrogacy several years later at the age of 43. I think I had a leg up since I had already been through the process. I was accepted by a different agency and RE, matched and became preggers after the first transfer Jan. 2016. My pregnancy went perfectly as it had with all three of my own kiddies. Non the less my age certainly came up at every prenatal visit. Since age can bring along with it increased risks such as high BP, preclempsia, GD, IUGR which I actually expereinced and with the fetus presenting in a breech position which I also had...REs and OBs alike will understandably consider these issues when deciding upon your qaulifications. Another point to consider is how much time has lapsed since your last full term pregnancy. Many REs prefer a potential surrogate that has had a healthy pregnancy/birth within the last 5 or so years. Certainly not a requirement but if your age is above the threshold and your last pregnancy was say 10-15 years ago that may be another hurdle to jump over. With that being said I know there are certainly women on this board who are repeat surros who are over 45 so it's worth investigating. All the best!!
  10. New and nervous

    Welcome To AAS!! I would agree, your husband's past is certainly not likley to cause any real speed bumps along your impending journey especially given they are not serious and you can explain the above situations. Wishing you all a smooth and joyous journey ahead:)
  11. 37wks 3days

    Wow Traci...You ROCK!! And yippe for being 2cm and 60% effaced already too:) So exciting!!
  12. Huggies belt

    WOW! I have never seen this technology before...what an amazing expereince for the IM to share in:)
  13. 20 weeks!!!

    Two Boys!! Your initution was spot on...Congrats! How Exciting!!
  14. First Timer, and WAY excited

    Welcome!! A BIG congrats to the start of your journey. When the time is right (if at all for some:)) friends and family, then you can fill them in when you feel it's neccessary for you. I remember feeling the same way in the begining as well. What I found worked for me since I'm a somewhat private person, was to only share my journey with those closest to me, i.e my family, parents and a few close friends initially and those individuals with whom I work and who I felt would be supportive. The great news is I was met with so much praise and positive energy even by a few people I had just met when my daughter began school last Sept., that if I were to go forward with a second journey I would likley be more open to sharing my journey with others. It's really fun when people have questions and you get to share and enlighten them about the amazing world of surrogacy and the wonderful relationships that are formed in the process:) Sometimes it takes a village to bring a little one into the world just as it does to raise them!
  15. C-section

    I haven't had a c-section however I have had two successfull versions. The most recent was this past Sept. for my first surro baby. You should have a very good chance of success provided your doctor is experienced and your version is done around 38 weeks. Best of luck and try not to worry:)