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  1. I'm with Peter. I am a gay female and I felt sick when I read that people were referring to my sexuality as my "lifestyle" - excuse ME? Is being straight YOUR lifestyle? Ask your DH - when did you make the choice to be straight? Let me guess...he DIDNT. Well guess what? Gay people don't make the choice to be gay, either. I also felt a little sick when reading things like "oh so and so doesn't have a problem with gays, just doesn't agree with what happens behind closed doors." GAG. My homosexuality is not ALL about sex. Is your relationship entirely sex-based? Well, mine isn't, either. I am horrified that in this day and age, it's STILL OKAY for people to be blatantly and openly homophobic. It really is the last "acceptable" form of being a bigot, and it just does NOT sit well with me.
  2. I'm a TS - I am their mother. I am the only mother Noa will have. So yes, I am her "real" Mom in every way I can be from a distance, but not in a day to day sense of what a Mom does/is. Dahlia has another Mom...But my FIM put it beautifully: "you and I are both her moms, in different ways, that like two pieces of a puzzle, together we make a super-mom" Isn't that sweet? I think she said it better than I ever could.
  3. I was a TS twice prior to having any children of my own to raise. Honestly, my stories turned out "good" as far as TS goes (still have contact & visits, still have my fertility, have family support, etc...) But honestly, I wouldn't recommend it.
  4. Congratulations, Heather! You have a beautiful family! All of your kids look SO much alike - all adorable! Enjoy your new baby. How are big brother & sister adjusting?
  5. Congratulations, Erin!
  6. Daff, I am a TS without any children of my own I'm raising, too. I just can't imagine doing it SEVEN times!
  7. Little Noa is adorable! I'd love to see the baby pics of you, too. Too bad they scan so dark! Thanks for the update.
  8. They are beautiful boys! And you look AWESOME for someone who just delivered twins! Congratulations again.
  9. Congratulations to all of you! The twins are a great size & I can't wait to see pics of the little ones! What a neat coincidence that they were born on the 12th like Lauren & Tyler!
  10. Happy Birthday to the beautiful Adeline! And happy birth day to you, Tanya. I am so glad you get to see her again tomorrow. I remember when she was born - it's hard to believe she is 2 years old now. I will be thinking of you and Adeline today.
  11. Congratulations, Erin! You really are amazing - here's to a happy, healthy pregnancy & baby!
  12. Good luck, Erin. I hope this is your month!
  13. You look radiant, Jen! I was anemic during both of my pregnancies. I remember feeling SO tired some days. I took an iron supplement along with my prenatal vitamin daily. Make sure you take it with food, though - otherwise it could irritate your tummy and make you feel blah.
  14. Wow, Greece! Will you get to bring your DH & kids? That could be a cool experience for all of you! Good luck & keep us posted on how it goes!
  15. This is great news, Michelle. I hope the time between now and then goes quickly and you'll be pregnant soon!