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  1. IP Updates

    I haven't logged on here in awhile. I love this forum and always felt welcome but there aren't too many IPs posting regularly. Anyway, I don't really have much to update with. Still waiting here with my 3 frozen blasts hoping to find a match! Our agency is working hard but not having much luck finding surrogates here in the Northeast - we're in a tough area and we really wanted someone local so we could be involved. Please say some prayers for me that our fabulous surromama turns up soon so we can finally start moving forward!!! ETA - oh and I just checked the classifieds here... kind of scary!
  2. Back to square 1 - waiting for another GC profile :(

  3. My final surrobaby is here

    Oh Sarah hearing your story is like deja vu because that's why I am here as an IM (over 20 units of blood were pumped into me if you can believe that). I am so glad that you and the baby are both fine although I know that you will always feel like you lost a piece of yourself... because of course you actually did. It really is a reminder that everyone should know all the risks and particularly to be done with your own family. Knowing what I know from personal experience, I will never take it lightly that someone is willing to carry a child for me and I will always be praying for an easy safe pregnancy for their sake as well as the baby.
  4. IP Updates

    As I posted in my other thread I just started a freeze all cycle (day 2 of stims right now). I was hoping there would be a little more action on the forum because I'm incredibly nervous and it always helps to talk about it with others going through the same thing. Hope to hear from a few IPs and maybe get some more regular communication started!!
  5. Pics of Wyatt & Grace

    I can't see the pictures yet since I'm a newbie but I wanted to say a big CONGRATS!! You give me hope that someday I will be posting about my own beautiful surrobabe(s)!!!
  6. Grace is finally a big sister!!

    Congratulations Kathleen! Your feisty little girl is in my thoughts. I hope you'll be able to move her closer soon.