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  1. I know everyone is different but when I had a cyst rupture! I seriously thought I was dying. I couldnt even stand up straight. I worked all night bent over like an old lady! I went straight to the ER when I got off work and they said it was a ruptured cyst. Gave me some vicotin and honestly about 2days later I didnt even have any soreness! I dont remember bleeding immediately or anything? They could see left over fluid and said it was probably the size of a baseball but other than that nothing more to report. Honestly with smell and yellow/pink/brown sounds like an infection!
  2. For anyone that questions WHY a person would be a surrogate mom...this picture is what I imagined for 4yrs before it happened!! and then when it HAPPENED it exploded past my expectations! It was truly seeing a miracle happen and touch my heart and soul! There are no words to describe the LOVE surrogacy put into my heart. It isn't anything more than giving a piece of my spirit into the universe to complete a circle of a dream! I only wish everyone had what I experienced! Now 6yrs later I am still blessed to have amazing Former IPs that share their daughters with me. I am Aunty Katy and I always will be! My couple embraced having more love in their children's lives by allowing me and my family to be apart of it. My couple also embraced their egg donor and her family as well! Love is something that you can't have too much of and surrogacy isn't about bringing a baby into this world it is about creating a masterpiece with the instruments we are given to play! Only TOGETHER can it bring soul, inspiration, encouragement and love to the world. It is about bringing a miracle into our world! This image is truly SURROGACY in a photo...the first time her momma held her! Please help me celebrate the birth of my oldest surrogate daughter.... MISS DILEN SUSAN was born 2-12-04 at 12:13pm EST into the arms of her Mom and Dad!! weighing 8lbs 5oz HAPPY 6th Birthday
  3. Thanks Anja...yeppers she looks a lot like you!! Happy Birthday celebration to you too
  4. Wow how can they already be 4yrs old? It seems like yesterday I was mad at you for vag birthing twins and I had a csection LMAO!! kidding!! Hope it was a beautiful day for you!
  5. You look amazing honey!!
  6. So sweet honey!! Congrats
  7. How much money can you recieve from being an ED? It isn't about the $ cause just like with surrogacy there are risks you take. You are compensated from your time, pain and suffering. Most first time donors receive $4000-$6000. I also wondered what people think after they have you wonder if the kids out there might be yours? Or see a child that resembles you and think, was that my egg? I just wonder if these thoughts would consume me or not. All thoughts are welcome! Well I know there are 8 beautiful bubs out there that are genetically related to me. But no they aren't mine they are their parents. And yes they look like me or so everyone says (including their parents). Funny since my own boys look nothing like me. I have met 6 of my egg donor bubs (so have several of the girls on this board Egg Donation is truly an amazing gift one can give. I wouldn't change it for the world and I have ended up with one of the "risks" I am now prone to DVT blood clots (I have had one) and 3 specialist all feel it is from OHSS I have had 2xs during my donations that made me high risk for developing a blood clot. Now everything I do is a "risk"
  8. I am so excited for you dear!!! WOOHOO
  9. I am so excited for you guys!!! Is the retrieval taking place in India? If so where? A dear friend of mine went home for the summer and she could show you around if yall are near each other. she has a couple of palaces too so maybe you could have a place besides a hotel to relax @ again depends on where yall are going to be. Amy I am sorry about your grandmother. I hope you find comfort daily knowing how @ peace she is now. Big hugs
  10. Beautiful dear!! You did so great!! Sorry about the c/s those royally BLOW!!! Rest up and take it easy!!! BIG HUGS
  11. AIG sells ed insurance. its like 400-600 a think. Also a lot of clinics will sell you the policy since they have to meet a buying quota from the insurance companies!
  12. That is so great!!
  13. You look great honey!! You are doing an amazing job!! Sorry the girls are playing spell out word games in your belly..GIVE ME A T....hmmm whats the next letter?
  14. It is major surgery..having kids I couldnt do anything for about c-section I had complications. It was my first and an emergency..1500 is NOT enough if you are having to pay for people to take care of your children getting them to sports/dr apts/ or what have you ...also cooking was not happening much during that time cause standing hurt beyond words. I would say 3-5K depending on your life schedule. Paid within 5 days of delivery
  15. What BIG BABIES honey!!! WOW Job well done!! Rest up and get feeling better!! BIG HUGS