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  1. Feedback about an Erupted Cyst??

    I know everyone is different but when I had a cyst rupture! I seriously thought I was dying. I couldnt even stand up straight. I worked all night bent over like an old lady! I went straight to the ER when I got off work and they said it was a ruptured cyst. Gave me some vicotin and honestly about 2days later I didnt even have any soreness! I dont remember bleeding immediately or anything? They could see left over fluid and said it was probably the size of a baseball but other than that nothing more to report. Honestly with smell and yellow/pink/brown sounds like an infection!
  2. Emma & Paige are here!

    Beautiful dear!! You did so great!! Sorry about the c/s those royally BLOW!!! Rest up and take it easy!!! BIG HUGS

    What BIG BABIES honey!!! WOW Job well done!! Rest up and get feeling better!! BIG HUGS
  4. Dee6

    WOW I cant believe she is already done again!! Those were some big babies!! Way to go sweets!! Job well done!!! BIG HUGs and get feeling better soon!!
  5. Mandy delivered!

    Job well done honey!! BIG HUGS!!! No kisses though dont want to knock you up rt after a c-section Love ya sweets!!! Here is to an ez recovery!
  6. To old to be an egg donor

    Well unfortunately there are MANY REs who encourage IPs to only use ED under the age of 28 although some will frown at those 28-30 they will still take them. Many IPs are not willing to stand up for what they want by taking an older donor even if her FSH and AFC tests come back showing she is still fertile as a mid 20 yr old. There are still ways you can match- Indy or apply with another agency (however always let agencies know when you are applied with another agency so if they show your profile they will know if you are completely available or MAYBE available) There are still plenty of people that will use an older donor. I will tell you it would HELP you if you went ahead on your own and asked your PCP or OB/GYN to run a 3day FSH on you. That would help get your foot in the door at MANY REs.
  7. Cycle Day 3 Ultrasound

    That is better known as the AFC test. It is an ultra sound done when your follicles are in their RESTING state. Therefore it allows the Dr to see if your reserve # is good. Anything over 6 on each side is good Now for people that have 18+ on each side they are more prone to hyperstim (OHSS) The Dr will use your AFC count and your FSH levels to determine your medicine protocol. For your FSH you want anything under 10 the lower the better. The more fertile you are.
  8. From Heathers husband

    WONDERFUL WONDERFUL NEWS!! Wow HONEY he is a BIG BOY!!!! Many Congrats sweets you are AMAZING!!!
  9. Birth story

    Honey I am sorry to hear how things didnt go as planned boy do I know about that!! BIG HUGS!!! Glad you were able to help the girls get out sooner and do much better!! I would have slapped that midwife!! Next time I am up there just say the word! BIG HUGS honey!!
  10. Nessa Delivered!

    WOW Congrats!!!!!! I want to know WHEN it was too Great Job dear!!!!!
  11. Getting started

    I would suggest reading the egg donor forum. There is a lot of information in there. 1. Decide what type of donation you might be interested in...Anonymous-Semi-Known-or Known 2. You will be required to take injectable medication and be able to attend multiple dr. visits usually in the morning before 9am!! 3. You are not able to donate "usually" if you have more than 2 family members with any type of disease like cancer etc! Each Dr has their own protocol. But here is an example type: You will have to have your blood tested for multiple diseases -STDs and genetic You will have to have psychological screening and usually an MMPI to make sure you are in the right mind set to be a donor Now for the meds: Usually put on birth control pills (EVEN IF YOUR TUBES ARE TIED) for 3wks to get you in-sync with the recipient Once you are in-sync you will then start lupron to stop your cycle so the Dr office controls when AF (your monthly visitor) comes. You will take stimulation meds from 10-12 days normally but please know EACH PERSON is different.. I am a fast stimmer usually going by day 9 whereas Anja who is a Wonderful donor is a slower stimmer! But we both have had successful donations but our bodies respond totally opposite. Once your E2 (estrogen) levels reach around 2400-3000 (ideally) you will take a TRIGGER shot. This is a shot that makes your body release the eggs for retrieval. This is a shot you must take at a certain time in order for your eggs to be retrieved before they rupture. 36 HRS after trigger is usually your retrieval. MOST people are put in an awake sedation (IV sedation) The process of retrieving the eggs takes around 15-30 min. Personally I didn't hurt after my retrievals (pain from the procedure itself) but 2xs I did have pains about 3 days later....this is called OHSS and you need to read up on it. There are different things that happy to people when they experience OHSS. I would look about 9 months preggers, feel sick to my stomach, headache from he2l and then later found out I developed a blood clot from my levels getting too high... BUT with all that said (in the last paragraph) I WOULD DO IT AGAIN if they would let me!!! I love knowing I helped people's dream come to life by doing something so little! It truly is amazing!!! I am a known donor therefore I get photos of ALL my egg donor bubs and updates!! I wish I could do that for another family (Hi Anna ) but it is too risky for me now!! My best advise when you do become a donor is to make sure you ask QUESTIONS and stick to your ground!!! Ask about your levels (E2) and Follicle size/amount. Become an active member on this board and ASK questions you might have. I prefer agencies over clinics because many clinics make donors feel like a burden and that they are doing YOU a favor!!! Please know donors are special!! If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask in the donor forum so OTHER donors can also help you as much as possible! There are many well educated donors on this board who show amazing support! Best of Luck
  12. Julie delivered Jingle Bell

    Awesome news YEPPY!!! Cant wait for the details!!
  13. Melissa delivered her baby girl

    Congrats HONEY!! YEPPY!!! Welcome to the world little one!! Cant wait to see photos!
  14. Beautiful honey!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! You are truly amazing and I am so proud of you!! loved the photos!!