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  1. Recently screened for next journey! (1/2014)

  2. The Neverending Beta Thread

    Surrogacy #4 Started getting + HPTs 5dp5dt. We transferred 2 frozen blasts. IPs have a dd from the same batch. 1st Beta today 3/5/13 53.5 Next Beta scheduled 3/7/13
  3. The Neverending Beta Thread

    Healthy girl born 8/1/2006.
  4. Hi Lilly. Thank you. I wish you the best on your transfer in April. I would love to help you order books. :) Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Lilly. Thank you. I wish you the best on your transfer in April. I would love to help you order books. :) Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Jilly. Congrats on the next step in your 4th surrogacy! I'm hoping that if my transfer goes well in April I'll order 2 books, one for my family and one for my IP's! Have a great day!

  7. Overly sensitive??

    That is hard. You never know how things are going to be in the end. My first couple was from a culture that isn't very supportive of surrogacy. They hid it and she pulled it off as carrying the baby herself. Yes it hurt. She would send pictures to me as well to her friends. She had a baby shower and stuffed a pillow in her shirt to look pregnant. Then at the hospital, they got their own room and she actually put on a hospital gown, messed up her hair and took pictures like she had just given birth. I can understand the culture difference, but it still hurt. Other than that, they treated me good and kept in touch for a few years.
  8. Part 1 of contracts done! You guys rock. I kept coming back to look through to make sure I didn't miss anything.
  9. Welcome Baby Owen 12-2-10

    What a sweet beautiful baby. Congrats! Way to go!
  10. After a c-section

    Im a rebel, I did dialate to 3cm but baby A was breech (feet down) I believe, so c-section was the opition. I did bleed vaginally but not much. I did use a tampon, not much after the hospital, I HATE pads. I don't know how long I waited to have sex, but IMO if you are not bleeding and you feel good, do what you want. ( I am not a doctor-- LOL!) How are you feeling? I know after one of my kid's births... it seemed we didn't wait as long as we were supposed to. It's just funny, I always want it when I can't have it.. then when I can it's not such a big deal. So I kind of want to wait so it will be a big deal again. It's been forever, because I didn't expect to be hospitalized when I was. So I went an extra week without it before the babies were born. I'm feeling pretty good. Just still sore enough that it kind of hurts to think about it. KWIM? I think I'm pretty much done bleeding. But now that I've said that, it will probably start up again. I'm definitely a dilator and I dialte for weeks before as well. Definitely major surgery!!! I was told 4-6 weeks. I am nervous with how sore i still am with my incision site and it seems to be worse at night.
  11. After a c-section

    Thanks for your input. I figured by the time they actually got me in there and cut open, I had probably fully dilated. I do like that it has been less bleeding than usual. I was anemic before the c-section and still anemic even though I'm taking iron. I don't know if that means I lost a good amount of blood during the c-section or what?
  12. After a c-section

    Ok that's pretty much what I figured. Thanks Kathy! I could certainly live without anymore infections for awhile.
  13. After a c-section

    Ok, so in my case I was contracting and dilating pretty good. I don't know how far I got though. So a few questions: Do you dilate all the way if you are in labor and yet have a c-section? If you have a c-section, why do you still bleed vaginally? And why no intercourse after a c-section? (although I can imagine it would hurt like hell if you bumped your belly at all) Why do they still stress nothing in the vagina after a c-section just as if you had delivered vaginally? Just curious......
  14. Alone after the birth

    With my first surrogacy I was so darn tired I just slept and enjoyed the alone time. I only stayed one night in the hospital. No sad feelings there at all. I was happy that the IP's had their baby and I got to go back to my life and kids. This time around I got a little more emotional. I went through so much more with the twins and had a closer relationship with IP's. Also I delivered early and so I was not ready for the journey to end so soon. I got sad that weekend because dh went out of town on a trip he had preplanned. I slept alone all 4 nights in the hospital after my c-section. But that wasn't a big deal to me because I had plenty of visitors come and go during the day and I was able to spend a good amount of time with IM and the babies. It's nice to talk about all this beforehand so you can prepare yourself.