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    6day blast transfer done 10/21/2011

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    My family most of all. I love reading and playing board games with my family. My sisters and I always end up laughing so hard we cry when we play board games. I also love doing anything outside and hanging out with friends.

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  1. I keep starting my birth story & keep getting interrupted by kids and pumping. I'm going to type in Word & paste in here. Hopefully by the wknd

  2. I delivered my beautiful niece 6 wks premature on May 29, 2012 at 12:22AM. She weighed 4lbs 13oz and was 17inches long. Absolutely beautiful little one.
  3. How many Transfers until you got pregnant?

    First time and so far so good. This is my SIL's baby and she is 41 and unable to carry. We transferred 2 frozen 6day embies with assisted hatching.
  4. Our Birth Story

    thanks so much. so awesome to hear how great everything went. the boys are beautiful, you did an awesome job baking them
  5. What time is your beta today? Hoping and praying that 10 has turned into something better. Please let us know as soon as you can :) Fingers crossed, baby dust your way and praying

  6. What a bumpy ride at the end... it all ended very well though. I think it is so very cool that they did not know the genders, that is neat. I did not know the gender of my 1st and it was so exciting to find out at birth. Take care of yourself and be especially proud that you did the best you possibly could for those little ones.
  7. The Neverending Beta Thread

    11/7/11: 17dp6dt - 1426 My SIL and I are so flippin' happy right now Scheduled U/S for 11/14/11 at 12:30pm Can't wait to update Praying for a beautiful heartbeat (or two)
  8. Thank you! I have only gained 2 lbs but am measuring 37 weeks. I don't know how it works???!

  9. congrats on 10 years!!! that's awesome

  10. Great job on the weight loss! Congrats :)

  11. Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a wonderful day today :)

  12. When I can get everyone out of bed I go to church at The Met right there off the GT exit :)

  13. That's crazy! I live off 35 and Golden Triangle!

  14. I was telling you that yes I'm actually in fort worth. I live off of 35 and western center :)

  15. I didn't get your message. I don't know where it went.