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  1. Trying to embark on Journey #2

  2. We're only a day apart on the due date with twins :)/> Good stuff! I have never made it past 39 weeks but I don't mind trying! LOL
  3. 16 weeks pregnant with twins, due 9/5/2014 but will be scheduled for c-section earlier than that.
  4. Expecting twins this Summer!

  5. Baby Girl is here!!

    Congrats, Abby!!!! Such a beautiful story :-)
  6. Thank you!! Boy these birthdays just keep sneaking up so fast. Happy Birthday to you too!!

  7. I did not know we shared a birthday! Happy Birthday, little lady!!

  8. Congrats!! Beautiful story!!
  9. Thank you :-) we are super excited to get going again!

  10. Can't wait for you to get your schedule! Thinking of you and hoping for the best :)

  11. Totally excited to see some of your baby's pics!!!!

  12. Just wanted to say hello!! Hope you are doing FANTASTIC!!

  13. Beautiful journey <3 Thank you so much for sharing!!!
  14. Hiya Renee!! I haven't been on here much lately, but just wanted to pop over and say hello :-) I am hoping you are doing great! Take care and talk to you soon!!

  15. Just wanted to pop over and say hello! Haven't been on lately, but I am still kickin! Best wishes :-) talk to you soon!