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  1. Wow Kathleen, I am sooo happy for you all. You have waited so very long for this day. Even if Miss Clair did make her entrance a little early, I know you are on cloud nine. Super congrats momma. I hope Clair keeps her feisty attitude in a good way and gets herself strong and home very soon.
  2. Got to see the awesome Kathy ( momtofour) today!

  3. Baby was born early

    WOw, so sorry things didnt go as planned, but sooo happy all is well. He is a great weight for his gestation. I will pray he continues to grwo and do well.
  4. Gestaional Vs. Traditional

    There are many things to consider, but it all comes down to a personal reason of why we end up going the route we do. For me, being half related never runs through my head. I am done having kids of my own, therefor I am done with my eggs. They are just going to waste in my opinon. So, why not save myself, body and the family, a ton of hassle and money.? Its much cheaper, and easier to do TS. Its drug free! Needle free! And has a higher chance of success. SO that plus many other factors make it black and white to me. I am a TS. I love my decision and would never have done it different. I love looking at my surro children and seeing bits of me in them, or my kids. It makes me feel like I really did give a piece of me to help someone else be as happy as I am being a parent.
  5. Viewing Member Profiles

    Yep, 50 posts before you can view profiles, email, or PM members.
  6. Very nice story, thank you for sharing. ANd thank you for your insight for first timers. I remember being there and wondering how the end will feel. It is nice when people share their thoughts to help others. Thank you. Congrats too.
  7. Woohoo, congrats. Glad all went smooth. What a great day to have a baby, my middle surroson turned 3 on the 7th.
  8. Wow she was a cozy one! But I am soo glad you one that battle and are enjoying the aftermath. Congrats to all.
  9. 3 weeks and feeling like s**t

    It sounds like you have mastitis. It's a plugged milk duct that is infected. Go to your Ob and they will tell you right away if it's that. It's VERY common, specially when pumping. Go in tomorrow or it will get worse. You have to get antibiotics or it wont go away, and your milk supply will deminish. Sorry you are feeling crappy. It is not fun to deal with. I have had it twice.
  10. Pumping & Shipping

    YOu can get styrofoam packing containers at the same place you get dry ice. I know you can get dry ice at walmart now, but I would go to a specific place and get the new pellet type. Where do you live? I'm wondering how far the package has to go to get to NY. You will want 2-3 boxes. You send them one that is full, and they mail it back to you to re-use. The best way to freeze your milk is to lay it falt too. Just a tip I learned
  11. checking cervix!

    That was an awesome article. Thanks. I have found mine many many times while TTC my own and surro's. BUt i have never found it while preggo. I tried once but it was too hard. But I plan to practice lots with this one. I actually had a friend who let me check her onece. That was kinda cool.I had found the plastic chart board from the Dr. office and she let me borrow it to practice on. I am in nursing school and get to do an Ob rotation in february I will be about 7 months. We get to check cervices there on actual laboring moms! I'm soooo excited. I will post how it went when it happens.
  12. I finally had that baby!

    Huge congrats. So glad everything turned out well in the loooong run it took to get there. Were you are a birthing center or home with a midwife? Rest and heal now, you did awesome.
  13. Aww Kim, it's so good to hear your happy story. Sorry you had to go through some hoops and idiots to get to the happy ending. But at least it all worked out in the end. COngrats to everyone!
  14. Gonadotropins vs. Clomiphene

    Hmmm, well I am not sure where you got the data for this, but here is my two cents on clomid, or clomiphen. I have taken it 3 times, and all times it has produced multiple follicles. My first time, I made 3 follies, the second time I made 7 and the third, (this time )I made 13. I have had to have an u/s before taking clomid to check for cysts. Since clomid sometimes causes cysts they wantn to make suree you dont have any first. Then I have to have an u/s the day before IUI to check for follie size, and lining. Clomid is also known to decrease the thickness of the lining. Since like you said it is an anit=estrogen pill. So I have to make sure that the follie's are mature enough to do IUI, and the lining is thick enough for implantation. Just thought I would throw in my thoughts on actually taking the med. This is a great thread btw.
  15. Lose your hair?

    From a hairdresser's point, it is very normal. You caneither loose tons, or loose little. If your hair gets thicker during pregnancy than you may only loose a little and stay thicker. Which is what I do. You may get thinner or dryer during pregnancy and not loose much. So now you probably want to know WHY! Loosing a bunch comes from the extra blood volume, extra vitamins, and extra protein intake. All which go to hair and nails. So you gain a ton while preggo. Well, about 3 months after when your hormones settle back into place, and your blood volume goes back to normal, it no longer has the support line to hold onto al the hair it created. Going dry, brittle, or thinner is different. It may be a lack of cacium since pregnancy takes away TONS from your body. So taking an additional cacium tablet with your prenantal can help. Lack of cacium is also related to the thin brittle hair. Your body needs extra protein too and if your not geting enough, or getting enough of the vitamins and lipids that are needed for proteins to hang onto that can cause an issue. So, dont always look at your conditioner when you are dry or brittle. Hope that helps