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  1. My last IPs are international. They stayed involved by skyping with me every 1-2 weeks. They flew in for the first ultrasound and came a week or so before my due date. We also got the phone app call whatsapp. It allows free texting to people internationally. We can send each other pictures and messages. We still stay in touch and it has been almost 7 months since I gave birth to their child. I almost feel like we established a closer relationship compared to my first journey with local IPs. Maybe because we had such great communication. I still talk to both sets though. Love them and their families so much. Best wishes on your journey!
  2. I think that the contract should be as specific as you can make it to define under what circumstances termination would be considered or not. And include that you and the IPs are entitled to a second opinion from a different doctor/specialist before proceeding with termination. Once emotions are mixed into it, it's better to have these things figured out and explicit as possible before, people can change their mind in the heat of the moment and then you'll be at the mercy of what is written and not what was said.
  3. Great story! Congratulations on a vaginal delivery with breech twins!! You are amazing The boys are soooo adorable.
  4. " Obamacare changes everythingThe ACA has been a game-changer for individual health insurance, and maternity coverage is one of the areas where the changes are most pronounced. Maternity care is one of the ten essential health benefits that must be included on all new individual and small group policies. An expectant parent can now obtain coverage in every state during open enrollment or during a special enrollment period triggered by a qualifying event. And women are no longer charged higher premiums than men, despite the fact that every new policy – both in and out of the exchanges – includes maternity coverage. Even before the ACA, maternity coverage was available on most group plans, thanks to the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act. The Act mandates that if an employer with 15 of more employees opts to provide health insurance, the coverage must include maternity benefits. And in nearly forty percent of the states, there were regulations that required small group plans to include maternity benefits, even if the employer had fewer than 15 employees. But the ACA has filled in the gaps; in every state, new small-group plans must include maternity benefits. (Small employers with fewer than 50 employees are not required to offer coverage at all under the ACA, but if they do, it must include maternity benefits.)" Source: This doesn't specify covering surrogacy pregnancy/maternity care. What I found is that an insurance may cover surrogacy pregnancy but then require you to reimburse them medical costs up to the total amount of your compensation. So in essence deterring you from using their insurance so you don't possibly lose your compensation. I had my insurance change it's policies regarding surrogacy pregnancy in the 3rd trimester and it's a gamble as to whether or not and when they would come after me for reimbursement. So, I would double check to see if there is a clause like this before you buy the policy.
  5. Congratulations on the great number! Fingers and toes crossed for a good doubling rate!
  6. I third the notion that you should wait to be a surrogate unless you are okay with the possibility of not being able to have anymore of your own bio children. Best wishes on your journey!
  7. Cute baby Traci No lasting indent on that cute forehead. Sorry the birth didn't go how you hoped. You had every right to make assumptions about how the birth would go. You know your body. We can't control all the factors or how interventions will affect us with the various contributors. I had a lot more pain down there with DD2 which I think was because they used a catheter. I feel like it "scraped" me up a bit. I hope your healing goes a little faster. Don't be too hard on yourself or try to do too much! You deserve a rest. I really didn't get much milk the first week. But it really was enough for the baby. They don't eat much and you have donor milk so don't worry! I've been stalking for your story and was getting worried so I am glad that you posted! Thank you You did good!
  8. Awe! made me cry.
  9. The agency you end up going with would be able to give you some ideas on how to proceed with your health insurance. Your insurance may also have a surrogacy exclusion, you should read the exclusions under maternity coverage. If so, the IPs would likely pay for you to get a separate policy that would cover surrogacy pregnancy.
  10. Wow! That was super nice of you to get donated milk for them! If they don't know about breastmilk consumption in the early days, show them an infographic on the amounts. That way they can see how very little newborns eat and they don't waste the milk by overfeeding and having it come back up as spit up. Something like this one:
  11. Also, keep in mind of when the "year" resets. For me, it was October 1st, the new fiscal year for government.
  12. As a surrogate, I've liked working with NWSC in Portland.
  13. You cannot get products with pseudophedrine over the counter in Oregon. My OB won't prescribe anything. Not interested in birth control. Yes on cold compresses. Thanks for the vitamin B6 suggestion.
  14. yes there are other medications. I think many of them are "safe" to take while breastfeeding so they wouldn't affect breastmilk. If someone has an alternative, please let me know.
  15. I know this is an older post, but I thought I would add to this one instead of starting a new one. I'm trying to stop my milk before I go back to work next Wednesday. I haven't breastfed or emptied by pumping since Monday. In Oregon, they don't sell Sudafed over the counter and (one of) my OB says they don't prescribe medication anymore. The best advice her nurse gave me was to wear a tight fitting bra. My breasts still feel hard and sore. Not as hard as day 1 or 2. Currently, I'm wearing a comfortably fitting bralette, using cabbage leaves as needed, applying pressure when I feel a let down, applying peppermint essential oil, and drinking sage tea a few times a day. I did wear an ultra tight sports bra on day 2 but I'm worried about getting mastitis. I didn't wean on pumping because it lengthens the time of weaning and I know I will not have time at work to pump. What else should I do or consider?