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  1. I am just reading this post. congratulations Traci!!
  2. Agencies opinions and questions.

    you can go to and you will find the evaluation and cost of most of them.
  3. Welcome Miss Abigail!

    Congratulations!! Lovely family by the way !
  4. Little Bear born :)

    Thanks ladies, I tried to upload some pictures but they don't show. Jennieb - around one month... the birth certificates takes ages in here + the passport :/
  5. He's here !!! Baby Bear arrived on August 26th, 2015 I went to bed late at 1 am...; and honestly I thought we will arrive to the 41 week, seeing that my surrogate didn't have any signs of labor... At 4:21 am my phone rings from the doula of my Surrogate saying "It's time; we meet you at the hospital" I almost had a heart kidding. I took a very short shower to wake up, calm down and went to the hospital. Grab the car seat that I kept taking in and out from the car...and driving as fastest I could (don't try this at home). I arrived at the hospital at 05:02 . The sky was beautifully covered by all the stars that it made me feel like a wonderful bear was about to come. I call to enter the birth center, they opened me and I heard my surrogate screams (very loud) in one delivery room; that made me realized that we were hours away. She arrived around 4:35 and they were able to put her at least some IV antibiotics because she was positive in GBS. An assistant told me to wait in a room... Her doulas came out and told me she was OK, and that they will call me once my son was about to arrive to pick me up. The time flew and in less than 3 hours at 8h00 am they call me and told me to enter the delivery room. We both wanted a water delivery but at the end she decided to go out the "jacuzzi"; the rush was incredible, surrealistic and I even will say a mystical experience. Everyone was telling to push, one of the doula's told me to open my shirt so I could skin to skin when he arrives. Everything fast, fast fast... 13 minutes Baby Bear the most beautiful boy was born !! They clean him very fast, I could cut the cord and they immediately placed him in my chest. I can't describe the feeling. We were skin to skin for about 2 hours and half... in the meanwhile I gave him some colustrum that my surrogate pumped before... Then they weight him, measure him. He weighted 8 pounds and 6 ! 20.5 inches. His feet are big as papa's which makes me laugh; not all the pj's that I bought fits him on the feets size They sent Bear and me to our room, and in there I kept skin to skin, while watching him like crazy . We had to be 48 hours in the hospital because they wanted to monitored him because my suri just got 1 dosis of antibiotics and it wasn't the 4 hours before. My surrogate is doing awesome; she was amazing on the delivered room. I told her that after seeing how cool and great she was I finally can made my family of 6! She didn't like the comment She's pumping and also when she comes to deliver the milk she nurses, which is great. Yesterday we arrived at the house we are staying in. Baby Bear loves to be next to me. Yesterday evening I felt asleep after I fed him (almost like 48 hours without sleeping more than 30 minutes)...don't ask me how but I waked up 3 hours later! and he was just hang next to me in the sofá and sleeping; so comfortable, so cool. The best sensation ever. He eats every 1 or 2 hours... Pedi told me that stop measuring times and onzes, that he can eat as many as he wants, whenever he wants..believe me ... He EATS a lot... I feel so blessed that the Lord hear my prayers of wanting a child and that He was truthful to His word. Bear and I are knowing each other in the past 3 days. His so sweet, hardly cries (which made ask the Pedi why? "Everyone saids they cry and cry"... he just laughed saying I am the only father who asks that... lol! ). He eats a lot, sleeps a lot and his awesome. I will be E T E R N A L L Y be grateful to my surrogate. Thank you all for the friendship we have made through this years.
  6. 38 weeks tomorrow!!! 15 days to meet my Munchkin :)

  7. Packing list to go for my Baby :)

    Thanks Georger :D Still waiting today
  8. Packing list to go for my Baby :)

    Thank you so much ! I will be in Sunny Sacramento Georger ... currently 100 degrees; so I guess the onesies advice Cupcakemaker will be great and I also will do the socks advice MudMama ( I will send you one once the munchkin is born) . I already put in place my bag with some stuff to wash and also a portable bathtub (dont get me wrong is something like two pieces) + the receiving blankets. and yes the Biggest Journey is yet to come!! :D Hugs SD1
  9. Packing list to go for my Baby :)

    I just realized I put in II Trimester and I am in the 3rd trimester!!
  10. Packing list to go for my Baby :)

    anyone out there?
  11. Hi surro community, I don't know if this should be posted in here - Traci? - We are in week 35 !! Yeiii!! Next week I will be leaving to the USA (for the people don't know me I am an International IF); and I could only find lists for newborn babies in the hospital or what to have in your house; because I will be there only for a 4 to 6 weeks; I was wondering if any have any list or ideas to put in my bags. I will return first God with my child and myself. My parents have to leave before so I can't bring back must of the stuff (newborn + baby ) My surrogate and her surro-sisters will lend me some stuff like a bassinet. Thanks!! Oh and I add the gender reveal cake for you to know what will it be SD1
  12. *pregnancies (sorry for the wrong english)
  13. My surrogate in both of her pregnancy wasn't a "full-full" term 36 weeks and some days; so I don't see a problem why you shouldn't.
  14. 34 weeks!! Just 6 weeks or so :) Can't wait to meet my baby

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      Fantastic! Hope the next 6 (or so) weeks fly by for you Pops!

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      So happy all is going so well :)

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      Thank you ladies! :)


  15. Wow, huge congratulations!!! The pics are awesome!