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  1. is enjoying surrogacy retirement!

  2. New Surro

    Sorry I am so late in replying and I hope your transfer went well! I am not familiar with that drug so unfortunately can't answer that for you, but I was allowed to fly home the same day as my transfer if I wanted to ( I ended up waiting a day), but every RE is different so I'm sure if you followed your doctor's directions you'll be just fine! Good luck!
  3. My beautiful surro son was born on Friday August 27, 2010 at 12:18 AM weighing in at 7 lbs, 8.6 oz, and 21". The best part....we share a birthday! Everything happened so fast. I'll give you the quick version, as I am beyond exhausted, but shortly after I got home from my ultrasound on Thursday afternoon (Biophysical profile and weight/fluid check) I started contracting. The midwife had stripped my membranes at my appointment earlier that day and the OB said that it would give me a 50% chance of going in to labor within the next 24 hours. He was right! Contractions went from 8 mins apart to 6 mins, all the way down to 2-3 when we decided we should probably head in to the hospital. That was around 7 PM. I was still 3 cms when we first got there so I was discouraged and didn't want to call my IP's because I was afraid of being sent home again but my DH said that this was it and I really needed to call them. The midwife was giving me 2 hours to walk around, etc, before she checked me again to see if I had made any progress. If I did, I was staying and having a baby and if not they were going to send me home. IP's got there at 9 and at 9:15 I was 4 cms, 80% effaced with a buldging bag of water so we were staying! Everything else is kind of a blur. I went from 4 cms to 8 in 2 hours. The midwife broke my water shortly after midnight and he was born in 2 pushes at 12:18 a.m. I had wicked back labor because of his position and his shoulders were actually far more difficult to deliver than his head. He was SOOO bruised when he came out that all the nurses were calling him a little blueberry. Anyway, Finnian Michael (they are calling him Finn), 7 lbs. 8.6 oz. and 21". Breastfeeding went really well in the hospital and I'm pumping full time for him now. (They actually have to come up tomorrow to sign the birth certificate so I'm fairly certain I'll get some snuggles in once again tomorrow. ) Roi was with us and has the best pictures ever, so will share some of those and the ones I took over the past couple of days very soon. I desparately need some sleep so am going to have dinner now with my gang, pump a couple more times and hopefully get a good solid 6-8 hours in before my boobs wake me up, lol. There we have it! My last baby on my 40th birthday. Pretty freakin' cool! Michelle
  4. The twins have arrived!!

    Congratulations to you all!
  5. WOO! HOO! Congrats to Tina and her IP's! Get some rest, Tina! Can't wait to hear all about it!
  6. Baby Ina's Birth Story!!

    Congratulations! Glad to hear in the end all worked out! Get some rest!
  7. Baby Giovanni has arrived

    Huge congrats, Tiffany! YOu did a fantastic job and I am THRILLED that you were able to avoid the c-section! What a big boy! Get some well deserved rest! Hope you will be able to share some pics soon!
  8. Update on Holli

    Photo #10 says it all! Congratulations! He is gorgeous!
  9. My Surro-Angels

    I am so very sorry, hon. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your IP's and those 2 little angels. Lots of gentle healing hugs coming your way.
  10. The Neverending Beta Thread

    Transferred 3 - 3 day old embryos on 12/15/09 First BFP 6dp3dt 11dp3dt = 234! 15dp3dt = 1320!! First u/s at 6w4d shows ONE sac, one baby with a beautiful EDD 9/3/10
  11. Our homebirth!

    What a beautiful birth experience! Congratulations and welcome to baby Wynter!
  12. He is here!

    Congratulations! He's a cutie! Get some well deserved rest!
  13. New addition!!

    Congrats sweetie! You've done it again! Get some well deserved rest!
  14. Big Congrats on the BFP.