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  1. beachalice update

    Loving this update!
  2. beachalice update

    I'll be thinking of you and hoping for the best! You are already making an amazing GC. How are you feeling?
  3. Gestational Carrier PSYCH Evaluation

    Glad to hear this update for you - what a shame you had to throw away $800 in an already expensive process. Wishing you the best moving forward!
  4. Exam and report

    This is a normal request I believe for many IPs. It's very likely that your surrogate will provide you with all the information that you need after her appointment if you have good open lines of communication, and share any photos with you that she is able. However - it's also possible for her to add your name to the HIPAA release form at her OB office so you can communicate directly with the physicians and nurses. I expect it would be EASIEST and better for your relationship though if you were able to speak about the appointment with your carrier. Best wishes
  5. beachalice update

    After that , it's the 33 week wait. OMGOSH. hehe Congrats and can't wait to hear the next update!
  6. Waiting to exercise

  7. feeling very full

    Absolutely fabulous :-D I love it. Never too many pee sticks when they're popping all those lines!!! I love seeing the digi-positive but somehow the lines are so much more fun to watch develop LOL Are you "feeling" pregnant yet? Do you normally experience morning sickness?
  8. feeling very full

    I'm so stinking happy for you - you've waited so long for this! Congratulations!!!! Insert other media
  9. feeling very full

    OH MY GOSH. Are you POAS?
  10. Almost transfer time

    Beautiful beta! Lookin' good, fingers crossed for a nice doubler on Wednesday!
  11. Almost transfer time

  12. itsonlyk

    Thank you both! THank you thank you!
  13. itsonlyk

    PASSED THE THREE HOUR! What a friggin' relief lol I'm so happy.
  14. finally my turn!

    Hurry up and wait. Then HURRY UP AND WATCH OUT FOR BEACHALICE! Dag woman you made quick work of it right there, that is IMPRESSIVE. Happy hormones to you, 10/4 is going to be here ridiculously fast! I love it!
  15. itsonlyk

    Probably two days til results? It was miserable lol I couldn't sleep half the night worrying over it, but now I'm just glad it's over. I'm holding on to a little hope that the results come back normal. Thank you both for your well wishes and finger crosses I've been feeling fine, but I have felt that my belly is bigger than normal at this point in the pregnancy and it just felt off to me. My weight gain is right on within a pound or two of where I normally fall but it just felt like ... off. Hard to explain I guess? I guess I'll hope it was just a fluke, maybe just stress elevated the one hour.. it happens right?