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  1. itsonlyk

    Thank you both! THank you thank you!
  2. itsonlyk

    PASSED THE THREE HOUR! What a friggin' relief lol I'm so happy.
  3. finally my turn!

    Hurry up and wait. Then HURRY UP AND WATCH OUT FOR BEACHALICE! Dag woman you made quick work of it right there, that is IMPRESSIVE. Happy hormones to you, 10/4 is going to be here ridiculously fast! I love it!
  4. itsonlyk

    Probably two days til results? It was miserable lol I couldn't sleep half the night worrying over it, but now I'm just glad it's over. I'm holding on to a little hope that the results come back normal. Thank you both for your well wishes and finger crosses I've been feeling fine, but I have felt that my belly is bigger than normal at this point in the pregnancy and it just felt off to me. My weight gain is right on within a pound or two of where I normally fall but it just felt like ... off. Hard to explain I guess? I guess I'll hope it was just a fluke, maybe just stress elevated the one hour.. it happens right?
  5. Mikey112

    So many congrats :-D So beautiful. It's so nice of you to share your journey with us here too!
  6. IPs are moving

    ABOUT TIME! lol I feel like you have been waiting, waiting, waiting SO LONG. Let's get this show on the road already! I imagine if I feel that it's been so long - you must feel like this has taken forever.
  7. 2nd transfer

    Amazing news for you! Congrats! Hoping the numbers keep climbing and for a happy healthy 40 weeks
  8. itsonlyk

    Yes hello! I have been trying to keep my butt busy so I haven't been online much but I'm popping on now to check on everyone! I'm finally in the third trimester, and I failed my one hour glucose test. I'm devastated, I just felt something is off - and then the results came back at 156. I will go tomorrow for the 3 hour. I've never had to do the three hour test before and I'm absolutely dreading it. For someone who has been poked so many times by so many needles over 2 surrogate pregnancies now - I HATE NEEDLES lol Four blood draws in 3 hours just horrifies me, but more than that... the idea of gestational diabetes. Ugh . It will seal the deal on this being my absolute last journey if that's the case, and I'm kind of sad about it. Not that at this point I ever want to be pregnant again (I always feel this way about this far along,) but ya know how it is when you can't have something and that's that lol Finality is crap. I'm going to end this rant now and check up on everyone , but if you're reading this please cross your fingers, toes and eyes that by some MIRACLE I do pass the 3 hour GTT.
  9. Birth of Baby E

    Thank you for sharing! It's nice to see you back around here again - so glad to hear you're doing well and UGH omgosh with that picture lol So glad you were able to get that out.
  10. Whatttt! Babies aren't supposed to actually be that cute. They're supposed to be gross. Those two are just precious.
  11. July Transfers

    It sure sounds like July is going to be a really exciting month around here! I can't wait to read all the updates, wishing you all TONS of sticky dust (I'll save it up until July for you.) YAY !!!!
  12. You're just plain amazing. Thank you for sharing your story! I hope you're getting back to yourself after giving yourself to grow those babies. Congratulations
  13. May updates?

    AWESOME! Congrats.
  14. Travel for termination

    Wow, that's interesting. I've never been asked that.
  15. May updates?

    IKR, before you know it , it will plug into any smart phone and viola. Amazing And ALSO Congrats on getting your paperwork signed - step by step... closer and closer.