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    tranfer will happen mid-may
  1. working on new contract! :-)

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      Wow! That's exciting!

  2. Third Trimester - March Transfers

    How is everybody doing? I am pumping for baby Luna and have had mastitis. now they found out Luna is lactose intolerant and cant have my breast milk. Very frustrating. i have decided that i will continue to pump until the end of february and then wean like the original plan. hoping to be able to sell or donate the milk. I am starting to mentally prepare for my next journey already, hopefully this will happen the end of this year. Besides from being tired and not being able to lift yet, things at work are going well.
  3. Baby Luna's birth story

    things are better now. first week was really awful, but hubby is back to work, and i'm going back on tuesday. Happy New Year!
  4. Baby Boy Birth Story

    Congratulations!!! you did awesome! I just posted my birth story :-)
  5. Wednesday into Thursday night i was feeling very restless and kept having contractions. I wasn't sure if it was just more irritable uterus or if it might progress into actual labor. I was having a lot of loose stools and just felt generally miserable. In the morning my husband decided he was going to take the day off, since it was my due date and i told him there might be a baby today. around 8am the contractions were consistently coming at 9 minutes apart and I was pretty sure today was the day. I had an ultrasound and a check-up scheduled at 10am, and I really wanted to labor as long as i could outside the hospital. I called my doula and asked her if she could check me. I was only 2cm dialated and not progressing yet. When i went in for my ultrasound and check-up i didn't mention that i was having contractions, because i was afraid that they would keep me. The ultrasound looked good, although the measured the baby at over 9lbs. The doctors told us that the VBAC protocol might not allow babies over 9lb... We left the office and decided to go watch a movie. During the movie the contractions got worse and were coming every 5 minutes, and i had a hard time staying seated. After the movie we called my doula and asked her to meet us at the hotel. On the way to the hotel my doctor called to tell us that indeed their protocol didn't allow VBAC's over 9 lb and that if i came in to their hospital,it would be an automatic C-section... I was so frustrated! He did tell me he had contacted the hospital 40 minutes away and that the doctors there would let me try a VBAC there. So we decided to check out of the hotel room we were in,drive 40 minutes and check into a hotel room close to the new hospital. When we got there the contractions were 3-4 minutes apart but i was still only 2cm dilated. at 7pm my doula suggested i started squatting with every contraction. Then everything went really quick. An hour later i was 8cm dilated and contractions were coming every minute and my doula said we needed to move to the hospital. we were at the hospital 5 minutes later. The doctor told us i had 2 hours to progress to 10cm, or otherwise he would move to a c-section. I found this very frustrating were all i wanted was a natural vaginal birth. half an our later i felt the urge to push. The contractions were incredibly painful and it took a lot of squeezing helping hands and grunting to get through them. My doula suggested for me to move to the toilet and told me it was okay to push. Oh, that felt so good, the pushing got me though the pain. At 10 pm i was fully dilated but the baby was not descending and was showing distress and the doctor said I needed a c-section fast. I was really disappointed, but once the decision was made I just wanted to over with. It seemed like they took forever explaining and signing the paperwork. Next came the worst 5 minutes ever. The contractions were coming every 30 seconds and I felt like pushing but was told not to. they had me walk to the operating room and at the doors said that my doula and husband were not allowed to come in with me. This made me have a complete melt down, i felt like i lost my support completely. They had me move to a bed and nobody was talking to me, just talking over my head. Trying to deal with the contractions on my own on that bed felt like it took forever (in reality it was only 5 minutes or so) once in the operating room they needed me to sit up for the epidural. It was so hard with all the contractions with no support, i was screaming the whole time. Then they put the epidural in, and sweet bliss.... They laid me on the bed and there was NO MORE PAIN :-) As soon as the epidural kicked in I felt like sleeping. I just laid there with my eyes closed. The nurse kept asking if I was okay,lol. Baby Luna was born at 10.38pm with the umbilical cord twice around her neck. She weighed 8lb 4oz (we would have been fine in the first hospital!!) The IP's arrived while I was in recovery having skin-to-skin with Luna. They met us in the room and it was amazing to see their faces when my doula handed Luna to them. They were so amazed. I nursed Luna until she went home Saturday afternoon. When my husband came to visit me Saturday evening after work, he complained about abdominal pain... i send him to the ER and within 45 minuted he was in SURGERY having his appendix taken out!! What is the chance of that? We both got discharged on Sunday and a friend had to drive us home,due to neither of us being allowed to drive. It is now Wednesday and we are both still in quite a bit of pain. I am pumping breast milk for Luna and she is doing great. The IP's will be in the country until the end of February and then they will be going back to China. We are already talking about the next journey for a sibling.
  6. Third Trimester - March Transfers

    due date is tomorrow 12/8 besides the contractions from my irritable uterus no sign of baby to come yet... we have decided to labour as long as i can in a hotel, so i have to spend the least amount in the hospital. they seem very eager to induce after 40 weeks,because i'm a VBAC. and i want a natural birth. so saying away from the hospital as long as i can. Good luck everyone!
  7. Third Trimester - March Transfers

    so, irritable uterus sucks!! found out that that's where all my contractions have been coming from for the last few months. Court went well, and the PBO was signed. i'm almost 39 weeks now, and IP's are back in the country as of today. I am so ready to have this baby. every time i move i get contractions for hours, but no labour... the waiting game continues...
  8. Third Trimester - March Transfers

    36 weeks 4 days. still having lots of contractions if i'm on my feet for more than an hour... not working is helping some,but i'm going totally stir crazy. last check-up showed i'm 1cm dilated. she has been head down since 27 weeks and seems to be staying there. The doctors told me that due to the severe blood loss and blood transfusion last time, from when things went wrong with the twins, they are sending me to a hospital much further away for labor and delivery because they have a bigger blood bank. So now, instead of a 30 minute drive, i'll have an hour and 15 minute drive... SO NOT IMPRESSED!! Court for the PBO is set on the 21st, parents will still be out of the country for that so we will see how that goes. still waiting for my strep B results. definitely counting down the weeks at this point. Sure, i want her to grow some more but i'm ready when ever she is! I found my very first stretch mark ever,yesterday... :-/ looking forward to sleeping again once this is all over :-) the IP's and I have agreed on the next journey already,since they really like me and want a sibling for this little one.
  9. Third Trimester - March Transfers

    so, we're 34 weeks and 3 days now. ended up calling my midwife/doula last weekend after my BH wouldn't stop. they just kept on coming, preventing me to sleep or function. had to call in sick from work 2 days in a row :-( My midwife told me i might be dehydrated(weird because i drink A LOT of water) so suggested i drink more electrolytes, so Gatorade it is from here on out. She also told me to get NaturalCalm which has magnesium in it, to take blue-cohosh when it gets really bad(in large amounts it starts labor, but in small amounts it eases BH) and on top of that i'm now taking bioplasma. all of those things seem to calm down the BH some, but i don't think this little peanut is staying in here till 40 weeks...
  10. Third Trimester - March Transfers

    hope the itches get better soon, mama-moon! I just had my 2nd echo-cardiogram for little peanut. Her heart is looking just fine. she weighs in at 4.7lb now. I am 33 weeks and 1 day. having a ton on braxton-hicks, last night i couldn't sleep because of them. I have a bloomlife contraction tracker, and ended putting it on last night from 2am till 6am, and it measured 40 contractions in 4 hours!! the heartburn is a little better now that i have a prescription for it, but it still bothers me :-/ The IP's went back to China yesterday and are planning to come back here before birth. getting tired and uncomfortable and counting down the weeks.
  11. the heartburn and gas are killing me

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      i am on a prescription and take zantac on top of that, and even add tums sometimes...

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      Oh my gosh, you poor thing


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  12. March Transfers - Second Trimester

    Third trimester! yay! U/S on Tuesday, and the parents will be able to attend for the first time. I'm having an incredible amount on heartburn, i'm now taking Zantac 2x a day, and it is still not resolving it completely... other than that doing well, still haven't gained any weight.
  13. March Transfers - Second Trimester

    this little baby is 2 weeks ahead of schedule :-) she is very active and giving me lots of heartburn and braxton hicks. ill be having a echo-cardiogram on September 20th, just to make sure her little heart is healthy {i guess IVF puts her at a higher risk of heart defects?) my nausea has subsided a bit, still having trouble with certain smells and foods, but im able a eat better now.
  14. March Transfers - Second Trimester

    goodness!! my life has been so busy,i totally forgot to check in!! Everything looked good on the ultrasound. baby is growing well. I'm finally a little less nauseous, although i'm still struggling quite a bit. I still weigh 6lb less than when i started. (not complaining though, i had some extra) Okay so here it is.....the baby is a..... ....drum roll..... GIRL!!
  15. still sick all the time...

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      Ahhh...hope that all passes for you real soon!