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    reading,garding,Sports,loving my teens,&my dogs & my GS Buddies.GSX2.Loving wife
  1. Baby G in here

    I like the part where you said in my email, my blood is staying with I'm thinking them Pain Meds are working.
  2. you're not supposed to have them in the siggie if it's advertising an agency. I'm not sure about if it has just your email though. I'll ask and see what I can find out.

  3. Could I put my work email in my siggy line and or the website? Or is that a no no? Thanks

  4. Gestational Diabetes

    Wait a few weeks to a month then check it.
  5. My boss said he would love to match you with our IFs we have, and we even have a single gay IF who is looking for a Ca based surro and will be as much hands on as the surro would like.

  6. Congrats too funny he must of kept his boy parts well hidden.
  7. Congrats on the birth of your surro babe!

  8. Email me at and I may have a wonderful couple for you.

  9. Cost of Surrogacy?

    What about TS?
  10. Cost of Surrogacy?

    You can find cheaper programs and lower cost surrogates( maybe in your area they maybe free I'm not sure).