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  1. Question On Surrogacy in Mexico

    My partner and I are working with Surrogacy Cancun. Feel free to email me at diver-down@outlook.com if you want to ask specific questions. Alan
  2. Mexico Surrogacy

    Not a problem. I know things will work out for both of our situations. See how optimistic I am?
  3. Mexico Surrogacy

    I completely understand that concern. My partner and I talked about that a lot. Not everything can be that cut and dried though. So I will confess to asking a lot of questions and really thinking about the answers we got. And the end of the day it came down to how did we feel at the end of the conversation with them. We decided that our intuition was worth listening to and feel really good about where we are headed. Sure there is always the potential for risk but at the same time if we keep waiting for the perfect no risk we'll never be parents. Doug, my partner tells me that I am the eternal optimist. LOL I tell him that I'm just a dad without a child. Yet! :-)
  4. Mexico Surrogacy

    Hi. Sorry I haven't been here to respond before now but I've been traveling for work. The company I spoke with and am heavily considering going with is called surrogacy Cancun. It he website is surrogacycancun.com and they were super nice to us when we talked. They are very forthcoming with info and I would feel confident recommending them if you are interested. I like that they are affiliated with passport medical which is supposedly highly regarded... I know that my partner and I are excited and are ready to do it. It's just working out the logistics. Life is complex sometimes
  5. Mexico Surrogacy

    Thanks Traci! So far this place is great. I appreciate the advice on how to get around. Thanks again. Alan
  6. Mexico Surrogacy

    Hello, I just joined the board here and wanted to ask a couple of questions to the enlightened people here on the board. My partner and I were recently referred to a surrogacy agency in Mexico by a mutual friend that used them. He and his partner had a perfect experience, and it was reasonably priced. We are about 99% sure we are going to do it but I wanted to find out what others had experience in Mexico that they would like to share. Oh, and hopefully I am not jumping in to suddenly to the board asking questions like this. We're just eager, so sorry if we are not behaving properly. Thanks, Alan