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  1. Jennieb1 update

    Thanks everyone.
  2. Jennieb1 update

    Hi Everyone: So my IP's have a new egg donor. YEA!! A proven egg donor as my Clinic says. I'm waiting for my period to start birth control pills. I should get it sometime this week. Estimated transfer is now the beginning of April (possibly late March). I should be starting meds in late February. Praying this works with the new egg donor. As a reminder we had three failed cycles in 2015 (actually 1 chemical, 2 failed) w/ the same egg donor all with 2 embryos put in. Emotions are high and the bond keeps growing amongst us. Keep you all posted.
  3. C-Section Moved up 1 week!!

    Exciting. I had a C-section at 38 weeks with surro twins. I wish you well .
  4. Longest Month Ever

    OMG...I just realized...I remember when you were going for your transfer....I cannot believe how 36 weeks have passed already...AND...I'm not even PG.....bahhhhh!!
  5. Longest Month Ever

    you look fantastic!!! Hang in are doing such a GREAT job!!!
  6. Frustrated rant...

    Good morning Surromom: I know how you feel. My contract for my 2nd surrogacy took 5-6 months. Crazy. Right now I'm in limbo....not sure what is happening...ironically enough we have to amend the contract. Hopefully that dont take months.... I didn't even think about being pregnant for XMAS...your right...that would be tough...being in the hospital for the holidays.
  7. Hey Donna. No update as of yet. Keep you posted
  8. Frustrated rant...

    Hang in there sweetie. Contracts seem to vary from days to months. Are your new IP'S Domestic or international?
  9. 2nd Transfer

    oh no....did you call doctor/RE? Are you okay? Maybe its normal? As you know...bleeding is common w/ IVF....
  10. I have no experience with this medication - but I want to say I hope you feel better soon.
  11. I would stand your ground since this is important to you. And you are right...if you went with an agency you could get at least $35K...your call...
  12. jennieb1 update

    hi ladies: Good Morning. I gave an update in a post under the "Surrogates Only" section. Unfortunately, are third transfer failed. Right now my IP's and I are updating our contract since are current contract is considered "void" since the language in there somewhat states after three failed transfers this contract is no longer in force. We all plan on staying together and trying again...not with the same egg donor. So we will see.
  13. Momma Chao's Cycle Update

    Congratulations!! I'm very happy for you.
  14. Momma Chao's Cycle Update

    Congrats MommoaChaos! What a great positive!