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  1. 1 week hospital bedrest down... how many to go?

    Thanks to everypne for the well-wishes, conversation... And YARN! Oooohhh that yarn is pretty, K! Thank you! Baby was born via emergency c-section 4/28 at about 10:30 pm. She was 4lb 15oz. I was under general anesthesia so did not see her until next a.m. in the NICU. I got to hold her skin-to-skin until she was transferred to a Level 3 NICU hospital about an hour away due to cardiac status. Her Dads will arrive tmrw. I did decide to pump/nurse her since she is so little and young. I had some issues post-surgically in that i did not take pain meds as-scheduled round-the-clock and ended up struggling to control pain rather than prevent it. Doing much better today, though and hoping for d/c tmrw or Mon. In the meantime, baby is doing great and was stepped down to the Level 2 unit at the new hosp today (which, btw, is the level at the hosp where I am (close to home) but they won't switch her back here. Hoping her daddies get here quickly and can start loving on her!
  2. Update (finally, haha!)

    Awwww! Great update, and you look maaaahvelous, darling! Glad to hear baby P is still a girl. And glad to hear you're feeling good. You sound absolutely peppy! LOL It's nice to hear the hospital is onboard with letting everyone in for the birth. That's gonna be sooo special for the IPs (and of course you still need your support person too), so I'm glad that all worked out! Guess it doesn't hurt to ask, does it?! It stinks when your sleep schedule gets flipped around, but I'm glad you're catching some Zzzzzzs when you can. Take care and rest up! You're almost there!
  3. 1 week hospital bedrest down... how many to go?

    My heart is so full right now. Thank you, mamas, for all the kindnesses and love! K, I *will* send you my addy, but only because I KNOW the struggle with having too much yarn is REAL. I wish I could crochet like you can... you make beautiful treasures, woman! It'll be fun to see what you send!!! Ma, You're moving?! At 38+ weeks pregnant?! WOW! Did hubby end up taking that out-of-state job, or is it somewhere more local? Are you still working, too?? When's your due-date? Traci, Thank you for the offer of your time! How sweet are you?! Watch-out... I may just take you up on that offer! And remember I don't have much going on, so... it'll likely be a very one-sided 'what's the world like?' conversation. LOL! BTW, congrats on your new work-gig and also on another journey! (where the heck have I been that I had ZERO idea you were in contracts, etc.?!) Have a good day!
  4. 1 week hospital bedrest down... how many to go?

    Oops! Forgot your question about PP. They discovered it early-on and I was sent to a perinatologist because of it. We all hoped it would move, but it didn't, and as it turns out, the sinus vein (artery? IDK which) is located in the part covering the cervix, so when it bleeds... it really bleeds. There was also a 'placental lake' behind the placenta (over the cervix) that was just pooling maternal blood, which contributed to the excessive amount of bleeding that occurred. Happily my blood counts are back up now where they should be, so I'm in a good position for losing a little blood now, should it happen. They were able to stop contractions; cervix remained closed at the time (CRAZY because it seems insane that all that 'stuff' could escape and the cervix still be closed tight, but that's what happens!); and they were able to get both doses of steroids in for baby's lung development.
  5. 1 week hospital bedrest down... how many to go?

    Hi mama_moon! Can only be sitting upright for 30 minutes per day; remainder is 'in bed'. I am allowed to use my 30 minutes sitting in a wheelchair (but have to be pushed around - can't motor myself - "no straining!"). Twice my kids have wheeled me to an open-air patio where I could soak up the outside world. It was amazing! I have lost some weight just in the week inpatient and doc is worried it's muscle mass, so will be starting PT or OT soon (though not exactly sure what will be allowed...hmmmmm) since I'll be here for awhile and should probably be in better shape to handle surgery/recovery when the time comes. I am knitting, reading, listening to Pandora, visiting with whomever has a minute (dietary, cleaning people... LOL). Have never felt like I really had "time" to sit around and watch movies and stuff (just busy with my to-do list always), but now when a kid or kids come to visit, we actually hang out and do just that! It's relaxed and nice, and I don't feel rushed or like there's something else I should be doing. So I look at that as a blessing. Hope you're doing well and feeling GREAT!
  6. Hello Ladies! I came to L&D last Monday due to a significant bleed which woke me up at about 3:30 that morning. It was painless, but horror-movie-esque with all the blood and clots. I have complete placenta previa, so wondered if/when I would have a bleed. Was lucky-enough to last until almost 33 weeks before it happened. Came to L&D expecting to be placed on bedrest (as OB and perinatologist warned about bleeds and bedrest), having already been on pelvic rest/no lifting/no exercise for the entire pregnancy. Instead, I *got* to stay at the hospital "until delivery". My c-section is scheduled for 5/18 with 2 OBs, NICU staff, blood transfusion and probable hysterectomy happening due to anticipated hemorrhage and placental issues. OB tells me every day I'm a "ticking timebomb" and subsequent bleeds are always worse than the first, so she anticipates some scary stuff will go down... she just can't way WHEN. So it could be tonight that i bleed and go for an emergency c-section, or it could hold out and wait for the scheduled one. I'll be here up to 5+ weeks... IN the hospital. Ugh. Just thought I'd update for anyone searching 'placenta previa'. The risks are greater with advanced maternal age; multiple pregnancies; IVF; or prior uterine surgeries, so really I guess any of us could be candidates for this issue (though I hope none of you are). In the meantime, I *have* managed to get myself out of having to work on the kitchen demo/remodel and now we've hired people to come out and finish what I started... so there's that.
  7. It's not just twins...:)

    Hello! Just stopping by to see how you're doing. Hope all is well and you're feeling grrrrreat!
  8. POAS

    Wow! I'm so excited for you guys! It is sooooo fun to test early (and often) and to see those POSITIVES!
  9. An intro for Birdfly

    Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. It is heartbreaking! So many hugs to you! This is my 2nd journey as a surrogate - my first surrobaby is turning 2 in June and I am currently 29 weeks with a little one... this time for ITALIAN couple! They know the struggles that you are going through, and have shared some of the ups and downs and decisions and scary parts of their journey as well. Since they are a gay couple (not recognized in Italy as a couple, of course) AND are using a surrogate, they were very worried about how it would all work out. But things are going well and they are surrounded by the love and acceptance of family and friends there (and now here as well!). My agency (both times) has been Angel Matcher. Laura Fretwell is the owner and she is located in Florida, USA. She uses only Florida surrogates, so that the laws are well-known and understood and so that she can be personally involved in the process (not just finding a surrogate for you). She attended my transfer and U/S and some select other appointments since (obviously) the Daddy's could not be here every time. She helps the process along and keeps things moving. I just went to visit at her house last night - she truly becomes a friend through this whole journey, and she is a wealth of knowledge. My Italian IPs are at the point of deciding if they want to do cord blood banking or donation (or neither). It is a hard choice... a lot of the choices are. Laura has an Italian contact at the cord blood agency whom will be able to easily communicate with them and help them arrive at a decision. And I know (because of our journey) that there are attorneys willing and capable of working with international couples and domestic surrogates. Our contracts process went very smoothly - just took time for translation and discussion for understanding. I highly recommend Laura and know she will take good care of you. Please let me know if you have any questions. Good luck to you as you start this amazing journey!
  10. Got to hang out in L&D this morning

    Hi! Thanks for asking about the Echo. They did another in-depth u/s at the perinatologist office. BTW, neither the u/s tech, nor the doc had very good poker-faces. The tech literally left the room saying behind her, "don't wipe the gel off!" as she ran to get the doc (she later apologized and said, "your baby was scaring me"). Anyway, baby still with frequent episodes of arrhythmia. They do not know what caused it, as the original Echo showed structurally normal and functioning heart. Thus begins weekly visits with both OB and perinate as they monitor. Baby is not in distress at this point. If it becomes that way, they will give meds to me to correct her arrhythmia. If still present at time of delivery, will mean a c-section. On another note, I did repeat the GD screening yesterday, so that was 2 days in a row of Glucola overload. {{puke}} Fingers x'd I passed after all that excitement!
  11. Showed up this a.m. for my 28 week OB/midwife visit. They couldn't find baby's heart beat on doppler so sent me for monitoring in the office.Suspected arrhythmia so sent me for office u/s. Saw arrhythmias. Freakedthe****out. Called an ambulance to drive me the 30 seconds from the office to the hospital (though there's absolutely nothing wrong me ME and no reason I couldn't drive myself there) and I got to spend 3 hours with docs and nurses chasing this little baby with monitors, U/S, etc. She does have transient arrhythmias, but because fetal Echocardiogram done last month showed normal heart structure and function, they decided to let me go home and schedule me for repeat Echo Weds a.m. Bummer news is that I had ingested the Glucola for GD screening, but left the office 6 minutes before the 1 hour was up, so no testing... and will have to repeat it. Ugh. Unless... unless they decide the Glucola CAUSED the arrhythmias, then I don't have to repeat it! Just had to send an Email to my international IPs explaining this crazy day... and had to cancel my trip to ATL next week where my dad is having AAA surgery. Super bummed about that. Lying here on my nice comfy couch; feet up; realizing that my life would be much simpler if the GD screening involved eating marshmallows instead of that nasty Glucola drink.
  12. 4dp5dt!!

    Girl!!!! OMG... you're pregnant.
  13. 24 weeks. 16 to go! Placenta previa and a transverse-lying baby as of last week.

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      Take it easy Mama-C , hang in there. You feelin' ok all things considered?


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      feeling great! thanks :) how are you?

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      Healing quickly, maybe pushing it too hard and then having to slow down but really I feel great too :) <3

  14. Starting a second journey?

    I waited 6 months to be sure I really really wanted to do it all again... the matching, the contracts, the meds cycle, m/s... everything. Once I contacted the agency, I was matched right away. Good luck!
  15. Been MIA

    If you're in FL, check out Angel Matcher. I've been with Laura for both journeys and highly recommend, but she only works with FL surrogates.