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  1. 1 week hospital bedrest down... how many to go?

    Hey Donna! Glad to hear you're doing as ok as you can be. You did great lady! Any idea how long you'll be in the hospital for? I'm sure you're eager to get back home. And let the daddies know if they need anyone to snuggle baby while at the new hospital, I might know someone scheduled for an induction there Monday at 4am
  2. 1 week hospital bedrest down... how many to go?

    Yep! He accepted it. We'll be moving to NW GA DH is leaving tomorrow and I'll be up there as soon as baby comes. I have an induction scheduled for Monday. My EDD is 5/8. And yes! Still working full time. My last day of work is Friday. The belly's given me some great tips, hah.
  3. 1 week hospital bedrest down... how many to go?

    Hey Donna! I've been keeping you in my thoughts. I'm so sorry you're stuck in the hospital. I can't even imagine! Hopefully your kids and hubby are doing okay at home for now. This has definitely not been an easy pregnancy for you. I didn't realize you were likely facing some serious complications. I really hope everything goes as smoothly as possible. Hopefully you have plenty of Netflix and Hulu for the next few weeks. And definitely glad you're not having to worry about kitchen renos! We're also moving in the next week or so, and it's been awesome not having to carry anything being 38w pregnant :D. Anyways, thinking of you!
  4. Following! I'm actually not sure either. My first IFs were local so they just drove baby home 2hrs right after discharge. Now I'm in the same situation you are. I'm a FL based surro and IFs are from NY. I'll ask them next time we talk or (worst case scenario) update in May when baby is due. I thought they planned on flying but not sure if they'd considered the airline restrictions and germs.
  5. Need help and advice

    I honestly don't know much about TS in Canada but you're in a very difficult spot. Does your contract have stipulations for breech of contract? Are the expenses clearly laid out? And I'm a bit confused. Did you just not have a lawyer and they did? You mention their lawyer at some point but also saw y'all skipped legal counsel. Not sure if that means they had it and you didn't or you skipped it all together. I'm sorry you're dealing with this. This is unfortunately why it's best not to cut any corners in surrogacy, despite the relationship you may have with your IPs. I hope you get this resolved ASAP.
  6. Discontinuing Diclegis - anyone have any experience?

    Awww, glad you're feeling somewhat better! I took the b6+unisom combo in the beginning but was able to drop it pretty easily around 11-12w. Granted, I didn't have nearly the nightmarish M/S you did. Hope you stay feeling better!
  7. Had our anatomy scan earlier today. I knew from the very beginning this baby was a boy. All symptoms had me positive! Andddd in true stubborn baby fashion, it's a girl. IPs flew in from NY and were ecstatic :).

    1. Mama-C


      Tricky little baby! Congrats on all being well.

    2. itsonlyk


      HEHE! So funny how that happens. Congrats :)


    3. miamoo1


      Nothing like a gender surprise!! Congrats to all...such happy news!:)

  8. Scheduled Induction?

    My understanding is elective inductions are prohibited entirely before full term (39w) so I really don't think you'd be looking at any sooner than then. They changed the full term guidelines in the last couple years so now 37w is considered early term, 39w is full term and 41w is post term (I think?). With that being said, your IPs more or less need to accept that there is always a change with surrogacy they may miss the birth. Also, as much as it sucks they need to realize they may be out some money while waiting on baby to arrive. When was your DD born? It's definitely not an indicator but all of my babes have arrived within the 39th week.
  9. Scheduled Induction?

    Have you had a chance to actually discuss things with your IM yet? She might just want to discuss it, not necessarily push it. I think you're well within your rights to decline it. I've never been formally induced but have used pitocin in 2/3 of my births. I don't really mind it so I was actually considering offering to my current IPs to be induced. They're in NY and I'm in FL so it's a 2hr flight. I tend to have quick labors and depending on what time it starts I figure there's a solid chance they might miss it. I mentioned it to the ARNP at my OB and she said they don't many elective inductions anymore, so I think I'm not going to go that route. Anyways, please update us when you talk to her!
  10. What Can I Expect at Birth

    Well, every birth is different. I never felt left out at all. My IFs actually wanted me to nurse in the hospital so I did. Once baby was born I held her first and she nursed for a bit. Then I basically got to introduce her to her daddies. The next hour or so was all about them. Pictures, snuggling, etc. I was getting stitched up and whatnot but it was awesome seeing them as a little family. IFs and I had our own hospital rooms but they were side by side. Since I was nursing they would text every 1.5hr-2hr to come in to feed the baby. This was a bit overwhelming since I was naturally exhausted. Normally the IFs would hang out while baby would eat and we'd talk. IF's mom was also there so it was nice getting to know her. They would read all the comments that their family had sent about the baby, which was nice seeing how loved she already was. I was alone with the baby a few times. I remember at one point they'd all gone back to breakfast and the nurse came by my room because baby was hungry. I immediately texted IF just to let them know where she was and they came up a bit later. I was never really itching or needing to hold the baby. It was honestly a great feeling to see them all together and how happy they were. They were discharged about an hour before me and returned home. Lots of hugs and goodbyes. We still have a good relationship and exchange regular texts and pictures. I haven't seen baby since the hospital but I have an open invitation to do so (they live about 2hrs north). Just haven't really felt the need to do so. I know she's in good hands. So, no I never really felt discarded. I do think there is a major attention shift and (for lack of a better description) change in control after baby is born. You go from having all eyes on you...texts, calls, emails about when baby is coming, etc to all eyes on baby. I think there's a shift with EVERY pregnancy but we don't notice it as much since we have a baby to care for. So it definitely feels a bit more pronounced with surrogacy. I don't think it's weird. Just keep in mind everyone is different. What may be normal to one may not be to another.
  11. Congrats! Beautiful babes! You did awesome, slyngh!
  12. Ry Transfer & 2WW

    I can definitely see two positives, congrats!
  13. Mama-C's POAS/Beta thread

    I'm heading out to my car to drive to the beach and kick some teenager booty! I'm sorry you're having a rough time! I know you're not invisible too. People are just too wrapped up in their electronics to notice anyone anymore. Does hubby return shortly? Hopefully the kids will shape their act up soon. Do they know about the pregnancy already? And how's your oldest doing at FSU? And that's also frustrating about your IPs. You'd think they'd just be glad you're pregnant rather than stressing about 1 vs 2. I think often they just have these perfect paths already laid out and don't realize that life doesn't always go that way. Anyways, sorry you're feeling glum. Hope things look up soon. You're amazing!
  14. Mama-C's POAS/Beta thread

    Congrats! That's kinda weird they wouldn't give you a picture. They told me the measurements and gave us an ultrasound picture to take home. Maye it's a different procedure with IVF? Anyway, congrats! How are your IPs taking it?
  15. Best place to find indy surros in California?

    This website has a classifieds sections. I found my first match thru SMO ( Also, there are several matching groups on FB. There may be one specific to CA, but I'm not positive. Honestly, while matching independently I would still try and do things as by the book as possible. So psych evals, background checks, separate lawyers, med records reviews, etc. And trust your gut. If something feels off about a potential surro don't be afraid to keep looking. In my experience more of the surrogacy horror stories happen when people are trying to cut corners and save money so they sacrifice on ideals and whatnot. Hope this helps somewhat! Good luck! Keep us updated.