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  1. Surrogacy photos & Blogs Here is a youtube story our local photographer did with our story. (The French tv show won't be done until at least January) And the blog from the photographer. He was absolutely amazing! I recommend him to everyone now!
  2. Proud Papas Me with the beautiful babes Baby Charlotte Baby Maxime Babies sleeping together at 4 days old Not sure how to rotate the photos
  3. We were set for an induction on 10/27, but apparently these twins could not wait. The daddies flew in on Friday the 16th, we spent a few days together having fun. We had an ultrasound, doctor appointment, and NST monitoring scheduled for Wednesday the 21st. We had a great ultrasound and the daddies loved seeing the babies on the screen. We went in for my appointment with my doctor and my BP was elevated. She asked if I'd had any more swelling then normal, and I said no, she pulled up my pant leg and we noticed that yes, I indeed did have quite a bit of swelling, I just hadn't noticed. She then kicked the daddies out to check how much I was dilated, I was at a 1 almost 2, she decided to strip my membranes and said she was going to be fairly aggressive with it. Holy crap, was that an understatement! Now I was at a 4. She then tells me she is going to send me to L&D for some monitoring, and we were just going to cancel my NST monitoring. She said that I was pre-eclamptic, but had no other symptoms. They did bloodwork and everything came back in the normal ranges. We got over to L&D and I get hooked up and before we were even completely hooked up, someone comes in and says "oh yeah we are admitting her, she's having these babies today" Uh, what????? I found out later that my doc told the dad's they were going to have their babies, to me she just said I was going for monitoring! And of course my hospital bag was in my car in my driveway, I rode with the daddies, and their bag was at their rental house. LOL. We had lunch plans too. HA. I got to my labor room about 2:00, my mom was there waiting along with my youngest DS (3 years old), all of our daycare plans for my kids were for the following week and completely useless for this day. I opted for an epidural early on. I am not a fan of labor pains and I take the easy way out. ;-) After a few hours they started Pitocin, because I was stuck at a 5, 80%, and a -1. It seemed even with the pitocin I was still there for a few hours, finally they found that I had scar tissue acting as a band around my cervix from a leep procedure I had done years prior. After they "massaged" that away, we progressed to a 7, and then an hour or so later they checked and I was at a 10. So off to the OR for delivery. They allowed my DH at my head as my support person and both daddies farther back near the wall to see their babies. Baby Girl Charlotte took one push and she was born weighing in at 5lb 12.4oz at 4:01AM Thursday, October 22nd. Baby Boy was breech and came out feet first with 4 pushes weighing in at 5lb 15.6oz at 4:05AM, Thursday, October 22nd. So we had them at 36w4d. (5/6 days earlier then our planned induction) Both babies are so perfect and beautiful! Both Daddies are totally and completely in love with their new bundles of joy. They are so attentive and worried to do something wrong. In the hospital we had separate rooms, but we spent the majority of the time in each others rooms anyway. I was nursing and pumping in the hospital and since they were considered late-pre term, they also supplemented formula. I helped out each night with the babes as I would nurse first and then they would give them either pumped colostrum or formula. We stayed in the hospital until Saturday. My BP was up and down the entire stay and swelling still considerable, they did more bloodwork and everything looked good, so I was discharged same day as the twins just a few hours behind them. We also had the film crew in the hospital, she was allowed to film limited hours, I think just 4 hours of labor and then the next day just an hour in recovery. She was much more respectful of our privacy this time then she had been in the past They (Daddies) had also hired a birth photographer and I really liked him, he did such a great job. I have spent quite a bit of time with the daddies and twins since being home. Even Saturday after going home, I got home and spent some time with my boys and the film crew came over to film my return home and with final questions/comments. And then I pumped and brought it to the twins and we had dinner together and I was there for a good 4 hours I nursed the babies and hung out with the daddies. Sunday, my family was having our annual Pumpkin Carving (parents are just as involved as kids in my family, there was 8 children and 10 adults there) and the daddies and babies came and spent the afternoon/evening together. Then, this morning I took the milk I had pumped through the evening and spent another almost 4 hours with the daddies hanging out and then helping them feed and change babies and get them ready for their first doctor appointment. Then I spent the rest of today relaxing on the couch at home. My DH took all of this week off of work to help me out and make it so I can spend time with the new family. All in all we are doing great, the twins are adorable and I love to watch the daddies with them, it re-inforces why I have done this and makes me so happy. I love being able to spend this time with the daddies and watching them with their new bundles. This Friday one of the Daddies parents are flying in for a week long visit. I have met all of their parents over Skype the last few days, and it is interesting as none of them speak English, and I do not speak French. It will be interesting when the parents get here. :-) We were supposed to attend a baby shower this last Saturday that was being put on by a few of my friends for me, the dads, and babies, but since we were just being discharged after them coming early we postponed to this coming Sunday. So it has been fun making do with the few things they have and waiting for the things they are to receive at the shower. This is my story. I cannot wait to do it again, it is the most fulfilling thing I think I have ever done (with the exception of my own children's births). My agency told me that our clinic will only allow 6 births and this was my 5th, so I only have one more journey left in my body. One of my IFs is wanting more children, but the other IF is not sure. We decided that we will discuss the possibility of a sibling journey next year when my DH and I travel to Luxembourg for the twins first birthday (or close to the birthday). If at that time they want to do another journey no matter if it is soon or years out, I will wait for them. Otherwise if they decide they do not want a sibling journey, I will have my agency re-list me.
  4. 36 week update

    For our third transfer they were only here in Oregon for less then 2 days, they were already in Vegas for another event and flew over here just for the transfer. They came in the day before the transfer and we spent the afternoon and evening together at my house then we had the transfer the next morning and I went home to bedrest and they flew out that evening. For past transfers they were here longer and we did Saturday Market, Voodoo donuts, pittock mansion,Timberline lodge, Oregon zoo, Dinners, etc.
  5. 36 week update

    I love love my IFs, they came 11 days before our scheduled induction (10/27) and are staying until 11/12 and driving up to Seattle to take care of passports and airline tickets for babies and flying out on 11/14 (which makes me sad, because my birthday is the 14th). Today they came by the house and hung out with me and youngest DS for a few hours, and then had to go do some shopping, and this evening I have my own kids activities to attend, so we made plans for them to come and hang out again tomorrow just like today. Tomorrow I am supposed to have a cub scout meeting with my group (I'm the den leader), but I am thinking of cancelling it, because my sciatic nerve hurts so bad! Using a heating pad has made it bearable today, but it might be time for me to slow down until the babies are here and then I am healed?
  6. 36 week update

    Let me think, they have been here 4 times visiting. And this is the 5th. I think. They came out to make their "donation" at the clinic. They came for the transfer for our second cycle. Transfer for our 3rd (successful) cycle. They came for the 20 week ultrasound. And this visit marks their 5th trip to Oregon. We email daily and have really become family. We talked about how we are now family and they are the International branch of our family tree.
  7. 36 week update

    So we made it to 36 weeks with twins (yesterday). I wasn't sure we would ever be here, it seems it started so long ago (I first filled out the agency questionaire in September of 2013 and signed contracts with my IFs in February of 2014 and after 2 failed transfers here we are!), but at the same time has gone by so fast!!! My IFs got into town on Friday evening. They flew into Seattle and drove down to Portland. The time they flew in was not optimal and the drive took about 6 hours instead of the normal 3. Bad rush hour traffic. They stopped by my house to say hi and see the belly for about 1.5-2 hours. It was so good to see them and for them to actually be here. A huge weight is now lifted now that they are here! Saturday, we met for a late lunch and spent the afternoon together at lunch and a trip to Toys R Us. (we needed to get a gift for my son's friend and IFs wanted to get gifts for my kids). We also had the TV camera following us around for the French documentary that is taking place. Sunday, we were going to go to Portland's Japanese Gardens, but I looked and found they were closed for construction. So we decided on the Oregon Zoo, which was also the first place we met face to face back in February 2014. We spent about 4 hours walking around with myself, IFs, DH, and 3 of my 4 DS. It was such a great day! Afterwards they invited us to their rented house for a late late lunch/early early dinner. We swung by our house on the way and picked up my 4th DS (he had been at a Boy Scout camping trip and arrived home after we left for the zoo.) and a portable crib that we were loaning to IFs for the twins. One of my IFs is a FANTASTIC cook and he made a super delicious meal for us. And we spent the evening sitting around the tv chatting and having a great time. The camera showed up towards the end of our meal and filmed us and asked more questions (a lot of the same) about the process and if I would do this again (YES! But I was told that the clinic we used will only let you have 6 deliveries and this will be my 5th, so I can only do one more, if my IFs want to do a sibling journey, I want to do it for them, we decided to talk when the twins turn 1, we are hoping to make a trip to Europe, me and DH to see the twins around their first birthday). My IFs were meeting late last night with another IF couple from the same country that is in town for the birth of their twins too, I think their surrogate is scheduled to be induced the day before me. They invited me to go with them, but I was exhausted and just wanted to lay on my couch, which I did and promptly fell asleep for the night, ok I still woke every 2 hours, but same difference. ;-) Today, my IFs have to do some clothes shopping, one of my IFs packed their suitcase with all baby stuff, so they have no clothing of their own. And they say clothes are so much cheaper here too. They are going to come by the house and spend some time with me and my youngest DS (the others will be at school). I have a few evening events for the kids, so I won't be able to see them later tonight. More on the pregnancy side, my sciatic nerve has been hurting pretty badly the last couple days. This morning was bad after all the walking yesterday. Surprisingly I didn't have any issues while walking yesterday, but this morning it is seriously a pain in my butt! I dread getting up from a sitting position and those first few steps are just so painful! Any recommendations? I have a prenatal massage scheduled for Thursday, I will see if she can do anything to help. And last night and this morning I lost my mucus plug, I know this doesn't always mean anything, and it can regenerate and labor still be a ways off, but who knows, with all the walking and then the loss of the plug. And the contractions I've been having, maybe we won't make it to our induction date in 8 days. We have just a few things planned already between now and our induction, Friday night my IFs are making dinner for me, DH, the other IFs from their country,and their surrogate. The next morning my son has a football game and then my girlfriends are throwing me and IFs a baby shower, and on Sunday, my mom is hosting her annual pumpkin carving event. Myself, my 3 siblings and our spouses/SOs get together with all 9 of the grand kids and we carve pumpkins (yes adults too) and have a light meal and a lot of fun. Mom invited my IFs to join us, and they are so excited. They have never done this before and I can't wait to see their faces the first time they reach into a pumpkin to clean out the "guts". But we are on the home stretch now! Oh and my mom taught me how to crochet and I am making blankets for each of the babies for the baby shower, and I only have one completed and need to finish the second, so hopefully I can get that done this week. Anyway, that is my looooong 36 week update. We have an ultrasound, doctor appointment, and NST monitoring scheduled for Wednesday that my IFs are excited to attend. They have been able to skype in every ultrasound and I send pictures of the monitoring screen during the NST and updates after every appointment. It will be our last appointment before the babies are here and everyone is so excited.
  8. My 32 week update

    So my feet have been very swollen lately. And it doesn't matter if I put them up or sleep on my left side or anything. Although, I have been very busy with all the kids activities. DH took Monday off of work, so I can have an extra day to keep my feet up. :-) I also have to have two IV iron infusions, first one I scheduled for Monday afternoon and the second for the following Monday morning. I hope this helps with my energy levels! We had an ultrasound on Wednesday, my IFs were so cute, they have Skyped in every ultrasound, this time one of my IFs was out of town on business, so I Skyped with one IF and he used FaceTime with the other IF, so we could all be on and see. It was great. Both babies are measuring great. Baby A (girl) is measuring 4lb3oz and Baby B (boy) is measuring 4lb2oz. It's crazy to think that their (estimated) weights are what my 2nd son weighed at birth. And we have another almost 5 weeks until induction! My IFs will be here in 3 weeks from today, I am so excited! It makes it even more real! I can't wait! My friends have planned a baby shower for them the week after they get here (and just a few days before our induction). They are excited for that. Next Wednesday I start weekly NST monitoring, never had to do this with any of my 4 singletons, so this is new to me.
  9. Wow has time flown! I can't believe we are at 32 weeks already (yesterday)! So crazy! I'm sure these last few weeks will drag, but it just seems to have flown by! Both babies are doing great! I had a doc appointment last Wednesday and a quick peek showed they were both head down still. Baby A has been head down every time we've looked and Baby B has been all over the place, but moved head down about a month ago. They are kicking like crazy and sleeping opposite schedules, so one is always moving. LOL. I've had a cough now for going on almost 10 weeks, they've given me all kinds of safe for pregnancy meds and nothing helps. It has gotten much better and I thought I was just about over it until this weekend, I was sitting at my Mom's and my sister walks in and sits next to me and the smell of cigarette smoke was so bad (she said she quit two days ago, but unless she was wearing the same clothes and hadn't showered since this was BS) that it sent me into a coughing spasm and I had to not only leave the room but go outside and get fresh air. My doc thinks it might be whooping cough. I have since gotten the TDaP vaccine to protect the babies and she doesn't think there is anything to worry about. At my last appointment I really hadn't slept well the night before and she pretty much said I looked like crud and ordered an iron test, I just got my results back today and my Ferritin level came back at a 7 (normal range listed as 50-200). My Hemoglobin was 10.5 (normal range listed as 12-16 g/dL) and my Hematocrit was 32.9 (normal range listed as 36-46%). She mentioned that if my iron came back low she would want to do two IV Iron infusions. I haven't talked to her yet, just saw the results come over this morning and have a message in to her to see what steps are next. And I am not even sure what the IV infusions entail. This would explain why I've been so tired and easily winded lately. I had just chalked it up to twin pregnancy, but if there is even a little bit of relief I am for it. My IFs are due to fly in on October 16th and have rented a house about 20-25 minutes from me. I cannot wait to see them again, we have a great relationship and email every day and they skype during every ultrasound and are very curious and interested in everything going on. I love them! My IFs are from Luxembourg and there is also one other set of IFs in Luxembourg and another set of IFs in France that all have Portland surrogates (like me) and they are all due at the same time. In fact they are all flying in around the same time, the other Luxembourg IFs are flying in on the same day and we did our transfers on the same day too. We have set my induction date for 10/27, I will be 37W2D at that point. My Doc said she does twin inductions between 37-38 weeks, she was going to schedule it for 10/29, but then changed her mind, so I would be home in time for Halloween for my little ones, this was all on her and I didn't say a word. Either way it isn't too big of a deal, my Hubby can handle Halloween if I am out of commission. My next ultrasound is scheduled for this Wednesday 9/23 and my IFs are so excited to see the babies and how much they have gained. I start NST monitoring weekly the following week on 9/30 with a doc appointment to follow that. Then I will have doc appointments every two weeks, NST testing weekly, and ultrasounds every 3 weeks. My saving grace is school has started. We were unsure if my 3 year old would be fully potty trained in time to start preschool, but thankfully out of the blue two weeks before school started he completed the training, after a year of pulling my hair out and being so frustrated. So I now have an 8th grader, 4th grader, kindergartener, and a preschooler. Granted pre-school is only 2 days a week for 2.5 hours each of those days. But it is great to have the quiet of even just one kid at home during the day. I can get so much more done during the day and rest as well. I have also setup to have my massages while my youngest is at school, so it is a perfect relaxation time for me! My IFs have sent me a couple of massage gift certificates and I have a monthly massage membership that I get one massage a month, so I am making sure to take advantage of this now when I need it! All in all this pregnancy has been relatively easy. I have always loved being pregnant and with my own boys I haven't noticed much differences in singletons to this twin pregnancy. I know I am lucky there!
  10. remember me?

    Welcome back Pearl! I am currently 31W2D with B/G twins. What made you switch agencies?
  11. 38 Week update

    I hope things are progressing well! Is IF going to make it?
  12. Weight Gain

    I'm not so worried about losing weight afterwards, I'll deal with that when the time comes. And I usually gain more then they "recommend". I was just shocked that I gained 5.5 lbs in 5 days.
  13. Fish Oil Pills

    So I was put on Fish Oil Pills by the nutritionist at my hospital and they are having a not so lovely side effect. The fish oil burps! And I'm tasting fish all day long because of these little burps. Any insight on what I can do to make the burps go away?
  14. 18 week update :)

    What a great update!!! Someone mentioned that the 50 shades of Grey movie release was causing a baby boom.
  15. In the beginning my mom was also "not on board" with my decision (I'm a GS) and I finally told her that I didn't need her approval, but I was looking for her support of my decision. She finally took a step back (and I think my sister or brother talked to her too) and agreed that she may not agree with it and has her concerns, but would try and keep that to herself and be there for me as needed. She was most worried that I was being taken advantage of and that whoever my IPs would be, that they would not care about me or what I was putting into my body or my health. After she met my IFs she changed her mind and it is clear how much they care for me.