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  1. Honestly, it’s probably better for you and your own Health that things are moving slowly. Ideally you should have a minimum of 12 months between delivery and transfer so that your body can fully recover and replenish itself. I understand the drive though. It’s pretty easy to get addicted to the rush of surrogacy.
  2. Which states allow a PBO for TS?

    If a woman is a traditional surrogate, the parentage process where her rights to the child are terminated will always be an adoption. Always.
  3. Which states allow a PBO for TS?

    Do you understand what it means to be a biological mother?
  4. Is surrogacy legal in Puerto Rico?

    I think that you're question of the legality of surrogacy in Puerto Rico, paired with the statement that you want to help them recover in the hurricane aftermath somehow implies that you think surrogacy is a way to help.
  5. The lowest price would be zero dollars, if you were to find someone who was willing to carry for no compensation.
  6. Which states allow a PBO for TS?

    None, as far as I'm aware. As the surrogate is the biological mother, she would need to voluntarily give up her rights to the child after its born during the adoption process. This is why TS is so sketchy and why a lot of people won't facilitate it.
  7. Question about Requirements

    As Tracy said, 100% required.
  8. Is surrogacy legal in Puerto Rico?

    If you want to help Puerto Rico, then I applaud you. I have no idea how that's relevant to surrogacy at all, but it would be amazing if more people stepped up to help them repair and rebuild.
  9. What if: HIV+ Partner

    I imagine that the surrogate would be required to be abstinent. I can imagine any IPs being okay assuming the risk of transmission even with the low viral load and condom use.
  10. I think that you need to follow your gut. If you don't feel like it's a good idea to move forward, then pull the brakes. I read that you're really concerned about making her dream of motherhood a reality and reconciling that with the idea that she may not live long enough to raise this baby. And while it is true that any of us could die without warning, most of us do no have a diagnosis of incurable cancer. Long story short, it's not your responsibility to make sure that she has a child, even if she's your very good friend. If your conscience can't reconcile moving forward, then you have to do what you feel is right.
  11. Any woman who needs an antidepressant to regulate her moods during normal life is not suitable for surrogacy, in my opinion.
  12. I have never weaned that early, but that doesn't make it wrong. I think I remember one other surrogate who weaned early-ish. Maybe 8 or 9 weeks?
  13. Since all of these plans will basically cost you about the same overall, I would select the least expensive plan and put the money that you are saving on premiums into a savings account to apply toward the bills for the birth. Since you aren't familiar with US insurance, remember that the deductible and the out of Pocket max will reset every year on January 1st, so anything you've paid before that won't count toward the max for the new year.
  14. Matching Question

    So you were already matched with IPs, but continued to look for another set of IPs on the side?
  15. Spouse/Partner

    Not only did my agency focus on my partner, but so did the psychologist for the psych eval. I believe that most would deny a surrogate with a history of criminal conviction, and that would include the partner as well. So I guess the question is: since you've only been a couple for a few months, would you choose this relationship over surrogacy? Because I do think it will be an either/or decision for you.