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  1. My IF's were French. Surrogacy is not legal in France but the babies could be born elsewhere and brought into the country. They'll have duel citizenship. There was a French couple with a Portland surrogate, who did a documentary type story last year. The local news did a story too. My IF's used the story to educate their family members about what they were going through. Awesome that you will be included. It's great to put a good face to surrogacy. Too many of those bad LifeTime movies have been made!
  2. 9W5D update

    That's great news!!!! Yay babies!!!! I would seriously choose OHSU over St Vincent's. Did you see my comment in your OB post?
  3. OB

    I highly suggest you find an OB who delivers at a different hospital. I delivered the twins at St. Vincents and it was awful! All during my labor (which was fantastic) they told all of us that it would be fine to have both IPs, my husband and my doula in the OR for the delivery. When I was almost fully dialated, with no meds, the charge nurse decided that I could only have one person in the OR with me. I was in no condition to argue and she knew it. My poor IPs and my husband had to decide who would go in. They ended up deciding that one of the IPs would go in with me and the other was allowed to watch the delivery through a windwow. My husband was left in the labor room not knowing what the hell was happening to me. He is completely traumatized from it. To the point he isn't sure he can handle doing another surrogacy. He is the most amazing support person during the whole pregnancy but especially labor and delivery and having me torn away from him at the very end, and not knowing if I was okay, was horrible for him. He tried to follow me into the OR and the nurse physically shoved him out. And, the Drs and nurses were fighting in the OR about the decision. Actually yelling at eachother. It was super stressful and scary for me and I stopped dialating at 9.5 because of it. It turned what was supposed to be a very magical, beautiful moment into a very stressful, traumatizing event. It was so upsetting, I am actually shaking right now just thinking about it.
  4. Another ultrasound update

    Awesome!!!!! So happy for you.
  5. I also just delivered twins for an international couple through the Portland based Northwest Surrogacy Center. Oregon is a very surro-friendly state. I felt that NWSC did a great job of matching and representing me. Most of my screening was done prior to being matched so once I was pre-approved, it became a fairly quick process of being matched and fully approved. Throughtout the entire process, they were always available to answer questions and were always prompt with payments. If I carry again, I will definitely go back to them. And, I know that my IPs highly recommend them as well.
  6. I had to lose about 15 pounds to qualify for the RE we used. If being a surrogate is important to her, she will do what she has to do to meet the requirements.
  7. Now the dreaded wait!

    Beta is on my birthday! Fingers crossed for you!
  8. Congratulations!!!!! Sounds like everything went perfectly.
  9. Tomorrow is the day!

    So excited for you!!! Sending lots of easy labor thoughts.
  10. Lol!! Me!!!! 37weeks 4days! Well, 5days since my labor crossed into the next day. You are so close!!! Are your IPs with you?
  11. My Water broke!!!

    Babies arrived this morning! All natural, vaginal delivery. It was a wild ride! Everyone is exhausted but so happy. Will post a birth story later. Oh, 6lbs 9oz, 7lbs 9oz and perfect!!!
  12. My water broke about a hour and a half ago. IFs landed about a half hour ago. Woo hoo!!! Contractions are just starting. Not real strong. Haven't started timing them yet. I've never had labor start with water breaking before. Not sure what to expect. So excited!!!!!!
  13. 37 week check up tomorrow

    Had my check up this morning. Babies are still head down and look great. I am not dilated at all but 60% effaced, -2 and soft. Better shape than I was just days before either of my last two deliveries. Dr wanted to schedule an iduction for next Friday. I talked him into giving me until Sunday night instead. I am super against inductions (unless medically necessary) but I really think that I can get these babies out before then so I agreed. And, if I can't, I will be so flipping exhausted by then that I'll be glad I let him schedule it! I've been laying super low, not wanting to do anything that could bring on labor till my IFs get here but that is about to change! Starting Monday, bring on the sex, hikes, spicey food, nipple stimulation, whatever it takes!!! Worst case, I have ten days left of being pregnant. Kinda interesting, January 19th was my first daughters original due date. She ended up not coming till two weeks later but it's still a significant date.