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  1. remember me?

    haha! traci you're the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (also, i just had an hour long phone call with the agency and they're AMAZING so far.) :dancing dots:
  2. remember me?

    well i wasn't going to apply at ANY agency but i have an obsession with the ETC job category on craigslist (i can't explain it) and i kept seeing ads for surrogates and i guess it hit me when i was looking at gifted journeys' ad that i should at least try. so far (i've had two verbal exchanges with them) they seem very nice and knowledgeable. they are in california (i'm in portland, or) so that will be interesting. hi everyone! i remember all of you!! (except monkeybeans haha but it's nice to "meet" you!)
  3. remember me?

    hey all! i've browsed a bit before posting and i'm excited to see old friends and new! i entirely shut down in my surrogacy life after the twins were born to focus on my kids and school, always keeping the thought that i'd love to do it again someday. wellllll. in july i had a health issue that i was sure would disqualify me to be a surrogate again. but i couldn't resist! so i applied at a different agency than last time just to see... and they told me it's not a problem at all and i have a skype interview with the agency on thursday! it'll be an entirely different experience this time around for so many reasons. i'm so excited!! the agency i applied with this time is gifted journeys based in california. any thoughts on this agency? i'm so so so glad to be back! hi hi hi hi hi hi!!!
  4. My Water broke!!!

    wow i totally missed this! congratulations! :D
  5. Baby S.B's birthday!

    nice work surro mama! congratulations to all!
  6. Halloween theme

    i also only have two themes.
  7. babies!!!!

    traci - yes! i know it's totally weird. throughout the pregnancy every doc and ultrasound tech has switched who was who for different reasons. finally about 3 weeks ago my doc put her foot down and said the one on my right is A and the one on my left is B, who happened to be the one with his head engaged in my pelvis. trying to explain this all day to the doctors here was fun :D
  8. all is well! our induction was scheduled for 8 am... but i woke up at 4 in pain, no contractions. then around 4:30 BAM contraction after contraction! my mom drove me to the hospital while i tried to get in contact with my IF, who wasn't answering his phone nor texts! by the time we got to the room i was just about dying. about 7 am i got an epidural, i was 5 cm dilated. then finally my IF responded - freaking out!! and he showed up very quickly, he just made it in time to miss me being the biggest grouch in pain ever. nothing really happened for a few hours, and then i turned on the opposite side and immediately dilated to a 9 about 1:30 pm. they wheeled me down to the OR and i pretty much started pushing the second i got on the table. baby B (yes, B came out first) now dubbed #1 (no names yet!) came out after about 15 minutes of pushing. they were very concerned about baby A (#2) possibly turning or showing stress, but he moved right into position after his brother came out and 13 minutes of pushing popped him out too! #1 (on the right, in the picture) weighed 5lbs 12oz. #2 weighed 5lbs 13oz. they are perfect, happy, healthy little dudes. and exactly the personalities i knew they'd have. #1 has always been really awake, always moving. #2 very quiet, barely moves. in the picture you can see #1 wide awake and #2 resting. my IF was... i don't even know how to put it. completely beside himself. when #1 popped out and he came over to cut the cord, he was grinning ear to ear and SO calm it's crazy! he's a very bubbly, energetic guy normally! he had nothing to say, just beamed happiness all around. so. so. so. cool.
  9. The Neverending Beta Thread

    hopes are high! the numbers are doing what they're supposed to
  10. mumble grumble.

    ahhhh thanks ladies as i was typing it out i was mad but also wondering if i was just reading into them the wrong way. i've been posting every 5 weeks, so we'll see what the 35 week picture brings, haha!
  11. mumble grumble.

    so i posted a 30 week picture today on my fb. most comments are great! and i, of course, try to focus on those. but then those two people... garg! one guy i used to work with, who has always been super nice so this is weird, said, "whoa you need to get your tubes tied." like. what?! so i said thanks to all those who were nice and then said, "you can still be a surrogate with your tubes tied. and. rude much?" to which everyone else liked it, haha. then this other woman i've known, never really called her a friend, but i was friends with her husband. she's always been very outspoken and basically 'no filter' on what comes out of her mouth. i originally posted i am 30 weeks and have 8 weeks left. she replied, "why so early? are you scheduling a c section?" which doesn't sound rude or anything, but i know her and know that she's already on the judgment train - as she had both her babies at home, one in her bed, the other in the bathtub - and doesn't see how a c section is necessary at any time. so i said with twins the due date is 38 weeks instead of 40 for everyone's safety and that the babies are rotating daily so i'm still hoping for a natural birth. i will never understand others' reasons for rudeness or judgment. i should stop complaining about it. (sorry, had to vent.)
  12. The Neverending Beta Thread

    wow congratulations to all of you and your IP's!!! it's... baby time!
  13. Really, I'm not depressed!

    you could make and wear a sign that says "I'm Happy, REALLY, I can't control my tear ducts" :D