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  1. Adoubleux57 POAS/BETA thread

    Holy wow those are so nice and dark!!! Woot Woot!!
  2. Contracts

    One thing I'll do next time is add a retainer fee. My journey ended up taking almost 3 years. That was 3 years of not traveling for vacations, 3 years where I wasn't really able to even get a new job for fear that at any month I'd have to start taking tons of time off for appts. We were doing a fresh transfer but had issues getting the eggs to survive fertilization. So I was basically on call for 3 years. Make sure your stance on termination and medical procedures is extensively written out. Hopefully everything goes smoothly, but in the case that it doesn't, that stuff needs to be crystal clear. Congrats on getting to this point, its so exciting!
  3. Beta #

    Oops, I see the sonogram picture now. It wasn't showing up when I posted! Congrats! That's fantastic news!
  4. Beta #

    How did your U/S go?!
  5. itsonlyk

    Yay for transferring soon K!
  6. 26wks 2days

    Holy freaking crap!! Last time I was active on here, you weren't even sure you were going to do another you're more then halfway through?!? Really really late congrats!! I'm so happy everything worked out apparently! And you look fantastic! Sorry to hear about the bp issues, I hope you're feeling better!
  7. I CAVED AND TESTED 5dp5dt

    Congrats!! So exciting!
  8. Devastated!

    You could try Creative Family Connections as well. I'm sorry they did that to you, that was pretty crappy. I'm glad you're keeping your head up though!
  9. BETA Day is tomorrow eeeeek

    It really all depends on how your body makes hcg. My numbers are high when I have girls and lower when I have boys. My sister tends to run so low they keep telling her she's miscarrying. She has two kids they didn't think would make it!
  10. It's Beta Daaay

    Yay! Congrats on the great number!
  11. poas stories?

    I'm so sorry. I'm glad you're keeping your chin up. This is going to happen for you! I hope your IPs are doing ok as well.
  12. Loving reading up on everyone!

  13. poas stories?

    Any update? Did I miss it somewhere else?
  14. Baby A is here!

    Thanks ladies! Yeah I knew the epi would be an issue, I told them ahead of time that I had issues with it with both my kids. I guess they like to punch holes in my back though >.< I'm just grateful they finally found something that worked. And I'm really glad she wasn't the borderline 10lb baby they thought she was going to be! They actually were planning on scheduling a c section until the last 3 weeks or so when they noticed her growth started leveling out. I was just upset about the diagnosis. They weren't sure at first so they did the 3 hour glucose tolerance test, and simply because I threw it up they automatically wrote that I failed and had GD. I pretty much had to beg to be allowed to do the finger sticks. But whatever. It's over. I'm glad I have this place to come back to. Just today I'm starting to feel the hormones get crazy. And I'm a bit sad that the milk is going to waste, I was such a proud breastfeeder before! I hate having it just dry up (although I wish it would hurry up because OUCH!) Anyways, thanks for welcoming me back, I missed you all!
  15. Hi everyone!! I didn't mean to disappear but I guess that's exactly what I did. I'm so sorry! Between moving, school, the kids, work, etc etc I just forgot to keep up on here. But here's a much needed update and the story of Baby A's birth! So for starters, there was some concern that I had developed gestational diabetes because baby A started showing waaay too big for her gestational age. I also failed my glucose tolerance test and the three hour. The regular one I missed by a small handful of points. The three hour I got such awful heartburn (a problem that would persist the rest of the pregnancy!) I ended up vomiting the entire drink after the first hour. I missed that one blood draw by a single point. It was a bit of a fight between the diabetes lady and me because I thought it was ridiculous that they'd throw me into a full GD diagnosis because I threw up the drink. I did the finger sticks and I had maybe 3 abnormal numbers out of two weeks of 4x a day. They still failed me. My OB eventually told me that due to her size we really needed to just act like I was a full blown GD just in case. It really bothered me, but I did what I had to do. That meant finger sticks, special diet, and twice weekly NSTs and a weekly U/S due to a case of polyhydramnios. That made the last few months draaaaaag on for ages. I'm not going to lie, by the end I felt like a lab gerbil instead of a human being. Constantly being hooked up to monitors, being told what I could and could not eat, and having to constantly check my blood and count hours after meals. It sucked. The only good thing was that we got to be induced a week early due to the polyhydramnios. As my midwife jokingly calls me her 'poster child for post term babies', This was kind of a relief to me because the constant monitoring was starting to drag on my emotional state. Anyways, we were scheduled for Tuesday July 5th. We got the call at 8:30am to come in and I was registered at 9:30. I was given Cytotek to soften my cervix since baby was nowhere close to being ready to be born (despite hundreds of BH over the past two months!) Which did jump start contractions. After two doses of that, I had the foley cath placed. Three hours and 20 mins after that it came out and they started Pitocin, mostly because although my contractions were becoming uncomfortable and often, they were still a bit sporadic. I chose then to get the epidural because it was around 9pm and I had a feeling we might be hitting hard labor during the night and I wanted to have the energy to get the baby out! I got the epi and my BP tanked. I was put on O2 and laid back. Unfortunately the epidural (which was incredibly painful) was not placed correctly so I had to have it redone a few hours later around 2am. At 4am the anesthesiologist used a different medication in the epi because (as I had told them several times) a regular epidural doesn't work on me. Again, a weird drop in BP put me back on O2 and flat on my back. I passed out from exhaustion at that point and slept until 6am when the midwife came and checked me. I was 9 cm! FINALLY! She told me to call her immediately when I started getting the impulse to push and we'd have this baby. This time the epi had worked though, and I was having a lot of trouble feeling pretty much anything. So 40 mins later I told them I think it was time. I had two contractions that I pushed through and Baby A made her grand entrance into the world! I will NEVER forget the look on IM's face, or the happy tears. She chose to cut the cord (IF is very squeemish and was behind my head) and they took Baby to the warmer. I had to tell IM to go to her, I think she was in shock! Despite all the worry, baby was a healthy 8lbs 2 oz and 20 inches long. She scored fantastic on all her apgars and they took her upstairs. I had a 1st degree tear that had to be sewn up and had to stick around in L&D for a bit. We all got discharged the next day and IPs were amazing and brought baby to me when I couldn't walk. Later they let me bring my kids to meet her (and my parents, since they each had to have an escort that wasn't the 'mommy', which THRILLED my mom!) and we were allowed to take lots of pictures. Before leaving, DH and I went over for a last goodbye and we left of fantastic terms. We have plans to go visit them in August and stay in each other's lives. I'm so incredibly blessed. I'm still waiting to feel the baby blues. I'm still pretty much on a birthing high, lol. I'm so happy with how things turned out. I couldn't have asked for a better journey. I'm pretty sore and to be honest, the post partum cramps are killer this time around! I'm also having some lightheadedness and headaches that my Dr thinks are from blood loss and dehydration. My milk is just coming in and it's the first time I haven't nursed. It feels like a waste but I'm trying to dry up as we've decided not to pump. I feel good though, and I have 0 regrets. I'm thrilled for my IPs and I'm so happy Baby has such an amazing family to grow up in. Thanks for being here for me, I'll try my best to be more active!