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  1. (Almost) 12 week update

    I know it's been forever since I posted but wanted to let you all know that My feelings/cravings were correct I'm cruising along in the 2nd trimester - I'm 17w4d and feeling this little guy moving daily (just not regularly). I had a terrible virus for 12+ days so my appetite is just returning as well as normal breathing. I have my big ultrasound on the 25th it will be a level 2 US due to "advanced maternal age" -- or as I told the US scheduler "because I'm old" hahahaha Thanks so much for your support even if I don't post much.
  2. (Almost) 12 week update

    So the ultrasound was quite uneventful. Baby had a heart rate of 163 -- which kind of contradicts what I have been feeling which is boy. Guess we will find out in a week or so. The placenta is there so I guess I'm good to quit PIO tomorrow I will be 12 weeks tomorrow and I'm not scared about quitting meds as I have quit earlier but usually right around this time. If the RE thought it was a good time, I trust that. I am so ready to be done with it. I'm feeling good but soooo tired. I don't remember being this tired but maybe it's because my age is creeping up there. I mean I can get a full 8 hours and still nap 2-3 hours a day. I've attached one of the photos from yesterday Beachalice - can't wait to hear about how things are going with you -- and just FYI, I spotted around the 10-12 week mark with a few of my pregnancies as well. When I had the twins I passed HUGE clots (that I thought were the twins) and then had to wait 2 weeks to find out what happened. Hang tight!!!!
  3. (Almost) 12 week update

    Can't believe I'm getting ready to move to the 2nd trimester! I have had an ob appointment and am scheduled for an ultrasound/claratest and prenatal bloodwork tomorrow. Our OB said he wanted to check for placental development prior to stopping meds (which is suppose to happen on Friday!) Fingers crossed that the claratest comes back good and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. I have never had this new test but am told it can determine the sex of the baby so we will be finding that out along with any genetic issues (praying none!) Hope Thanksgiving was great for everyone and I will update again when I know more.
  4. beachalice update

    Can't wait to hear all about your ultrasound! Mine was today 6w3d so just a short (who am I kidding LOOOONNNNGGGG) wait for you. Hang in there and think positive.
  5. feeling very full

    Yay that's exciting. I'd say we can be due date buddies From what I can tell, I'm going to be due 6/15 CONGRATULATIONS
  6. Almost transfer time

    Beta #2 is ------ 935!!!! Next appointment is on the 24th
  7. Almost transfer time

    I'll be sure to update when I hear. I'm so excited but also nauseous
  8. Almost transfer time

    I have gotten some amazing lines recently and my beta today was 423 so I am super happy. I go in again on Wednesday to have it checked and another E2 drawn just for review! P4 was >40 so they were super happy about that as well!!!
  9. Almost transfer time

    The squinter and then yesterday. Again, I am cautiously optimistic as I had a chemical once and got the but they never got darker. Today's test didn't seem much darker so I'll keep you posted. My beta is Monday.
  10. Almost transfer time

    We put in an AA expanding 5day blast today at 830 am!!! I am so PUPO!!!! TheExProphet - I can't comment on my situation because of the confidentiality clause in my contract
  11. Almost transfer time

    I feel like I've been here so many times and this time took forever to get to. I don't really have any questions just updating my status. We transferred 2 times last year (yes, LAST year) with one chemical and one negative cycle. They had to wait for their donor to agree to donate again and then our clinic made us re-do EVERYTHING from updating and re-signing our contract to blood tests to consent forms and adding a MFM visit for me (which was a waste of time) and a nurse talk too. After all of this, our cycle got started -- there are several nice blasts frozen for us to use and I've been on meds for 14 days - tomorrow is my lining check and hopefully we will get the green light to do this transfer next week!!! Keep your fingers crossed for us.
  12. Cycling!! Would love to find some cycling/transfer buddies!

    Good luck to you itsonlyk! I always hated the Lupron headaches and thankfully because we were doing frozen transfers, I haven't had to have it. I am not giving up completely but I tested on 9dp3dt (FET) with FMU and it was also very negative. I am not testing again until beta which is on Monday -- and I may not even test that day -- save that test for another time. I am not sure what the plans would be if this is a negative cycle -- they are out of embryos and even if they do reach out to the original donor, who knows if she will say yes. ANYWAY, keeping all crossed for me and everyone else out there cycling!!! <3
  13. Cycling!! Would love to find some cycling/transfer buddies!

    UGH I said I wasn't going to do it but I did First test this morning with FMU and stark white .....then I realized that I had a First Response but not an early one -- so I picked up a 2 pack of FRER and took one in the afternoon -- also stark white. I am 8dp3dt although it was an FET and I am holding on to a little hope that maybe tomorrow the FMU will provide a positive -- after that I am not wasting any more money on tests I really want this to be our time - -as we are out of embryos and I am not sure if we are going to do a fresh transfer -- it would involve another donor cycle
  14. Cycling!! Would love to find some cycling/transfer buddies!

    I can be a cycle buddy-- or at least offer my support. I transferred 1 frozen 3 day (5B) embryo yesterday so I am currently in the 2ww. My progesterone is being drawn next Tuesday and then beta on Sept. 12th. I don't think I am going to do any POAS this time as last time I had received so many positives -- clear as day even on digital -- but we had a chemical pregnancy. My beta went from 111 to 12 so while the evil pee sticks said yes I was pregnant, it was so very short lived -- so my plan this time is to just enjoy being pregnant until that beta says otherwise (which it won't this time!!! )
  15. 1st beta is in

    Great number! I can't wait to hear about your next beta!!