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  1. I know I'm a few days behind, but baby girl W was born on Saturday, the 26th of November. Quick stats: 9 pounds 7 ounces and 20 inches long, born at exactly 39 weeks gestation. Story: I had a prenatal appt on Friday, the 25th and IPs came along to see how things were progressing. My OB said I was 5cm and 70% effaced. We decided that since I was Group B Strep positive and that labor would likely progress quickly since I was so far dilated, that it would be a good idea to schedule an induction for the next morning. So, headed to the hospital Saturday morning and started antibiotics. Around noon, pitocin was started. The bummer was that when the nurses checked me, they put me at only 4cm and 40% effaced. So, after a couple of hours of pitocin, we were finally back to where we thought we were when we got to the hospital! Dr. broke my water early in the evening and then things started moving along finally. I started getting real pushy around 7:30 and by the time the nurses got everything set up for delivery, baby was on her way. The first contraction that I was 'allowed' to push, her head came out. Then there was a little panic because her cord was wrapped around her neck and her shoulders got stuck in the birth canal. Dr. got the cord cut immediately and then the nurses all pushed down on my stomach to help get baby's shoulders through. I was super relieved to hear baby's first cries! My biggest baby was 7 lbs 11 ounces, so this was quite the experience, especially since I went med free with this delivery. Everyone was surprised at her size and I was very glad we decided to induce when we did! IPs were with us for the entire delivery and it was just amazing to see them hold their daughter for the first time. Definitely a memory I will cherish for a lifetime. I'm pumping milk for them and very much looking forward to seeing all of them again soon to make a drop off. The pictures I received from the IPs are just adorable! I also received a beautiful charm bracelet today from my agency with trinkets to remind me of this journey, including baby's birthstone. I will wear it proudly!
  2. Oh wow. Longest pregnancy yet?Maybe a quick and easy delivery for you! Yes, my longest so far...unchartered territory . Thanks!
  3. Hey, I was just emailing my IM and telling her I feel like my body is prepping for labor, but not in labor. On and off cramping these last couple days, but that is about it. Our 38 week appt is tomorrow, so I'm very curious how things will look.
  4. Got word today that the PBO is approved! Woo hoo! I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow. Had my appointment earlier this week...1 cm dilated and tested positive for Group B Strep (was positive for my last pregnancy too). My kiddos were all born between 34w2d and 37w2d, so imagine my surprise when my OB said I'm on track to make it to my due date! I know, that could all change very quickly, but it was still a surprise. My goal has always been to make it to 37 weeks, can't believe that is next week already!
  5. Hi Everyone, Things are going well here. I am 34 weeks today and the countdown is on. My last 2 sons were born at 37 weeks, so I'm curious how much longer I have. Had a checkup yesterday and everything looks good. The one thing I am a little worried about is getting the PBO done before baby comes. Spoke with my lawyer yesterday and he is waiting on the signed copies from the IPs' lawyer...then its to us for a signature and then it will be filed. Hopefully it won't sit on some judge's desk too long!! Glad to hear everyone else is doing well - I'm very much looking forward to when I can get off the couch again without grunting!
  6. Hey Everyone, hope all are doing well. We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday (I'll officially be 20 weeks tomorrow). IPs were able to come with and it was so fun to experience it with them. They are expecting a girl! Very cool since I've only carried boys! Baby was measuring a couple days ahead, but we are sticking with the original due date of 12/3/16 (but we are all betting on a November baby!)
  7. March Transfers

    11 weeks tomorrow! I have my first OB appointment next week and am done with meds on 5/21. I'm a little bummed - ended up at the dr today with an ear infection, so on a course of antibiotics. So excited that we are nearing the end of the first trimester - on to the second!
  8. March Transfers

    Hi! Sorry for the late response, but I also transferred in are my stats: Single frozen 5 day transfer on March 17th Beta #1 11dpt5dt - 259 Beta #2 13dpt5dt - 635 Ultrasound 4/14 Thanks!
  9. Transfer In March!!

    We are scheduled to transfer March 17th...luck of the Irish?
  10. So, I've been on this site for a while, but I'll reintroduce myself since I haven't posted much recently. My name is Shana and I'm a SAHM of three wonderful boys. I'm a potential surrogate and its taken awhile to actually get started on this journey. Was matched with IP's over the summer, had my medical clearance and got contracts taken care of. Just when I thought we were ready to start meds, I got a call from the clinic because they realized that my CMV test came back positive for an active infection. That was in August. I've been going back in every 4 weeks to retest and it continues to be positive. Has anyone dealt with an active CMV infection (I understand that once you have CMV, it stays in your body - so I don't just mean have CMV antibodies) long did it take to clear up and are there any tips to help clear it up faster? Thanks!
  11. My first born was delivered at 34 weeks and it did take a little more effort to find an agency/clinic to work with me. Some agencies will flat out reject you and I've found 2 that have sent my records to RE's to review. The first agency didn't have luck but I am currently working with an agency that has found a RE who has accepted me. I'm still waiting to have my medical clearance appointment, so its not official yet that I have been accepted, but as far as my prenatal history, they are fine with that. I will add too that I did have 2 more children that were born at term after my first born, so it does help that your more recent pregnancy was full term. Good luck!
  12. iARC

    Hi, I originally applied with IARC also and found them to be very helpful. I too thought that they asked for a lot of information early on (SSN #, copies of birth certificates, marriage license, passport, etc) and I gave them what I was comfortable with and held back on the info I wasn't ready to share yet. That didn't seem to be an issue with them. Unfortunately, we were unable to move forward, but I had an overall good experience with them nonetheless. I am also from MN. I haven't been matched yet, but moving forward with another agency.
  13. 1099 negotiation Here is an interesting article I read about new findings regarding egg donation and taxation on compensation. I'm working with an agency now that gives me the choice of either being paid from an escrow account and therefore getting a 1099 or getting paid directly from the IPs with no I've been doing some research on the subject.